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  1. does anyone have 1/4 sim flat for rent if do please im me ty can be water also
  2. How Does It Work When Group Owned Mainland Rentals For commercial Work It Don't Need Certain Group To Show In Search or anything Or Don't Really Need A Specific Group For commercial No
  3. gez12

    Bento Male

    nah sorry about this instead fiddling I will get slink easier or something like that
  4. gez12

    Bento Male

    this is one I got https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bento-Mesh-Body-Male-Avatar-Jimmy-with-Alpha-Hud-Mocap-Ao/15088761
  5. gez12

    Bento Male

    Where can I find outfits for bento male cant find many or hardly any on marketplace
  6. no 1/3 sim is 11250 on a 30 k prim sim and on 20k prim sim its 7500
  7. no no not 30k prim maybe 1/3rd 7500 prim or on 30k prim its 11250 prims
  8. i ask for simple request 1/3 of sim no small parcels what i get is offer of small parcels no no i was asking for 1/3 of sim which is 24576 size
  9. anyone got 1/3 sim for breedables and mall im me
  10. no 1/3rd sim anyone have at all please answer
  11. all quiet on the mainfront no answers lol or even 7500 prim there about
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