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  1. OH I appreciate that. I don't have open sim on my machine, I used to a long time ago, but not anymore. I just have firestorm, the newest one. I did a clean reinstall too, hopefully they'lll let me know, I notified them of the issue in case anyone else is having this problem too. I appreciate it.
  2. See? I am able to take them, it glitches on and off. I am puzzled. Hmm...
  3. i've been taking them for 13 + years and never had a problem. I don't know what is going on. When I use the sl viewer it seems to go away, perhaps it is a glitch I am having with the newest firestorm. 😮
  4. I have a pc with 1000 ram dedicated to dual card, 16 Gb ram, 4.? processor, 2 tb of hd. Never gave me a problem until now. I reinstalled Firestorm and it seems to be gone. No more freezy.
  5. It freezes everything, the video I am watching, my pc, everything. Help?
  6. I can't seem to use the ban list on linden home lands. But atleast I can right click them and kick them out if i have to. I haven't had any trouble since so woohoo.
  7. OH, ok, so i have to right click on them, i was trying to do it through the access list .. last tab on land. Ok, thank you. Thanks guys.
  8. Well, it was someone I invited over, but i didn't know that they were going to be so rude to me. I had no way to send him home, or eject him so I just went offline. But I thank you for your reply.
  9. Is there a way to block people from entering my home/land *linden home*, but keep it open for anyone else to get into? They made it so I can't use the block list on the land, I don't think anyone can on theirs. If you could help me, thank you. Someone came on my land/in my home and was rude, I don't want them to come back, but if I turn on my orb I have then noone can com eon my land/home unless I allow them. Thank you for your time and help. ~Jaide Beck
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