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  1. The first one is of my two kiddos and the second is of myself.. 🙂
  2. Pardon, I clicked on the wrong forum. :<
  3. I haven't seen any rain yet. 😮
  4. OH I mean kind of like it just sometimes i like quiet, but it's ok, I don't be to be a spoil sport. 😮
  5. But it is my home. 😮 Where I am.
  6. If they put it on ambient we could mute it when we don't want to hear it, for example, I make videos on youtube, it could be difficult talking with the noise in the background, even if there's some sounds I want to hear. Just asking some questions. 😆
  7. But it doesn't say will there be times of quiet? I like quiet a lot, but I do like some sounds sometimes. 😮
  8. OH, I didn't see this, I shall read it. Thank you kindly. 😄
  9. Hi, I noticed there are clouds a bit up in to the sky a bit, and sounds is coming from them, is this going to last all day? I like it for a bit, maybe fifteen minutes, but the wind especially is loud and interrupting my other sounds and I just thought if there is a way I can turn the weather sounds off, I tried ambient, but that did nothing, so I did sounds and it did turn it off, but then all of my other sounds were muted too. So, can someone tell me what's going on? 🙂 Thanks. Jaide Beck
  10. New users used to get 1,000. I did when i joined in 2007.
  11. that was my baaaad .. bad me 😞 but i might have found one almost as nice. :O)
  12. Well, that's a good way to know, I without thinking gave up my linden home now I regret it. 😢 I got another one, but I really liked my other one best. :<
  13. OH OK. My bad 😮 I just never saw it before. LOL BAD me. 😄
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