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  1. Here's some pictures of my little bear and my pre/teen avatar. One picture is of Bear and the other ones are of pre/teen.
  2. Thank you. I did figure it out. Was trying two heads out, but couldn't decide. Am back to catwa .. right now and may stay that way.
  3. Oh, thanks. I figured it out. I was trying a few of them, couldn't decide so i put it away for a while. Thanks.
  4. Nvmd. I would delete this thread, but unfortunately I can't do it.
  5. I have gone through the hud/skins.. etc. Nothing can't find where to "put on ear textures. "
  6. OH. Hmm. maybe you can find a tutorial on youtube?
  7. it was longer than 1 day she let it out for approx. 2 1/2 or 2 1/4 days. I t would have been nice to have it out for a week. Last time her head for free "freya" was i think out for a month.
  8. To bad you didn't go in with your alt first.
  9. OH, I've worn old catwa skins, they look ok. Maybe they don't have hdpro. I'm not sure.
  10. I like the second picture the best.
  11. Kind of reminds me of Rose in Titanic.
  12. Try Cheap and Chic, they have free group to join and group gift skin. Huggies.
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