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  1. Do they have this "auto refresh thing" for opera? It is the browser I use, btw have I said how confused I am, did someone make a video about this? Why can't LL put names on a list then when your time comes you can get a house. *SIGH*
  2. i've beeen trying, why don't they put people's names on a big list when it comes available you can be notified instead of this mess? I've not a chance. LOL! Prob next summer I'll get one then I'll have to pay for another year's worth and if I haven't got one before it is up I will cancel it.
  3. What I really want is the regular houses, because I have myself and Bear and i would like to have a family type home. Even if it was just me, I'd want one because they are so nice looking from what I could see on videos on yt.
  4. I just love the idea. I like driving around on sims, I like boating, etc. It sounds so nice, I've lived in rp communities, just they can be very expensive. But I'll just have to wait, i guess.
  5. Oh, ok, ahaha i feel kinda mixed up, but it will be ok eventually. Thanks
  6. Hi my name is Jaide Beck in sl. I have been in sl since May 2007. I am looking for serious christians/messianics, who are very serious about there faith in Jesus/ Yeshua. I want to find some friends because I am alone a lot in sl and i want to read the Bible together and discuss, but we could also parachute, shop, play games, etc. i just wanted to find some like minded friends. Of course I'd be friends with anyone as long as they are respectable. I've been in the Lord for over 25 yrs, not to say I know everything cause I'm far from it. 😛 I just want to fill my sl with friends and not be lonely anymore. We could just sit and talk, we don't have to shop, I just want friendly people to spend my time with when I'm on sl, though sometimes I tend to be a loner, which I suppose could be my downfall in some ways. :() I hope you will let me know. Maybe we could talk a bit before becoming friends. So we can decide if we like being around each other. Thanks for reading. Jaide Beck Shalom!
  7. Sorry i thought you meant there was a button to get a house. OH my goodness. I've been in sl since 2007 and I feel like a noob. O_O Being a noob is ok, but when you've been here for over 12 years.. 😛
  8. I mean I can read normal print, i just have to sit near to the screen, it makes my back hunch up. Anyway, i appreciate the help.
  9. I agree, idk where the button is and idk where to click on. I'm so lost. I got premium for the more exp price because i wanted a house so much, but i'm starting to wonder if I made a good decision.
  10. i just thought there was a specific place to go for that, why don't LL take the old house thing off, or give it as an option, i'm still lost. idk where to look to find it im visually impaired i see half the screen at one time, i just was hoping there is a specific link.
  11. I signed up for what i thought was a linden home it was the OLD ones and now i am stuck with an old one. I was waiting to go premium until new ones come out. Please help. if this was already addressed, i'm sorry but there's SOO many pages and i couldn't find it!!! Thx.
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