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  1. Oh you're quoting me? Just the picture threw me. Yeah, I just bought one pair. I just tried to buy what color I thought would be nice for anything, but i can see your point, I was thinking of getting black ones.
  2. I'm trying on a demo of this dress with a scarf and I bought these boots from Saturday sale. Just wondered what your opinion is.
  3. I like to read profiles. Including the date when they joined sl, I don't look at it in a bad way, it's just nice to know. I was a new person once in sl and i know what it is like. It's ok don't worry. It's not a bad thing. Tc. I gotta go get something to eat. I'm so hungry. tc.
  4. i wasn't really to read the post because i'm trying to deal with stuff in rl. but you guys can keep on talking i gotta go and im not going to reply anymore. have fun. tc. i like to come on the forums to talk to people and have fun, this isn't fun. i can talk with someone reasonably, but if you want to speak out of anger and hate to me i can't deal with it. it's not a good time in my life. no explanations just gotta leave. have a nice day. jaide
  5. i didn't write that. At the end of the day I'm a good women. That's not what i wrote.
  6. why was part of what was in this message blanked out? You can go over it with a mouse and read it, but i just wondered.
  7. But what makes us good? Is it taking out our neighbor's trash, or walking someone across a street, or teaching someone a new language, or given someone who is poor a blanket? These things are nice things to do, but do they save us? Jesus came to die for us so we can be saved. David said in psalms in sin i was born. We are evil people, but Jesus bridged the gap so we can be close to him and have a relationship with him. We can repent and be his forever. Otherwise, why should he have died if we are all good people? Someone said that to me one time, that all good people go to heaven, a person in
  8. Jesus said in John 14:6 he is the way the truth and the life. It is our decision to follow him. I can't make people believe. I think no matter what I said/will say it would not be satisfactory. Have a nice day/night
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