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  1. Nevermind, found out. Both from Wasabi.
  2. Cheap clothes from weekend sales (sweater is from Coco)
  3. I don't have it but I am considering it. It's really pretty but it would be a very different look to what I usually go for. I've seen some great pictures on Flickr, people are doing some really nice looks with it.
  4. In addition to the great ideas already suggested, a lot of SLers use Flickr and Facebook to find new products. There are groups specifically for promoting your new items on these platforms. You can also advertise new products and sales for free on Seraphim, or take out paid advertisements there to be featured on their front page. That site has a lot of traffic. https://www.seraphimsl.com/ Events really are the way to go if you can get into them though, that's where I have made the biggest money on my alt. And getting your products up in the rankings on the marketplace as Caroline suggested helps too, if you can manage that you will really see your sales improve. Look at other people's products that are high in the rankings, see what they are doing right, look at your own best sellers too. Showing up on the first page of the search results is better advertising than paying for a marketplace ad that might not even show up for the person who is interested in your product.
  5. I have both and I prefer Reborn for that butt. I think judging by how many designers (and not just small ones either) have picked it up so far, it will be more popular and have more clothing support in the long term. If people can buy mall style clothing for it at Blueberry, it's going to be successful.
  6. Yeah, it's actually huge. I bought the body and I love it but no way does the butt go flat. I have mine set to 15 and it's really large.
  7. Changing your shape, by adjusting the sliders in the head section until the scalp does not poke through the hair. It's a fine balance to make sure that the holes disappear but that it does not affect the appearance of your face too much.
  8. That store probably isn't the best example for determining what is a fair price for clothes though. It has a few original mesh items but most of what they sell is created from full perm templates. The store owner's overall investment of time in creating their designs is much lower than someone who creates original mesh for every single release. It doesn't mean that designers who do create their own mesh and textures for all their items are over pricing their items, they just aren't undervaluing them. Original designers who charge per item or colour are not greedy, they are merely trying to recover the cost of their hard work. Template resellers do not set the standard for pricing.
  9. Yes, it is made from a full perm template that they have purchased from someone else. There is a huge market for these templates, and those sellers selling HUD packs of 30 or so textures for 99 or 199L are almost always using full perm templates, not making their own mesh.
  10. This is amazing! I took my alt there last night, he had the free Lelutka head and the half price Belleza body but NO clothes because I was not willing to spend another cent on him. Now he looks fantastic, even the shoes worked well and look great. I'm going to be taking every noobie guy I meet to that store.
  11. Anyone who has demoed or purchased this want to show off some safe for work pictures? (I am at work and can't demo!) Not sure if I need a new body but.......... urgh, I seem to get them all.
  12. Yes, I notice this a bit when browsing the marketplace. Stores who have masses of listings because they have tons of single colours of their products, and don't necessarily make great use of keywords to enable searching. I give up on browsing their stores quite quickly. This isn't a problem in world but it certainly has an impact on the marketplace. I don't really care how people want to sell their products but I will make my shopping choices according to my budget. If someone makes original mesh and wants to charge per colour for each item of clothing, and a substantial amount of lindens for the fatpack, good for them, they've worked hard meshing and rigging and everything else that goes along with selling in SL, and who knows, maybe they rely on the income. I personally don't like paying 1200L or whatever for a fatpack so I can count on one hand the number of times I have and that's usually been for a full outfit. I do like Rowan's idea of mini packs and there is one store that does this that I buy a lot of stuff from, black and white in one pack for not much more than I would pay for an outfit somewhere else, yes please.
  13. I have that exact house. I am not currently using it but I did use it for quite a while. I agree that it is very large and I actually shrunk it down a bit and the rooms were still big enough to use. I hesitated to purchase it for quite some time but then was very pleased that I did.
  14. I am very glad that the portrayal of smoking in TV, advertising and movies is not a thing anymore. I started smoking at 11, and continued for almost 30 years, smoking 40 cigarettes a day by the time I quit. When I started smoking it was a normal thing to do, everyone did it. Now it is not normalised at all, and I know hardly any smokers. That's really great. As for the image that triggered this thread, well there are some things to consider - artistic freedom, the fact that it is a virtual representation, and the matter of SL being an adult environment. I have no issue with "virtual smoking".
  15. You may be able to combine a head skin designed for Evo X with your Gianni body skin by using a neck blender, like this one. Try lots of demos and see how it goes. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Izzies-Neck-Blender-LeLutka-Evo-X/22641314
  16. Magnificent has some nice beards, you'd have to see if they have any that are rigged to your particular Catwa head though https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/160169
  17. What styles of clothing are you interested in? I picked up a few things for my male alt from Legal Insanity, they do Belleza.
  18. I don't use an alpha HUD with Kupra. I use alpha layers. You can pick up a box of free ones at the Slink store, and another at Little Black Dress. I am pretty sure if you search on the marketplace you will find some there too. edit to add - I am finding that most people selling Kupra clothes now are either rigging properly or including alphas for their clothes in the folder. I have not really needed to go searching for other alphas for my clothes. It just isn't a problem and I would not buy clothes that were so poor rigged in any case.
  19. Hi Karolina, There are lots of parcels advertised for rent in these sections of the forums, and I am sure some landlords will be along shortly to promote themselves in this thread. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/290-parcels-for-rent-mainland/ https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/293-region-for-rent-full-private-island/
  20. I'm helping someone upgrade to mesh without spending a whole lot of money, guiding her to the free Legacy body and Genus head etc. She currently wears old latex system clothing of poor quality. I was wondering if anyone knew of any latex stuff that is either BOM of high quality, or mesh that is rigged to the free Legacy body. Shiny leather might work too. Oh and while I am here, matching shoes / boots for that body too? Thanks!
  21. I read profiles all the time! When I get bored or need a break from working on stuff, I go to busy places just to read profiles and look at people's avatars, it's a bit of a hobby. I always check out people's profiles when I talk to them and if they have a blank one they get a scolding from me (what am I going to read!)
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