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  1. She will be missed. A sweet and gracious lady.
  2. I was making an observation not a complaint.
  3. I understand how group notices work. After the two weeks there would be no redeliveries and more important, no updates. Updates would be most important.
  4. My understanding is that the last time an offer for a free head was done by Catwa there were a total of 5 regions and still people complained that they could not get the head and that it should have been put on MP. So, put it on MP and MP goes down. People complain. Put it in group notices you say, but then there is no record of transaction history, so no updates or redelivery. Catwa is in a no win situation. She is damned if she does or doesn't. People are going to complain for the sake of complaining. I wonder if it was any other mesh head maker, or body maker or any other popular creator that offered something on MP for practically free in a 24 hour period and MP went down because of it would there be so many complaints?
  5. This happened to me after a 5 year partnership. Logged in last December 19, 2019 and never heard from again. E-mails went unanswered and I finally sent a Dear John e-mail after waiting almost a year. Loyal to a fault I am, which is maybe my greatest strength and weakness. It's hard to move on not knowing why, but one does eventually, to a certain extent. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to relationships here in SL. No closure. He's been offline (on this avatar) for 15 months now. I am sure he is off somewhere here in SL as I know he has not met an untimely death. You've done more than me Orwar. I have no desire to "date" anyone at this point. I apologize in advance if I hijacked this thread.
  6. Nore than likely I will get it. Too good of a deal to pass up.
  7. 2010 was my rezz year. I remember when appliers came out and I struggled at first. But I got the hang of it. When it clicked that BOM is just system layers, more or less, for mesh bodies I had no issue whatsoever. I use a combination of appliers and BOM for face makeup, and strictly BOM for body. I wear no tattoos, freckles, etc on my body. I rarely wear system clothing. I keep saying I am going to pull out my heirloom clothing but have to get around to it. I did try some of my old makeups and skins and said to myself "Oh hell no!" , and I've said before I have spent a small fortune outfitting my avatar with applier makeup and I like what I am using. Until such time that creators give us the option to modify what they offer us I am not looking any further. I am such a control freak. No HD for me, not at this time. I like my Catwa Catya head far too much to switch. For me, any new head I have tried pales in comparison.
  8. Nurse Practitioner, taking a sabbatical to care for my grandson
  9. At home it's mesh. When out and about I wear BOM undies or I alpha out. I was at a club recently and the female avatar in front of me was wearing a skirt that barely covered her assets. She had a animation that made her faint spread eagle and she was wearing nothing underneath, and don't tell me she had no idea. I'm sure the male avatars enjoyed the show. Now when I see her at the club I just can't unsee what I saw and I derender. Not what I want to see.
  10. I have used the Catwa Catya since day one it appeared. It was the one mesh head that looked closest to my classic head, and that sealed the deal for me. I have not regretted this purchase once. While I do have a few of the Genus heads, I found the hud difficult to work with and I never could get to a point where I liked the look. I have tried LeLutka as well. No luck there either, even with the new HD heads. Catwa's new heads so far are not even close to my current look. I will pass. Like many, I have spent a small fortune in makeup, beauty marks, eyebrows, etc. While I am BOM, I can still use my applier's which is a plus. I prefer the appliers when it comes to makeup as I can control the blending. The majority of makeup is just to dark for my taste and I am not going to depend on creators to give me different percentages of makeup blends. I am too much of a control freak when it comes to my avatar. Besides the purpose of makeup is to look like you are not wearing any. I am not worried about looking outdated. With all this being said skin fair is in progress and my preferred skin maker has some offerings for the LeLutka head. Once the crowds die down I may have a look see. Who knows, I might just find myself in a new HD head. We shall see.
  11. Thank you oh great and powerful for all you have done. Enjoy your free time off but don't forget to come back and see us.
  12. My major expense is the region I lease. After that it's clothing which includes hair, jewelry, shoes and then anything home and garden. Lastly, club tips.
  13. These days my time is split between digging in pixel dirt, interior decorating, taking a building class here and there, photography, blogging, and sometimes I go to country music venues. Oh, and shopping. You do know that is a skill. Right?
  14. Oh, HE double hockey sticks, I misspelled. I meant whine, do you want some whine with that cheese? Couldn't resist
  15. I have my lovely Log Home that I refuse to give up, and two of my alts I use for linden homes were able to claim a OL and OP Stilt respectively. All three give me what I want. I will give one up (more than likely the OP) if and when there is an updated Meadowbrook release. That is my Linden dream home. As far as where it is located, etc., I will know when I see it.
  16. I claimed a OP stilt earlier on Jamison. There are some very nice OL Stilts on that region. I am done with GOH for now. Will wait patiently for an updated Meadowbrook now.
  17. Picked up a Silt on Pier today. It's on Jamison which I think was released today maybe? Lots of On Land Stilts titled Linden Home. My parcel has an unobstructed view of the ocean. I am done with GOH until such time an updated Meadowbrook is released. I hope an updated Meadowbrook is in the works.
  18. It is West Baden Springs! Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Once coined as the 8th wonder of the world. A link about it's history if interested
  19. I want to personally thank you moles and LL for all the work you have done to give we the residents a wide variety of homes to choose from. Each model has its charm and I look forward to seeing new reveals. Keeps my fingers and toes crossed for an updated Meadowbrook eventually.
  20. This was my dream home. Petit Lac Des Cygne took me months to complete. I poured my heart and soul into the build and the surrounding landscape. Inara Pey was kind enough to write a blog post about Petit Lac Des Cygne. This is the link to her post that includes more photos. I also include a good friends blog post here. She might be a tad biased. I happily played and dug in pixel dirt with my partner of 5 years, but, all good things end sometimes and I raized Petit Lac Des Cygne to the ground last year. A new dream now takes it place and work continues on Little Swan Lake. I have been fortunate to be able to live out my dreams here in Second Life and I am so very thankful. The old and the new
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