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  1. That first day was the most awesome day! First time I felt part of an actual community.
  2. Couldn't have said it any better. Thank you!!!
  3. I've gone back to lurking mostly here in the forums, and in the two main Bellisseria groups in world. Over the weeks the vitriol/negativity/whining has become a Debbie Downer and that is just not how I want to spend my time here in this virtual world I love. To be honest it won't matter how these homes are released as there will always be people who will complain that it's not fair. It saddens me that adults act like 2 year olds over a friggin pixel house. A pixel house!!! Reminds me of that one girl in Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory..."I want it now!" If you get that upset over a pixel house you need to act like an adult and hit the X button in the top right corner of your computer screen. It's been fun guys. I'm done for a while.
  4. I remember when TMP came out back in the day. The shopping "experience" was a major turn off. Talk about blinded by the light. It was all so confusing. I was not impressed with the body then, I am not impressed now after seeing videos and photos in a couple of threads. As far as 5000L, I would pay that if I felt the new Legacy body was worth it to me, but it's not. I am not a fan of huge amounts of junk in my trunk, nor am I a fan of thighs larger than my waist. For me I see nothing aesthetically pleasing about the Legacy mesh body male or female. I'll spend the Lindens elsewhere. As far as support for this body there is an old saying..."Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." If I had been shafted once before there is no way I would even consider giving a second chance. I'll stick with what I have.
  5. Voted. I would love to see a modern Cali home similar to the Meadowbrook style, maybe just a tad smaller.
  6. Beth's new location for her house of "Ill repute". Will a certain mole be the first customer? Inquiring minds want to know? On second thought, NO...I don't want to know lol.
  7. Yep...On reading this I thought of Beth. Dies laughing.
  8. On April 26th my alt was fortunate enough to snag a houseboat that someone abandoned on the Double region. There are a total of 8 houseboats on the atoll, with the rest being open water and an unobstructed view of the sea. In the first photo my Windlass is the Mango colored one on the right. In the second photo you can see there is a nice size beach area and plenty of other seating options along the atoll. My windlass houseboat is on the far right in this photo. The region Gaim is in the background and you can see the community pool. Further in the background is undeveloped land for future Linden Homes. I don't see my alt abandoning this parcel anytime in the future. In my opinion she hit the jackpot.
  9. Awe, I just love this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  10. Tea By The Sea is now open... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Domingos/199/68/36
  11. I decided to ditch my Adams floorplan and try my hand with the Continental. I was going for an upscale brothel/tea room but had to scale back to just a tea room due to limited prims Me And Tea By The Sea is now completed, open to the public, and will be added to both Bellisseria Parade of Homes. I was not able to decorate the upstairs as I need about another 150 LI to do it right I think. I am pleased with what I was able to do considering much of what is out could not be linked together, or linking increased LI instead of decreasing. Such is life Here are a couple of snaps and the Landmark. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Domingos/199/68/36
  12. I found the place after a bit of a search. There are balloons and a couple of static furry peeps outside along with a "Leave a message" plaque with Escort Service showing. TBH it's not what I expected at all. I think I'll turn my place into a house of ill repute with flashing neon signs on the roof, spotlights that flash clear across the continent, with a few dance poles scattered throughout the inside. Of course, I shall keep it in theme with the surrounding area I'll hang a sign that says "House of Cougars". If anyone wants the coordinates for the escort house just give me a shout in world.
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