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  1. Like there would be any doubt lololol I'll place two of my cougars out and name them Jack & Diane.
  2. Oh I like that. Cougar Rock, Cougar Lake. Goes well with Cougar Point and Cougar Lookout.
  3. My fondest memories are the hours I spent playing underneath my beloved Aunts weeping willow tree. The branches touched the ground and it was like I had my own private oasis. To this day when I see a weeping willow those memories come flooding back. Maybe tis why I always incorporate willows in my builds if at all possible. I live in Southern Indiana and weeping willows along with Victorians, Queen Anne's, or whatever you want to call them are very much prominent in our area. A few examples... https://www.captivatinghouses.com/2018/07/24/1894-victorian-in-evansville-indiana/ Edit to include this:
  4. I've had many traditional's since the initial release in Bellisseria. The one I have fond memories of was located in Domingos. I loved the location, but the lag became unbearable. Last week I abandoned my traditional in Parlouf, and the camper in Striker I got on the first day of release for them. I still have my houseboat on Double that was an abandon. Snagged it on April 26, 2019. No way am I going to give it up. The Victorian, specifically the Verne floorplan is near perfection for me. That porch!!! If I get lucky enough to snag one in a decent location, well, I'll be as snug as a bug in a rug
  5. Released my camper and my traditional. I am ready to grab one or two.
  6. I am looking forward to getting a Victorian. I've already abandoned my camper and am going to abandon my traditional very soon. I won't have to use 50 LI for a wrap around porch as each Victorian has a decent porch (I tricked out my porch add-on). I won't have to use interior divider walls as the floorplans have several choices that can be used for bathrooms, more bedrooms etc. My landscaping may be pared back as well and I can use that extra LI to decorate a Victorian. Once premium plus is available I will one of the first in line for that as well.
  7. I've been playing around with the BOM makeup that is included with my applier from a creator, and so far I can say "I will not use BOM makeup". I will use it for skin and the breast veining, but for lipsticks and eyeshadow it's a deal breaker as I cannot use my mesh head master HUD to adjust lightness and darkness of the hue. Every eyeshadow I have tried on is waaaaay too dark for my taste and my master HUD gives me the options to adjust that when using appliers. I'll just stick to appliers when it comes to facial makeup.
  8. I've been waiting for the skin maker of my choice to put out a BOM skin and recently she debut a couple. I rushed over to pick up the skin for Catwa and found it to be an almost perfect match to one of her previous skins I have been wearing for 2 years. I did minor tweaking to the mouth and nose and I am off to the races so to speak. I have kept each and every one of my outfits from some of the well known designer houses of past; Bliss, My precious, Purplemoon, and still current AZUL & Blacklace. I have a couple gowns from Tres Beau I am anxious to try as well and I can't forget Utopia. Not sure if I will wear, but will be fun to try them on again. I was more interested in the makeup aspect. thought I would share the most recent snap of my avatar in BOM. I look forward to playing around with BOM in the coming days and weeks.
  9. Some in world stores do have this feature. I can't remember off hand who, but I have tried purchasing something only for the vendor to tell me I already have purchased it. Wish I could remember the stores. Must start keeping track.
  10. I've been playing around with the BOM relays for Catwa and Maitreya for the last 2 hours. They were free I thought, "what the hey, I'll give it a go" This is what I think about it all. I won't use any of my old skins that are pre mesh body. Granted, they are easy to apply, but, my old skins are too dark. I will have to buy all new in order to go BOM. I am not going to rush into it. I'll take my time as I don't want to change my look drastically. I do like the fact that I can apply breast veining to the skin and not have it interact with the mesh nipples I wear for photography. I will be able to wear both at the same time with BOM. This is a good thing for those that like to wear a multitude of Ink and makeup. I am not one of those but it does expand the possibilities for a large majority of the SL population. Will I be digging through all my storage boxes for all those system/prim clothes I packed away back in 2014? Heck NO!!! I might use a top here and there for layering or there is this one gown that is mesh and has a system lace piece that I will now be able to wear again. The point is I don't want my clothes to look like they have been painted on. I am not going backwards. Forever forward is my mantra. I am open to BOM and it will be interesting to see what the creators in SL do with it. Post script: another pro to BOM is that I can wear my old hairbases and not have it interact with the alphas in mesh hair. SO glad that I am a pack rat cause I kept them all. I can also wear my makeup that uses applier system along with BOM layers together
  11. Thank you, Elora. We tent camp these days, but even when we had our vintage Airstream I still cooked outdoors. Of course my kitchen looked/looks nothing like the Contraption Sylvia kitchen but I can still whip up just about anything that your heart desires The underpinning is also something that surrounded our Airstream and we had a full length screened in porch that was utilized 24/7. The water views of Land Between The Lakes remind me of Campwich. I wasn't going to try for a parcel, but decided 2-3 hours after the release to give it a go. I scored the parcel on my first try and I am not budging until something bigger & better comes along. I'm a very patient woman
  12. SO, I went back and took up most of what I had put out. I nixed the idea of an indoor bathroom and am opting for one in the great outdoors. I will still have an outdoor kitchen/dining which will be located on my covered patio I built. I included underpinning as well and the wheels are covered too. It ended up being a total of 9 LI for it all. I am sure I can get it down further in blender but I have to learn how to do that Anyways, a pic of my progress...
  13. You have done some lovely work there. I chose the tiny house also as I did the "trailer life" in first for years 3 seasons of the year. Almost done decorating, I am considering taking almost all of it up and starting over lol. I have a few ideas I am mulling over. Love what you have done.
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