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  1. "may" being the operative word. I'll keep the LP open and refreshing just in cases.
  2. I visited a few of my favorite stores pre-sale and picked up demos for clothes, and made a list of Home & Garden items where appropriate. I was able to put the demos through a rigorous tryout and was ready with a list the day I went shopping. My total topped 20K but my purchases will stand the test of time, so Lindens well spent to me. This total also included a visit to Tannenbaum and Uber which were not 50% off. Still, Lindens well spent to me. And let's not forget the Arcade that is coming up. Later's, I have to go shop now..
  3. I don't do the Black Friday or the day after Christmas sales, mainly for one reason. Several years back we did the day after Christmas thing until I was at the local Target, with my arms full of wrapping paper. Some woman came down the isle brandishing a large heavy roll of wrap yelling out of my way, out of my way! She proceeding to coldcock me with it and several others in her way, knocking the wrap out of my hands, and almost knocking me to the floor. No apology was forthcoming and I stood there for a moment stunned at what just happen. I said out loud, " Nothing is worth this kind of
  4. Grateful that I wake up every morning looking down at the grass instead of up. Then again it could all be a dream
  5. While we will keep attendance under 25 people as recommended by the governor of our state we are pushing ahead with Thanksgiving plans with children and grandchildren in attendance. We will also do our annual cookie baking day and our before or after Christmas get together with those that are able to attend. This year has sucked in so many ways that I need the human contact with my family. 2020 can just go suck a big one.
  6. ^^This. I do this as well. I even wrote a little something to explain why. My friend list has 5 people on it, one dating back to my first day. She is no longer in world or pops in sporadically. Though we have never met in person I count her friendship as one of my most important, whether 1st or 2nd life. We keep in touch outside of 2nd. The other four I count as dear friends even though we may not speak to each other for weeks or months. Those that ask for friendship I offer a calling card instead. Take it or leave it.
  7. I wait for the modern houses as well, but the stilts will entertain me in the meantime
  8. I just took a tour of the stilts to remind me of the layouts. Each one has something to offer. The Lauderdale is the largest I think. The Havana is small but the decks are great and I love that rear covered area. The Tortuga has the best open plan and I think that large area would make a great living/kitchen/dining combo especially if the kitchen opens out to the rear deck for more dining. Love all the windows. The Santiago has upper decks off both rooms upstairs, which would make a great master en suite. I'm not sure I want open water all around me. I think I'll try for partial wat
  9. I am surprised that two of the biggest fashion houses in SL back in the day have not been mentioned. Heavens, I remember the fashion shows I attended by My Precious and Bliss! I have kept every piece I purchased from those stores. They are neatly packed away in their own storage boxes and I think I may do something with them like Skell is doing since BOM is the new thing. I am not a pack rat. I just hang to those items I deem are irreplaceable. My Precious and Bliss did do a bit of mesh when it first hit the grid. I have some of those pieces as well. Have no idea why they closed but th
  10. I just got the page that they are sold out of homes. It's been slow for me as of yesterday. Having to refresh multiple times, and then the message "something went wrong". Something is up. Second time I have gotten this...
  11. I use a WL I created myself. When I am visiting destinations of interest, I use their WL first. If I don't like it I revert to mine, unless doing photography. Haven't used the midday in nine years. Cringes at the thought of using the day cycle as I am too busy terraforming, sorting through inventory or tinkering on something. I need consistent lighting.
  12. I do not know who the originals of the following are. In this world stay true to yourself for there are very few people who will always be true to you. and If you succeed in lying to, cheating or stealing from someone, don't think that person a fool. Realize the person trusted you much more than you deserved. and my personal favorite, O' Great Spirit, help me always to speak the truth quietly, to listen with an open mind when others speak, and to remember the peace that may be found in silence~Cherokee Prayer
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