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  1. I have been a premium member since the second day of my Second Life. On my second day of existence in this virtual world I chose a Meadowbrook Upper Skylight. I was so excited to have my own place. The first two weeks in my new home were spent getting my avatar up to snuff. Eventually as I learned the ropes here I would go on to lease a homestead and then move up to a full region, but I have always kept a Linden Home ( Meadowbrook or Tahoe) as my second home. I have been a resident of Bellisseria since day one and was so excited to see the release of the log homes. I have been playing the Game of Homes since Monday. One of my alts lucked into a nice parcel on the first day. But I was wanting one for my main. The second day nothing I landed appealed to me. Today, the third day, I landed my dream parcel with a new release of the region Solania. Still had red lettering everywhere lol. Thought maybe I was tp'd to the wrong place until I checked the about land and saw my name as owner. I am over the moon with excitement. While I have had many beautiful parcels in Bellisseria, this parcel checks off all boxes for me. View and landscaping already in place were at the top of my list. While I will add a few trees and some flowers this parcel would be just fine without anything else. Will have to see how my decorating goes, and I have a very specific plan in mind, but that will come later. I am in no hurry decorate. I may set out a swing and just veg out for a while admiring the view from my Grandview. I am down to just one Linden Home now as I abandoned my alt's log home. I wish each and everyone of you good luck in finding your dream parcel.
  2. I got this when the campers opened up. Wanted to use but just not enough LI on a camper parcel. May use this on my mountain lodge home:)
  3. Hello, neighbor. My alt was fortunate to get a place by the water, on last try no less. Hope there are still some available tomorrow so my main can try again.
  4. My preference is classic styling. While there is (IMO) an overabundance of club wear, classic, modest clothing can still be found. And to be different and stand out I wear my classic clothing to clubs. Who says you have to wear a certain style to a club anyway? Some of my go to stores are: COCO, mentioned many times for a reason. Great style. Then there is Belle Epoque, Just Because, Valentina E, Dead Dollz (there are many modest pieces in the store), ISON, GIZ, Emery, United Colors has a few modest pieces. You just have to look. Many stores will have a few modest pieces. And what Marianne Little said. Seraphim is a great tool for window shopping. In time you will glean your own personal favorites. In the meantime, have fun!
  5. I caught the VIc in Edgemere. Releasing it in 2 minutes
  6. I have been waiting for this particular style, and couldn't be happier with the redo of the mountain cabins. While I love my traditional and my Victorian I plan to leave them both for a log home and then there is the super duper premium I am anxious to hear more about. The possibility of double LI is very exciting.
  7. I just finished touring the homes everyone of you decorated, and all I can say is, "What a wonderful job you have done!" Looking forward to seeing the new Linden home reveal and crossing my fingers that it is a mountain cabin or modern along the lines of the Tahoe or Meadowbrook that I used as a second home for 8+ years. Again, congratulations to all the decorators. Fantastic job!
  8. When shopping for a mesh body back in February 2015 I bought two. Maitreya and another popular brand, thinking I would wear both. Nope, didn't happen. I have tried demos of other mesh bodies over the years and none compare, in my opinion, to Maitreya. I love my Lara. I was "tickled pink" when I opened the update and found I could use BOM and alpha cuts at the same time. Not to say I won't use alpha layers when possible. I will and am. I may even learn to make my own alpha layers eventually. The point is Maitreya gave me a choice. Just about every clothing applier I use has a BOM version ( I use very few), which pleases me greatly. I don't wear tattoos, and while I can tint makeup layers most are too dang dark for my taste, which is why I will continue to use my appliers, and adjust the saturation in my mesh head HUD to a tolerable level. Like all new updates there are and will be things that need to be fixed. Maitreya has been "Johnny on the spot" with hot fixes. I am not surprised as customer service is about great as it can get. As long as Maitreya is in world they have a customer for life. Oh! That other mesh body? I recently got the update and now it is relegated to storage never to see the light of day.
  9. I am half Cherokee and in 1st life have been known as Cougar since the tender age of seven. The name given to me by mother, who is Cherokee, involves a encounter with a wild cougar. While I have other spirit animals that are just as meaningful, cougar has been most prominent throughout my life. When choosing my last name Sangria was on the list and I have a long, deep appreciation for wine
  10. Like there would be any doubt lololol I'll place two of my cougars out and name them Jack & Diane.
  11. Oh I like that. Cougar Rock, Cougar Lake. Goes well with Cougar Point and Cougar Lookout.
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