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  1. I have the Ebody (free one) and I find that most shoes made for Slink will fit the feet very well. But high boots do not always fit around the legs. I never found a solution to that, besides just not wear high boots. In the end I switched to Maitreya, primarily because the free E-body does not allow use of omega skins. A thought; are you wearing a footshaper (system shoes) from something else?
  2. I posted a couple of weeks ago about getting a mesh body... well I decided on Maitreya, and here is how I look now;
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I have decided to wait a month (to see if I'm still interested) and if I'm still around I'll buy a full-featured body.
  4. I have the free body from ebody and three of the freebies from Altamura, but none of them are omega compatible. I'd like to buy something with more features that is lower cost (the full versions of both the above seem to be around L$2500 which is too much for me at this stage). I have Slink shoes that I'd like to keep so ideally I'd like a body that's compatible with those, but the only one I've found that I can be sure of is the Slink body itself. Are there any other options?
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