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  1. I picked up the RuthToo freebie mesh body a few days ago and was very impressed. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RuthTooRC3-Bakes-On-Mesh-Female-Body/18174055 Its Bakes-on-Mesh-ready out of the box so it's extremely easy to use and you can just wear any classic skin (including the Linden Lab starter skins from the Library which look really good on it). No hud for alpha cuts but it does respond to system alpha layers so you can wear standard sizes with it, and some standard fitmesh works without alphas at all. I've also had some success with tops (but not bottoms) made for Slink Hourglass and Belleza Venus. There's also a separate Extras box which contains Medium and High feet plus some extra skins and system-layer clothing. The High feet are compatible with Maitreya shoes - but not with Maitreya boots because they don't fit around the legs, so for boots you'll need to detach the feet altogether and use Standard/Classic size boots with included alpha layer. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RuthTooRC3-Bakes-On-Mesh-Extras/18174085 I haven't tried the Medium feet because I don't own any Medium shoes at all. Head and hands are bento but no animations are included. There's a static pose hud for the hands. I haven't yet tried it with any animated AOs. The head is really nice though, and is separate so you can wear it with other bodies. I honestly almost like it better than Maitreya: Ruth is curvier and responds better to shape sliders, (very small or very large breasts, and larger hips for example, without distorting), and she doesn't have that weird armpit shape that Maitreya has. The big downside is if you wear too much alpha, it thinks you've alpha-ed out the entire thing so then the Bakes on Mesh stops working and the system body shows through instead. There is also a tiny (one-pixel-wide) gap between the head and body at the neck, only visible if you cam in really close. If you wear the Ruth head with Maitreya body, there is no gap. Here it is with one of the Linden starter skins & hair. Shape is from the RuthToo set with some tweaking to make the face look more Asian.
  2. I have the Ebody (free one) and I find that most shoes made for Slink will fit the feet very well. But high boots do not always fit around the legs. I never found a solution to that, besides just not wear high boots. In the end I switched to Maitreya, primarily because the free E-body does not allow use of omega skins. A thought; are you wearing a footshaper (system shoes) from something else?
  3. I posted a couple of weeks ago about getting a mesh body... well I decided on Maitreya, and here is how I look now;
  4. Thanks for the feedback, I have decided to wait a month (to see if I'm still interested) and if I'm still around I'll buy a full-featured body.
  5. I have the free body from ebody and three of the freebies from Altamura, but none of them are omega compatible. I'd like to buy something with more features that is lower cost (the full versions of both the above seem to be around L$2500 which is too much for me at this stage). I have Slink shoes that I'd like to keep so ideally I'd like a body that's compatible with those, but the only one I've found that I can be sure of is the Slink body itself. Are there any other options?
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