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  1. Really nice loaf of holiday bread on a rack out for FLF at Peaches. Also comes without the cloth. 1 li at this size (I made it larger as it was pretty tiny) but can't be linked :D.
  2. I have been asking about this issue for awhile now and today I have some example pictures of what I have been talking about so perhaps I can get some better answers besides "lower your gamma" (which doesn't work at all by the way). This is about IMPORTING Windlight made skies into the EEP viewer (I am using the most recent Linden viewer for importing). I made a very dramatic sky which works really well for some things like indoor shots with outside night viewers, stufio work etc. IF you take an outdoor photo in WINDLIGHT (Firestorm) the sky looks like thi
  3. Whew. Empty post box (that hopefully stays). Comfort Zones
  4. OK I am posting this AGAIN as I cannot (after weeks) get it out of my viewer. SORRY. Witchery
  5. I shoot at 5000 resolution and then crop and size down to around 2000 to keep the file size reasonable. Note though that BESIDES the size in pixels, there are lots of other things that go into making a good photo. It isn't just about size :D.
  6. for those of you that want to continue honing your skills and playing -- and can't get a 50 li skybox, there is a fun and challenging and FREE gift out. This is a fully furnished train car and one of the gifts at the Belle Epoque birthday hunt. The empty train car is 150 li so you need both space and some prims to work (or use a sandbox). I am going to take a little break but will probably work on this for fun soon. There are also some low li furniture pieces here that might come in handy. The official challenge is over in three days but we can c
  7. Some of my Belle Epoque birthday hunt finds.
  8. You KNOW when you find something new and super cute you just HAVE to rearrange things. This oh so lovingly crafted Harshlands] The Tabledoor Furniture is one of the many great gifts on the Belle Epoque Celebration (with friends) store hunt. Very easy to do hunt with lots of great gifts. I added the books and vases and candle. The shelves are part of the furniture. 4 li. Really adds to my 50 li abode. I also added a super cute bird house (tall with many styles in the pack).
  9. Good to know. TY. There is still the Linden Lab TOS in the mix however (not arguing with "you" :D).
  10. In all your scenarios above you are not REPRODUCING THE ORIGINAL ITEM. I am sure some research will clarify the differences for you if you care to look into it more.
  11. Well in case you missed it earlier in the thread, all folks accepting the 50 prim challenge can have any one item (I think up to about $1300 lindens or so) from ChiC buildings. Just send me a notecard with what you want. "Shop" inworld or on the Marketplace and I will hand deliver. AND --- I absolutely understand if what I make is not your style. I enter lots of contests and never redeem the prizes LOL. So that's OK too. I WILL say that while not a ton of people have accepted the joyfulness of completing a 50 li styling *wink*, the posts about this on my blog are some of the
  12. Paging @Jupiter Firelyte in case this might work for you
  13. Most SL animations use AVsitter which is now creative commons free. Sure you can find the files and instructions via Google if you need it. I downloaded them from somewhere on the web to use in Opensim. I already had purchased in SL :D. The bed would look great in the right environment; just not very "Universal" in look :D.
  14. I had to smile at seeing that fireplace again. I have it too LOL. Congrats!
  15. Yes, nicely made but not "me", hence no purchase. If it would have been in wood with tintable fabric that would have been another thing. Glad you found a good place for it.
  16. Hey -- I was trying to figure out what year this will be for Trompe Loeil Advent gachas and looking up on my blog. And on the WAY I found this post from long ago when I did a 90 li styling. Mesh was very new then and I wasn't making any of my own stuff so it was a little bit more difficult as far as what was available. But thought it might be of interest to some of you. BTW that two story house was 7 land impact or something like that. I have NO idea how the LODs held up as I was using LOD4 back then. So it might have disappeared as you walked out the door LOL. It was a fun time ther
  17. Well I am thinking you win the prize so far (note that everyone can have a prize if they so choose so just a saying) but I really like Marianne's "posh white" styling also -- which is definitely not "me" but really flows nicely I think. That really looks fantastic!
  18. Hard Days Night - Port Babbage at happy hour
  19. You can read the TOS for yourself. It clearly states (and we used to have a Mesh Upload Test that went over this many times because uploading illegal things was rampant with mesh) that you cannot use any copyrighted material, trade marks etc. Whether you get caught and kicked off SL isn't exactly the issue. Unless you have permission from the original creator you should not upload it. You bought that shirt in real life. You didn't buy the right to use the art on that shirt for your own purposes -- real life or virtual. IF you have a creative commons zero bit of art, then it w
  20. I don't think so which is why I didn't respond before, but I bet @Aquila Kytori knows that answer. :D. You CAN bake just an AO map in Cycles render though. It has a different (in my tests "softer") look. Not sure if that will get you what you are aiming for or if it will work as except for a test making an AO map I always baked a full render. A similar effect would be to take the plain AO map in Blender Render and then adding the "noise" in with a layering blend in your graphics program.
  21. OH, I thought you had a skybox and THEN wanted a cabin. Skyboxes are of course easier to get as there are more. Well I have no plans to leave BUT there have been quite a few folks in the houses come and go in just a week and a half. Partly it is the "prim" thing I think as it IS difficult to decorate with only 50 land impact. And some of those houses are really big, so at best you could set up camp in a living room or bedroom. I looked a long while last year for a snow home for the winter and never found one. So maybe getting a skybox so you could at least be in the group woul
  22. You just needed to be online when the group notice came -- or have them come to email. There were three houses available at that time. So if you have group notices turned off== I suggest you turn them back on. There will supposedly be "sweeps" fairly often for folks not really there and or haven't paid rent (not sure what the criteria is). But yes, I was REALLY FAST. I went over to see if 3 was the one I had been lusting over and it was. And I sent a message supper speedily. The other two were available for awhile after that so you didn't have to be THAT fast LOL.
  23. And then there are the .05 percent (just a guess) of creators and resellers who have never used vendor systems. Somehow --- oh so surprisingly -- SL still works that way after oh so many years. Glad you guys are up and running now -- if a bit slowly.
  24. I mentioned the ability to pay via Paypal awhile ago and Grumpity didn't seem to want us to talk about that and it "seemed" like the bility to bypass Tilia might be reviewed in the future. Happy to see some clarification (has nothing to do with me personally as I pay with linden dollars). Always good to know. And to @Marianne Little my experiences in the past with Paypal payment have always been with expensive land or house rentals. I suspect that it isn't worth the hassle or fees maybe for the landlords to offer that ability if the prices are low. I have had some places that wen
  25. I really love this little cabin (physics issues one more time -sigh, but we do learn how to work around those, don't we?) So many lovely details. I made a small office in an alcove and retextured some photo frames to match the desk and chair. The living room furniture is the same and there is a cadenza and painting and clutter in the entry. And that's the story. PS. There is also a two land impact impressive light fixture WAY up in the ceiling that may disappear eventually for holiday accents.
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