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  1. @Aquila Kytori So this isn't an issue with CUBE physics models?
  2. Well YOU are a good sleuth (detective) and solved a couple of questions that I had also, so thanks. She was a pose maker (ibang). And her dates say the kickoff was 2010 so yes I am guessing the very end of December as my blog files are from 2011 AND that second page says 2012 so I guess this went on another year but I didn't participate (or maybe even know about it). So thanks for that info. I am going to go from my list for the colors. I didn't recognize either of those odd color names you mentioned so maybe they were from the next year. What I remember from that time was that it seemed
  3. I didn't actually know there WAS a area called "challenges" LOL and was wondering. But yes, a good place for this. So hopefully lots of folks will get to have some fun --- and maybe do a little inventory cleaning along the way. I remember that a decade ago (wow a decade) the color challenge was one of the things I looked forward to each week. So thanks to Luna Jubilee for starting it all.
  4. Who knew there was so much PATRIARCH in our closets? Not I LOL. Good job everyone.
  5. AH, OK. "I read through all the forum topics LOL. Will request that, thanks. I just did a blog post on this too. Edit: Berry just featured my post on the color challenge so likely plenty of folks will see it. Now we will see how many want to participate OR just watch LOL. Either way gives folks something to do so I am good with that.
  6. And here is mine. Typing "purple" in my search box did NOT turn out to be helpful. Finally I found this lovely gown from Fantasy Faire a few years back. It is the *LE* Brenna Berry Fitmesh Gown by Les Encantades. Hair is .:EMO-tions.. *ALESSIA* Necklace (I changed the stone color to match) Meva Dee Necklace Gold I definitely reacquainted myself with parts of my closet.
  7. So the 50 land impact decorating challenge was fun --- apparently also for the folks WATCHING and not DOING according to the stats here and on my blog. BUT not everyone has a garage full of home and garden items. This challenge most folks can take part in --- guys included of course (and those who know no gender can play also) :D. Oh so long ago there was a year long blogger challenge -- back in the time when there were way more blogs than Flickr and Youtube feeds. It was to make an outfit based on the color for that week. I spent a long time searching both my blog (w
  8. For those of you looking for 50 li rentals, this just in group at Snow Globe "I will do a sweep of all empty rentals tomorrow, 24 hour notice." And when I was at Seaclaid last eve there were two apartment . shops on the plaza that were empty AND there is a mer lair under the water for rent LOL. Also while Mairanne explained a lot about linking, my tutorial on saving land impact points and WHY it works (or doesn't) is up just now on my blog (link in signature).
  9. @FairreLilette The OUTFITS option is your friend. One click and you can be anything you have set up. I imagine though that many of us will still be around when you return. Cheers.
  10. Congrats on your new apartment and your styling :D. Those upstairs places were king of hard to find although I think that there is a list of available rentals at the entry point. And yes, I do think my little place looks like tollbooth LOL. Happily it is tiny so fairly easy to fill with 50 li. Today is the last official day of the challenge but of course we can always keep posting. Don't forget that everyone that has taken part through today can choose one item of their choice (that's up to about $1300 linden if I remember correctly) as their participation prize. No expirati
  11. It will be ONE object. It could easily be more than one land impact (worn objects aren't counted that way but you still want to make worn objects as efficient as possible). And you you DO want to "join" your objects in Blender before uploading (in most cases). You should always use your own physics model (again 90 percent plus of the time) even if it is just a cube. Having the uploader do this can cause all kinds of issue. On a bracelet it really won't matter but might as well start doing things with "best practices" in mind. It will be the same size as long as
  12. OK, now "I" want a prize (just kidding). Redid the room with the fireplace and linked some heavy meshes together and the whole room is only 16 LI.
  13. Or it could be like Cloud Party. One day there. One day gone. Finger's Crossed that isn't the case. I was happy for the Cloud Party crew (one was an old Linden employee) as they worked very hard and did a great job --- and THEY got new jobs. But the platform disappeared. I was extremely sad. So live it up. We never know what will happen tomorrow.
  14. Well Charlotte did a great job explaining and I do agree you need to make your paintings 1 land impact. Three will kill sales automatically for many folks as that is not the norm. I did want to say that I like your work and that was a creative way to show it. You might want to put a close up with a watermark as an additional photo so that folks can see the paintings better. Unfortunately (from my point of view anyway) a lot of people won't bother to come inworld to look at a demo. And thirdly I had to smile at this comment from your listing -- mostly since there was a
  15. I understand that, but did you see my example photos where the ALL BLACK sky becomes the ALL WHITE sky? And that as far as I can see cannot be tweaked to make work (lowering gamma as someone suggested converts the whole screen to black). That was what I was specifically asking about. :D. Apparently it will just always be that way and some Windlights will not convert at all. BUT if someone has found a fix for this please DO comment. It would be appreciated.
  16. Yes, it is a shop. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Solara/139/62/24 It should still be out today as she has something for the Saturday Sale up next to it :D.
  17. You can obviously spend as much or as little as you want. There are no rules. Here is a post from earlier in the year where I made five four looks for I think a linden a piece at most. So you don't NEED to spend money to get a good looking avatar. https://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2020/03/2020-avatar-makeover-four-looks.html I suspect that some of those items are no longer available, but you get the idea.
  18. LOL. Yes, what police do to criminals so that they can't get away. Likely you live in a "friendlier" country ^^.
  19. I agree that many regular looking skies can be tweaked (and some come over perfectly) but I HAVE TRIED and have not been able to change an imported setting with these problems. I could most likely try and reproduce something from scratch in EEP but again, I have tried and the CONTRAST is the missing part. Thanks for your reply.
  20. That turned out GREAT!!! Congrats. While I don't love the mesh handcuffing (a new term? Maybe so :D) I do like playing. No reason anyone has to stop, but the OFFICIAL challenge is over at midnight on the 15th. Some folks have claimed their prizes but there is no big hurry. And there are some overdue skyboxes at Snow Globe that will be available "sometime" I am guessing. Also my skybox there never got reset so it will be coming up too. Plenty of winter left for sure. Something to do in the coming lockdown days (Oregon just went into a two week (or more for some
  21. Really nice loaf of holiday bread on a rack out for FLF at Peaches. Also comes without the cloth. 1 li at this size (I made it larger as it was pretty tiny) but can't be linked :D.
  22. I have been asking about this issue for awhile now and today I have some example pictures of what I have been talking about so perhaps I can get some better answers besides "lower your gamma" (which doesn't work at all by the way). This is about IMPORTING Windlight made skies into the EEP viewer (I am using the most recent Linden viewer for importing). I made a very dramatic sky which works really well for some things like indoor shots with outside night viewers, stufio work etc. IF you take an outdoor photo in WINDLIGHT (Firestorm) the sky looks like thi
  23. Whew. Empty post box (that hopefully stays). Comfort Zones
  24. OK I am posting this AGAIN as I cannot (after weeks) get it out of my viewer. SORRY. Witchery
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