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  1. anyone good at making textures for the kemono avatar? message me in-world. Racia Fiertze
  2. im looking for someone who can make a custom skin for my utilizator m3 head. halp plz. message me in world if you can help. Racia Fiertze
  3. for a particular video im making. if you have the ability, please message me inworld.
  4. im seeking someone to create a few mesh stuffed animal creatures as prizes for a fair im hosting in march. if you think you are up for the task, contact me in world for details.
  5. i am looking for someone who can make a custom dress (mesh) for the avatar 2.0 big boob model. the dress is styled after the one from omega quintet (seen below) the only difference is i need it for the big boob model and i need all the pieced and parts of the dress to be blank (texture and color) so i can change or add the textures at will if i change my color scheme. if you can do this, please contact me. .
  6. not exactly what im looking for.. im looking for a candy sim.. something to use as background for the video.. think sugar ush from wreck it ralph
  7. I am about to work on a music video for my sl vocaloids group and i am looking for a candyland type sim to put the stage we are working with on... does anyone know of any candy type stages?
  8. ", I think her want to explore far from the marketplace but still as a simple customer and go inside a place full of artist and modellers" ok..... im going to assume that was supposed to mean im not shopping in the marketplace im shopping on the forum with artists. i know that. i was asking for someone that could do it for a reasonable price.. there the other issue. apparently this forum i full of trolls because i asked for one thing innocently and instead got a bunch of replys of what i wasnt looking for and insults from people who were butthurt because i turned thier offers down.. if you re
  9. yes people do pay 60+ for a video game.... a WHOLE video game... not just 60$+ for one shirt in a game if he was selling me a whole line of clothing i could understand... but 100$ for 1 shirt is a little too much in my book
  10. on the other hand, its also a shame some people believe it is perfectly logcal to expect someone to pay half of a rl paycheck for a bunch of pixels in a >>GAME<< .. especially a bunch of pixels that serve no other purpose outside of said game. and the swindeling i mentioned came from the fact that this guys started quoteing me for thing i never asked for.... i said i wanted a dress made, to wear in a game. i said nothing about wanting it to be full perm to sell myself. i am not about to pay someone elses morgage or home rent or electricity bill for 1 month so i can wear a green dr
  11. idc what they do with the design after its done. sell it, use it.. dont matter to me.. i just wanted to wear it myself. and i will post the picture when its done
  12. actually nm.. i found someone who can make it and is willing to make it for 1000L.. ty tho
  13. i can see where this is going. no ty, thanks for the offer tho. im not about to fork over half my paycheck for a custom pixel job. ty tho anyways
  14. doesnt need to be full perm.. just copyable incase i loose it. rigging and textured yes.. not quite sure what modeling or unwrapping is..... basicly just for me to wear in sl... and for 100usd you better be sending me a real frickin dress to wear irl as well lol... im not stupid and i refuse to be swindled. my rl bf does full sl mesh avatars on blender all the time. only reason im not going to him is cuz its a suprize to wear for him.. but i know for someone who knows how to use blender this dress is NOT that hard to make
  15. well i logged in today and the problem was fixed.. yay
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