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  1. So I spent the evening and early morning decorating my NEW CABIN. So love it!!! And for Snow Globe visitors I have put out a little library that gives book stacks (this was up in Belli so same books for those that already have them). Come by and pick them up. Not far from the rental building. Since Caspervend is offline so are the rentals but it looks like there will be vacancies throughout the winter as people come and go and the owner does a sweep of those "not really there". So check back often. I used much of what I had in the skybox, made a brick stove bac
  2. For those of you who don't watch announcements there are just now vacancies coming up from folks who weren't "really there" or "left" or whatever at Snowglobe where this all began. AND BEING JOHNNY ON THE SPOT I GOT MY FAVORITE HOUSE. Doing happy happy dance.
  3. A 5 li platform bed with good LODs is out at CRATE for Saturday sale. I went over and looked at it. Good LODs and nice textures. It is very "not me" but definitely a good land impact bargain. The crate is 2 li but I would put a plant and some books or other clutter there anyway.
  4. For those that missed (or have forgotten) that Florida feel :D. Some of these places are VERY VERY BIG. I like the small ones the best.
  5. I don't disagree BUT ---- For me many of the current regions (Victorians for sure) are unusable with the lag. My last two trips to various sims in that area had my fps at 5.6 or so while it is 100 fps in my sim up high and 60 fps on the ground (for me of course but that shows it ISN'T my computer). That is one reason my friends will be looking to move -- they CAN'T move LOL. So assuming LL figured that out, this is a good plan. I picked my Traditional based on the number of houses in the region AND it being waterfront. The fewer neighbors you have with dense mesh and heavy tex
  6. I meant seeing what you could do with ONLY 50 LI in a stilt home. I was amazed at how well the Tromple Loeil house turned out and it is NOT SMALL.
  7. For those of you not paying attention to the SSP thread (Chic waves hands) the stilt home lands are on the map now and will be available SOON (tm). Now THAT would be a challenge. I have a friend (maybe two) that will let me in briefly to play. But it seems like a lot more people are WATCHING us than participating LOL. I get that. What can seem like fun to some folks -- is work to others.
  8. I did some counting on the map and it "looks" like there are fewer places in these regions than on other spots so likely less than that number --- BUT IT IS GREAT TO SEE SOME NEW LANDS OUT THERE!!!!!
  9. Hey, we made it to the "popular" post sidebar thingie (which I am not normally fond of LOL). But hey. Fame is fame. Lots of good tips from Marianne. I went back to my RP cottage and while there wasn't too much that I could add and link (I am not quite as into that as Marianne cause it is a mess simetimes when you want to make changes) I did find a "small set of bottles" that was TWO land impact. No need for that at all. I deleted them and add a big new bush out front and a "private residence" sign right in front of my door. Too many rude folks coming in from the
  10. You can teleport to my styling (see blog). House is at FaMESHed.
  11. So here are some shots of the beach house I styled with 50 li. Many rooms. Don't want to flood the feed. More photos can be found here: https://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2020/11/the-50-land-impact-styling.html I LIKE IT!!!!
  12. Only one place per typist :D. You can keep watch though and likely switch in the future. Couches are VERY tough. Here is what I used in my latest styling. It meets your criteria -- is actually a sectional look but is 9 li. It takes up a fair amount of space so pretty good "bang for your buck" that way. KOPFKINO - Blum Sofa - Leather (Materials)
  13. That linking thing can certainly be problematic and I don't do it often because of that. You can't like no mod items of course and things that are made in parts rather than a single mesh item (the builder in me cringes at a lot of those as the land impact is sometimes ridiculous) can get very difficult if you want to move something later on or even FIND something in a back up LOL. These days I almost always have lots of "prims" and even when renting I seldom use all that come with the rental. So again and for me -- this is great practice. I'll post my Trompe Loeil photos tomorr
  14. That's a totally impressive job!!!! I haven't had many "linkable" things in any of the three I have done. I guess I favor designers (some I blog for some not) who get the LI up to 1.4 LOL so THAT'S not helpful. I do that too most often so not a complaint. I really don't LIKE linking as it can get messy. Definitely homey and comfortable looking. I think the new skyboxes are more "me. But I learned a lot. This new Trompe Loeil house I did was so easy for me LOL. With another fifty li it could look outstanding. More pictures in a couple of days. I have the blog post done but
  15. I didn't get one either since I have a week plus left on my skybox. Type in 24 in area search when you are up in your box (or maybe down on the ground now? ) and it should get you to the area. I cammed inside to get that photo :D. Not there any longer.
  16. Well when we rented I think we each got a landmark to the rental, so check and see if you have that. If NOT, then the box you rented from will have a number (the new ones are in the 20s) so you could do an area search for that number and then fly or cam to the skybox. Double click to get inside in 3rd party viewers. You also need a group invite to rez so hopefully you got that. I am NOT OFFICIAL, just trying to help you get in speedily LOL.
  17. Here is a spoiler for the new little house that I did last night (two hours - Marianne would be proud). This reminded me of the Hot Shot contests of LONG LONG ago. Some of you might be old enough to remember those. By the way, I use LOD 2 so anything you see in my posts doesn't need that "turn up your LOD" bit :D. Well if you are at ONE then that's not good but doubt those folks decorate houses too much. If someone does we REALLY want to see what you can do!!!!
  18. Absolutely OK and the land impact of the skybox doesn't count against the 'styling" LI.
  19. HEADS UP! More skyboxes are available. These more modern in feel and generally easier to style LOL -- for some of us anyway.
  20. Absolutely! LOL. That "rule" wasn't put in there for you. This can become one of those goes on for years threads as far as I am concerned. And yes, it is a different process. I did some "speed styling" last night as the not so little house I worked on came together quickly. I over-styled of course and had to take some things away but I was very pleased by the look at 50 land impact (basically six rooms - I left what would likely be the bedroom empty and put the bed in what was meant to be the bathroom). It would look spectacular with 100 LI. I will post those photos
  21. That is great. I think I remember that cottage! I had it up at MOSP long ago. I don't keep things forever (well a few things I do) and between housecleaning and inventory loss (I bet THAT is where it went -- in the big OOPS where I lost my whole H and G folder) I don't have it any more. I remember decorating it at Christmas with Cheeky Pea tree. Sure it is "somewhere" in my blog archives LOL. Be sure and read about your "bonus prize" :D. You deserve it for sure.
  22. NOW THERE ARE PRIZES!!!!!! So I was doing a blog post on the new Trompe Loiel home at FaMESHed and decided it would be a good challenge "for me". Gotta keep busy and hone those skills. So that is in a blog post coming up tomorrow. The end result is that EVERYONE that takes part in the challenge and posts their photos here or links to their blog on my blog will get ONE free item from ChiC buildings. I think my most expensive item is like $1250 or so. I don't have gift card or vendors so this is just an EASY way for me to "reward" folks for their efforts. Everyone alr
  23. Thanks but since this started in JUNE I doubt that is it. I have the current suggested one. I am fine turning off particles unless I really need them -- so far that has worked. Appreciate your help though.
  24. It was set automatically by the viewer at the highest level. I never changed that. BUT the fog generator is really OLD and I have used it for most of a decade without issues. So it really can't be the script per se OR the particle count per se as neither of those changed. SOMETHING changed and it could have been something in the viewer OR something in Win10 (just the other day I had some very different settings for my bluetooth headphones (for the better happily) so lots of interesting things happen in the background (for me). :D. I agree that it SHOULD and it DID for about four
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