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  1. Well I can shoot down the "over 1 meg file size" Uploaded that this morning --- I am on my own homestead sim when uploading. Last I checked I was not "in the cloud" yet. PS. I was over on a Linden sandbox this morning. No one else there (very early) and nothing seemingly wrong and the FPS was 4.6. Over in Belli (only some sims I gather) the fps can be (for me) around 7 and this is fairly consistent. I get well over 100 fps in the sky on my sim and about 60 on the ground. So it might be a "lag" issue.
  2. I uploaded yesterday and just now with no errors. Furniture, not house. Using Firestorm but not the new EEP Beta. If you are using the Linden viewer, then maybe try another viewer? If you are uploading on Aditi (I was not) then it could be that.
  3. Well congrats oh speedy one. I was looking for a LOW land impact couch and really didn't have any. But I had "mine" which is biggish and only 3 --- so I am retexturing to match the woodwork and "feel" more and that takes forever to bake in Blender. So you win for sure on the SPEED part LOL. I am sure you would have anyway. I am in no hurry. Sure I will find things in my inventory that I have forgotten about. I think I will make a fake wall with fake "open" door to make the place smaller and then it can be more cluttered. Will see. A fun project anyway and while I am not
  4. I was going to poke you but couldn't remember how you spelled your name (ah I was putting in two "R"s :D) --- and I was tired. There was a notecard in the rental area under "rules" and such and you just need to read that LOL (which of course "I" did) and there were landmarks to demos of both types. So now others know that. Looking forward to some design work later. I am guessing I will be building a few things too which is good to keep up my skills :D. Hello neighbor.
  5. And THIS is why we read the forums! LOL. Super cute!! Thanks so much. I spent more than a month looking for a snowy winter place last year and never found one so very happy I was awake in the middle of my night. Let's see what we can do with 50 land impact :D. There is a version with a BIG kitchen also. Ground level is lovely.
  6. If you are Really REALLY old you may remember that when Windlight was new I made a bunch of sky settings CC0. They eventually were added to most of the third party viewers under the "Places" name. November looks like a pretty hellish month -- even more so for those of us in the US. So to balance that stress quotient I have revived the Places pages and I am making EEP skies that anyone can pick up for free. Please note that you need an EEP enabled viewer to use these skies. You can read more about the project here: https://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2020/10/the-ret
  7. Yep that organ was on sale recently (Saturday Sale maybe?) It definitely was "old world". Steampunk would traditionally have more brick or stone or at least DARK plaster LOL, not that "Tudor" plaster. But it could be a mix of modernized styles and of course this is just ONE of the houses. I think I will go with Craftsman since so far anyway all the builds have been fairly traditional in nature and all available in the US.
  8. There is really no need to have a non-moving camera but I agree that HOW you shoot is very important. You can mix in stills with some really impressive and SMOOTH camera work. It all depends on what you are aiming for -- this mostly to the OP :D. But yes a long series of whole body shot from the same angle and often with the interface showing (cringe) is pretty tacky. So it is good to practice before you get too public LOL. If you want to practice your "smooth cams" (these can be done with a space navigator but I always just used my mouse) then you want to make sure and INCREASE Y
  9. Ah, so they changed that too. Didn't know that. Yes, for ME, the drop down menus don't work well and are white with yellow text. There WERE however a ton of folks very unhappy with the original Dark Theme from the forums. Glad it worked OK for you.
  10. You want to post in MACHINIMA, not General Discussion. The mod will likely move this for you if you ask. I have some notecards from when I ran the Machinima Open Studio Project. Poke me inworld if you want and I can send them over --- assuming I can find them LOL. My personal tip is to be sure and use original or no music in your video unless you want YouTube to put ads with purchase links on your video. I stopped posting videos there in part because they were even trying to make money off of Creative Commons music --- not YouTube per se but the folks they let
  11. You have to be premium to buy MAINLAND or to get a Belli home. You CAN have a club in Belli; I built one for someone over a year ago and as far as I know it is still going strong. You can buy PRIVATE LAND (really leasing as you don't actually own it) without being premium. EDIT: You CANNOT REPLACE THE HOUSE --- you can only add on or use as is.
  12. These were complained about "loudly" when the big changes came in --- maybe a year ago? Not sure. Nothing was done. So I don't think this is a major priority.
  13. If you are processing a US dollar balance out to Paypal you will need to go through a process of proving who you are in order to get the money out to Paypal. If you have already done that in your main account then it certainly would be simpler to just process as you have before. Here is more information:
  14. If you use chrome or a chrome-based viewer like Brave, try adding in Dark Reader which works very well (some drop menus are now beige on white for me but most works fine). You can adjust the tone of the background as well as the text if I remember correctly. For ME, this is what I see when it is on. It can be turned off on pages where it doesn't work (most work). Here is what I see:
  15. LOL. Since I don't "socialize via media" -- just forums -- I won't have to worry bout being surprised.
  16. Scripts can be "on or off" at the discretion of the Premium Home owner (at least in Belli and I am guessing the older homes also). However ----- inviting a bunch of folks over to stand there all day LOL and take up sim resources would likely get some abuse reports going. There is no issue to fix. Why don't you ask in a "tiny empire" group? They would know where you could go. Just beware that mainland sims SHARE their resources so taking them all up is a no-no. :D. You could certainly rent your own private land. Then you would have no issues. IF this is just for YOU alo
  17. It is a flat cap with a small brim -- like a "cabby" would wear. No.match. It SAID cap on the hair file but I put it on again to check. It does look much like a beret except from certain angles. And a beret is worn more to the side I think.
  18. Just wanted to comment that you CAN change the forehead area via the shape sliders. Not sure why folks are so upset about the big forehead unless they are ONLY using the supplied shape that may (never used it) have a tall forehead.
  19. Along with Wulfie's comment -- and I know nothing about clubs really --- I would like to add that in Sansar, the official "club" at the entrance hub had many stylized dancing animesh (or equivalent there) dancers. Now they were VERY stylized and obviously not "real" avatars, but they still added a lot to the atmosphere. So if you could get some good quality dancing animesh background dancers that aren't terribly laggy that would likely do a lot for the ambiance. I haven't been in Sansar for awhile but it is likely that they are still there --- if you make an account and go to the
  20. All the screenshot links are now broken on this page. Not sure how long it has been LOL.
  21. Protected against the dark northern skies
  22. Not sure if it is "me" or this is a general thing going on but I have been seeing this message as well as similar ones since last night. Thought it would be good to bring to someone's attention. I ended up at one page last night that said if I was the owner of this forum I needed to update (much longer message than that really).
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