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  1. Mine is about $6500 lindens a week and that is a homestead. There are some cheaper ones (not much cheaper) but the ones I found came "decorated" which I didn't want (and you might). You can find all the big rental places by checking the classifieds. I am pretty sure that is well over $100 US. I just pay in lindens :D.
  2. Well I can't see much difference in your screenshot (textures get compressed a lot when uploaded to the forums so that is likely it) but I am thinking that it MAY not be "you" so waiting until folks come back to work on Monday may be your only solution. You could try the beta grid and see if things are better there -- assuming you were uploading on the main grid. Now and then it just isn't "us" :D. I noticed on hitting the publish button that this is your first post, so in case you really are new and haven't uploaded textures to SL before then they ALWAYS lose quality in compar
  3. Never got out of beta and apparently abandoned. I used the original for a decade with good results, but not the new Bento one. Orwar says it "can be made to work" so he is your best bet for an answer. Maybe reference him in a post to get his attention? I made a lot of poses in Sansar using Blender and Medhue made a tutorial (and a much improved rig) with 2.8. But Sansar and SL are different rigs with different rules and it is DIFFICULT to do things here without Avastar now that we have Bento. That's really just the bottom line. Sorry. Let us know if you ever g
  4. 2 land impact for the holidays. The Arcade in December. Sign is linked to wrapping paper. Stool which was really big -- scaled down a bit. Oh what fun we can have this holiday season.
  5. This thread HAS been told a time or two that is for conversations about role play. Beyond that the rule is pinned to the top of this forum. Always good to read those. You cannot removed a thread post but a moderator certainly might. Here is the info you requested. Now you know.
  6. Yes knew that. Thanks. It was pretty bad for me :D. Would have been nice to have it finished. Website has been gone for quite awhile now.
  7. https://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2020/04/eep-versus-windlight-another-new-normal.html Official chart towards the bottom. I can't seem to find that page this morning :D.
  8. Well I heartily disagree with that. Second Life has it own rules and "generic" isn't enough. I looked for and watched all the animation tutorials I could find using Blender before finally buying Avastar. So, if someone actually FINDS one that works, I would really like to see the link appear on this thread :D. EDIT: There are also lots of posts on this same subject on these forums with no actual answer that I have seen :D.
  9. Blender doesn't work well by itself for poses -- especially if you want Bento poses (fingers and such). You really do need Avastar (a paid add-on). You CAN make non-bento poses using QAvimator. The main site is gone but it looks like you can pick it up in a few places still. There are tutorials for making poses in QAvimator. A search with Google should give you both download spots as well as some of the tutorials made. QAvimator exports as bvh files. Avastar exports as anim files. Both work for SL You can also find a very old (but still pretty valid) tutorial on making poses
  10. That's really lovely. Catching up any time is perfectly fine!
  11. No one needs to have the official viewer installed. Each viewer runs on its own. BUT if you have any issues in the future support will ask you to reproduce those issues on the Linden viewer to make sure it isn't a viewer issue. To my knowledge that is the only reason you would "need" the Linden viewer.
  12. Just a reminder that you are dealing the TILIA, not Linden Lab directly so contacting Tilia support would be the thing to do. Not everyone is going to be able to process their credit to Paypal. There was one long time Sansar citizen (from alpha) that had been trying for a year to get things worked out. The latest thing he was doing was getting a certified letter from his bank. I am not sure if that worked or not as I left Sansar about a year ago. So it is possible that you may not be able to process your credit balance. To be fair, The Lab did give folks a heads up over a year
  13. If you try looking in your shopping cart with another browser and the items are STILL there -- then you will need to put in a support ticket as the problem will need to be solved in the backend.
  14. New week and new color. What will it be? I bet you are wondering how I am choosing the colors each week. I could of course pick out a hue available in a recent purchase, but where would the fun be in that? There are 52 weeks to choose from. I think of a number between 1 and 52 (with number 38 out of the running) and then look up that color on my keepsake page. This week the number 14 was floating around in my head --- and number 14 is an oh so easy color. I am sure everyone has lots of this in their closet. BLACK Now we don't need to worry abo
  15. Some folks got paid. A friend was paid a little less than an hour ago. So likely money will be arriving for everyone soon.
  16. Hey little color stylists -- you can add your photos to the official challenge Flickr group should you so choose. https://www.flickr.com/groups/secondlifechallenge/
  17. Last call for PATRIARCH our new to most folks variant of purple. Some intrepid folks got their outfits together. Hurray for them. Tomorrow it's a new color and a new adventure. Those joining in later can of course go back and make up tints, tones, shades and hues they have missed. And of course "dabblers" can add their photos on SOME colors and shun others. I am sure those colors will feel left out so some guilt might be involved there :D. See you tomorrow.
  18. Anyone can have free ads for new items or gifts hunts and the regular event listing. Some ads are extra like the top banner and having your event "boosted" etc. This is all in the literature on their page. I am pretty sure anyone having a Black Friday sale that actually IS on Block Friday (oh my can that really be ? :D) gets free advertising at Seraphim when that listing comes out. It is just that SO many people are having "Black Friday" sales weeks ahead of the traditional day.
  19. Woooo---ooot. This just out in the Snow Globe group for those of you that may watch this thread and NOT have your group turned on for messages (I get you there but I always leave LAND groups on :D). I have raised the prim allowance from 50 to 100 prims for the homes on the ground. Skyboxes are not affected this time. Friendly greetings ♥
  20. Beds are really the killer. I may try and make a new bed or adapt an older bed (I have made a few) and see how low I can get. I did have a very low land impact daybed that was cute but the minute I turned my LOD setting down to 2 I deleted it. VERY bad LODs :D. It is a really cute cabin and I like it a lot. Just wish it had actual good physics LOL. Picky Picky.
  21. Train car goodness WITH credits and LIs (such a good girl). More info up on the blog. Hopefully this pastes in OK :D. Most of my décor pieces were one land impact or less when linked, but I splurged on this lovely bit of kitchen clutter, a gacha item from MERAK. Several items were tinted to continue with the brown accented neutral theme. Here is the rundown on the items used. Trompe Loeil - Exton Bed Light -- 6li at this size ChiC buildings [Cb] Mini Wall Kitchen - Birch - 6 li at this size Trompe Loeil - Romy Cove Chair Leather PG - 3 li (X2) ROI
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