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When did you last see a Bellessarian home available?

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1 hour ago, Eliza Wrigglesworth said:

Anybody have a guess as to what regions are ready for release? I'm thinking of upgrading an alt to see if I like the boats.

Maybe the tactics are changing - I think it could be some of the new island next ... or maybe they are hiding bits from the map until they are ready!! I am not sure who can see what re: the map = I really recommend trying the boats out especially with all the boats coming up. 

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I got a home ! 

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1 hour ago, Eliza Wrigglesworth said:

Oh, thanks Leora!


Edit - There're no residences :(

Oh well, Maybe they'll name a few today for release this week.


You mean a name but only landscape? no house no houseboat on a whole region?

Must take a look when I am inworld lateron.

PS: found them on the map. Puffin Head is just water and Millbank is the misterious green square where some think there will be a sort of marketplace. And that is really ALL thare are no more named and unreleased regions??

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2 minutes ago, MaryFiAllen said:

has Porthole been released? its named but empty houses /boats. i think that is today..

From what I am reading online it was released sometime during the last 15 hours?.. I am only trying to read back and find out myself but it looks like they released Porthole

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2 hours ago, Eliza Wrigglesworth said:

The only thing I know, is that if the region doesn't have a name, it's not ready. I've been looking, and so far all the ones with a name have been released. *shrugs*



1 hour ago, Shield Markus said:

I think naming of the regions are now one of the last things they do before release. 


I've seen three houseboats and one traditional already this morning (My RL time is SL time) - though it seems a bit quiet from here for now.

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