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  1. Rabbit Run Homes and Campers region. Whaleback Homes and Houseboats region. Bennett Cove Houseboats region One of those regions possible release today.
  2. Whaleback region was skipped over.. Derrick Linden hovering... Homes and Houseboats there
  3. I am paid premium until May 2021, how many regions released by then. There is always more to come!
  4. Leora, again, bad time not getting a chance. This isn't the final pickle. One more Continent is likely for these Homes. They are trying to make so it will be service to get one without refreshing. Your dream home location is coming a future day ahead.
  5. Three weeks in a row, 5 days a week Regions released. Patch Linden, Derrick and Whitney Linden Team. The Moles we cheer for! Thank you all for creating everyday, then releasing exceptional regions for us. Pegleg Houseboats region Monday Goodbury Homes region Tuesday..Pandora, Chloe and Marianne neighbors for a day will be memorable. Toad Hollow Campers and Homes region Wednesday Verdant Falls Homes Thursday Well Springs and Rocky Heights Homes Friday. Patch Linden gave the people around in the street a double release! That will be memorable too. Thank you very much Patch!
  6. This is the third week in a row Thursday region release. It's the new normal.
  7. A new region to explore tonight Toad Hollow.. Good Misdirection Release!
  8. Bennetts Cove Houseboats most likely released, if they are ready.
  9. Does that Home still exist? I saw a video SL blogger took of it. It had boarded up windows and graffiti walls on the interior. Looked dirty inside, it was funny to see. I never knew what region that Home is in.
  10. Later tonight I will walk around Rothacker region to see it and feel the lag.
  11. You can buy or create add on walls and rooms to the Homes. The mail box gives you many interior and exterior textures.
  12. Not sure what Homes you saw in Rothaker. The reason to post a slurl of the Home being abandoned. I keep my draw distance at 200 all around Bellis don't run into lag often.
  13. That's an abandon, my Home in Passwall region is next door.
  14. Should be Houseboats today release or combination with Homes.
  15. Isn't there another sand Homes region part of Well Spring or will be another name connected soon to show up? The road there leads to the sea now. Those who missed oppurtunity in Goodbury will get another attempt.
  16. Chloe Delores and Marianne Little neighbors? That would be a street to visit! For one month some incredible creativity they have could be showcase Homes. Yet that Rocky Heights Home with sea view backyard will be released some near future day! Tough decesion! Other regions have great locations too.
  17. Regions drama alright! Pegleg Houseboats guessed to be the released region today. Maybe its a dual release?
  18. There are great locations in regions for next week and beyond, keep exploring 😊
  19. Two weeks in a row, 10 weekdays regions released! Everybody shout FANTASTIC! Thank you to Patch Linden, Derrick and Whitney Linden Team. The Moles applauded! Hammerhead Light Houseboats Monday Allweiss Homes Tuesday Sario Homes Wednesday Lollipop Houseboats Thursday Blackwater Shoals Homes, Pegleg Houseboats Friday New regions named for next week! Disappointed people who missed out look forward!
  20. Patch Linden moved on up...maybe it's Derrick and Whitney Linden now. A curious recent region released had Home red letters after the release. Like someone new with region release powers learning the process.
  21. Someone could check Pegleg Channel Houseboats to see if those were released with Lollipop Houseboats.
  22. I still see Land Page in my mind, burned there! I still give Thanks for getting my forever home back in July. One day I think refreshing will stop and trading Bellis locations could happen, hopefully. Would I trade a canal view backyard to a nature backyard home if you decorated that one, possibly!
  23. I don't refresh anymore. Happy to see others get their good location in Bellis in an older region or the new ones. I have a canal view backyard in Passwall Region. Not close to any lighthouse rez. I keep seeing a lot of fantastic inland Homes, nature backyard locations just as great views.
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