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  1. Flying airplanes is very fun and allows more traveling around the grid to see places your landmark folder doesn't have yet. I have flown around Belliss Continent and crashed often too. Every plane is returned eventually at airport or in the water. Airports look great when approaching in the plane to land. I do the Get The Freight Out delivering things. I applaud those who own mainland to spend their money creating an airport , airfield or just a runway. It's not for profit but public use and community. . Riff Airport is north of Belllis that owner promotes it's more than just a landing spot. Check it out. I like Jinsil Airport too. First Flight Airport is down the seas to land there as well. I have a small sea plane that lands on the water . I can take off from the water too. I have a 737 executive plane with couch, bed and.shower.
  2. I just sailed East direction from Oleander dock a long way along the coast through SSPE384 that looks like land, it's water. Then North direction along backside of many houseboats SSPE368 and SPPE336 turning to Northwest Passage that is blocked for now. I keep my draw distance at 220 . Wind Speed 18 in my Bandit 55 I did not crash at any point through.
  3. I think that is the reality. Campers could be offered to the old Continent Home owners instantly.
  4. 4 weeks in a row, 5 days each week Region releases. Incredible accomplishments they do! Ever more Bellesseria Citizens! Thank you Patch Linden, Derrick and Whitney Linden Team. Moles magnificent! This week Bennetts Cove region Houseboats and Gentle Grove Homes region - Monday Whaleback Homes and Houseboats region - Tuesday Paislee Springs Homes and Camper region - Wednesday Doodah and Whackamole Camper regions - Thursday Copper Kettle Camper region and Wiggle Homes with Campers region - Friday More to come next week!
  5. When it's a red border in the sky and red letters on the home, houseboat or camper region is very near release.
  6. I saw 3 other red letters on Homes regions in far away places. None of them have water views. Rabbit Run region is Homes and Campers Madison Creek is street of Homes Badger Mound and Lake Dacus Home regions I walked through.
  7. Whackamole Camper Region and ..... be ready and watching for a Homes region possible today.
  8. Confirmed Paislee Springs Homes and Campers were released Wednesday. Doodah Campers region too.
  9. I hope people are going to the different regions finding rez spots in the road, a dock, pool or park. I'm keeping a list of landmarks. First time I have walked around Gentle Grove region . I hope the new Home owners enjoy the area. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gentle%20Grove/158/83/33
  10. Early Monday, Bennett's Cove Houseboats region released and hours later Gentle Grove Homes region. Good Start to the week! There is no normal anymore. Patch Linden can have a moment of fun while inworld release a region last week. Today more fun to have hours between releases. I hope the well being of some refreshing isn't harmed by this. I agree too much refreshing all day long might be stressful. The frustration builds definitely.
  11. Rabbit Run Homes and Campers region. Whaleback Homes and Houseboats region. Bennett Cove Houseboats region One of those regions possible release today.
  12. Whaleback region was skipped over.. Derrick Linden hovering... Homes and Houseboats there
  13. I am paid premium until May 2021, how many regions released by then. There is always more to come!
  14. Leora, again, bad time not getting a chance. This isn't the final pickle. One more Continent is likely for these Homes. They are trying to make so it will be service to get one without refreshing. Your dream home location is coming a future day ahead.
  15. Three weeks in a row, 5 days a week Regions released. Patch Linden, Derrick and Whitney Linden Team. The Moles we cheer for! Thank you all for creating everyday, then releasing exceptional regions for us. Pegleg Houseboats region Monday Goodbury Homes region Tuesday..Pandora, Chloe and Marianne neighbors for a day will be memorable. Toad Hollow Campers and Homes region Wednesday Verdant Falls Homes Thursday Well Springs and Rocky Heights Homes Friday. Patch Linden gave the people around in the street a double release! That will be memorable too. Thank you very much Patch!
  16. This is the third week in a row Thursday region release. It's the new normal.
  17. A new region to explore tonight Toad Hollow.. Good Misdirection Release!
  18. Bennetts Cove Houseboats most likely released, if they are ready.
  19. Does that Home still exist? I saw a video SL blogger took of it. It had boarded up windows and graffiti walls on the interior. Looked dirty inside, it was funny to see. I never knew what region that Home is in.
  20. Later tonight I will walk around Rothacker region to see it and feel the lag.
  21. You can buy or create add on walls and rooms to the Homes. The mail box gives you many interior and exterior textures.
  22. Not sure what Homes you saw in Rothaker. The reason to post a slurl of the Home being abandoned. I keep my draw distance at 200 all around Bellis don't run into lag often.
  23. That's an abandon, my Home in Passwall region is next door.
  24. Should be Houseboats today release or combination with Homes.
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