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  1. I logged on about 30 minutes ago and missed a vic.. do not think it's a release and have not seen any since while refreshing
  2. since driving in Belli is a nightmare anyway ..it will not matter
  3. Sorry, Edwards, not scoping out boats, Ooopsss.. I meant to say houses.. My alt is crazed to get a boat and its all that's on my mind ..chuckles
  4. Maybe Alumna has to clear cache to see the entire boat .. she has been helping us spy for weeks now and may have a full texture cache
  5. oh .. I picked up a house on Everett around a couple weeks ago .... still love that silly house. But my alt is waiting for a houseboat.... time will tell.
  6. Agree... Tomorrow we start up again and monday release came early last week ..im setting my alarm for Early
  7. If you hit the limit than just log out and log back in again to reset the system .. if they are releasing a region than use your refresh key quickly to catch a house and log out/ back in to reset.
  8. You cannot rely on auto refresh.. When a release happens you must manually refresh until the limit is reached then you must log off and back in to try again ... If you are waiting a full minute to refresh your house is long gone
  9. There are 2 houses being passed around in the Belli Citizens chat .. they are abandons ..
  10. I am seeing the map without issue https://maps.secondlife.com/
  11. are we looking for a release soon?.. I hear in group chat that Derrick is around
  12. From what I am reading online it was released sometime during the last 15 hours?.. I am only trying to read back and find out myself but it looks like they released Porthole
  13. Thanks for the update .. I think we passed the point for this week
  14. Put your Putin avi on .. he will let you sneak right up to him
  15. Thats the reflection from his face re: how did the word tinted change to colored just from copying the quote.. weird sl
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