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  1. Alumna my main lady fi just send you an im:) i would love to be in your group. i know i will be a hopper for a long time lol
  2. My alt has a house boat in a very beautiful setting. its the first of the raw, has sand on one end, and i can see 1 bridge and river on either end of the houseboat. i like it very much... but my dream is a home right in front of one of the bridges with the river . or a beach. if there was anyway to have that house i would let go of the houseboat . problem is we can never be sure the right person would get it so we could do the exchange. why do LL make it so hard for us
  3. finding our perfect house is not dificult. BUT they get to us randomly. we might hope for what we want for years and never get it. or am i wrong?
  4. Jefferson Park is not my dream place. abondoned 2 there. rather be homeless
  5. Ah well... made friends with the lucky lady that got my fav home:) and i offered to share my alt houseboat since she lets me visit her home:) eventually i will get something special:)
  6. ah we know:) i just like it there. gives me hope. plus i want to see who gets my fav home lol.
  7. i want to say something... i promise not to die of envy or to be upset to the VERY VERY LUCKY ones that get those houses at light of aurelia. i wish them well . i will be very sad though if its not me.:)
  8. wish it would happen so i could get on with life sigh
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