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  1. heads up: BEAUTIFUL LOCATION CAMPERVAN going to release in say 10minuts, Decker water lake views from both front and back
  2. tootsie nah its a horrid place... dont waste your time lol:)
  3. so happy for you:) anywone else want one? 30 minutes i will let go of one
  4. i was refreshing as allways and got a houseboat i dont really want lol. i will let it go in 30 minuts. try again:) good luck
  5. hahaha i didnt. somehow didnt feel right to me. i am standing in Sario. if it gets restarted that is when i go nuts
  6. cant belive no one is here for 9 hours! HELLOOO anyone awake??
  7. hasent poped up yet. it is still a linden home. i am standing there
  8. i got a house right across that waterfall Leora s waterfall. leting it go in 5min
  9. no. it was released on the Big day. my alt has one there.
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