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  1. Didn't Quartz Mole say he's one of last to work on the region before it's released. I have only seen Patch and Derrick Linden mentioned in the area of restarting the regions. My "starting to" post was already corrected. Starting to is vague and what has been released not ready for anyone to get. Today was the starting of the Campers and Trailers region. That's what I meant.
  2. You might be seeing a repeat of the former page. That's why its good to bookmark the Land Page with name it, going back to start over that way I stopped trusting that link missing so many releases.
  3. Wait no longer the only release today was Houseboats earlier. Patch and Derrick Linden release the regions. Patch Team and Moles. Moles are the builders and scripters out there creating the communties. There is one release most days. They just did 5 days in a row releases last week and 1 more release today. They released 3 regions at the same time, month ago. They haven't named new home regions yet. They are starting to release campers and trailers now. Currently abandons homes and houseboats on the Land Page now.
  4. Have the 5 letters in the Name box already posted. That saves you seconds. Then practice on the next Terms page checkmark box so you can do that without error. Go to the Land Page, put 5 letters in the box, choose Next. Terms page put check mark in the box, take the check mark out. Go back and your 5 letter name is in the box. Bookmark that page on your browser with the name in it. If you see the swirling loading page keep refreshing that. If you get timed or sold out page. Exit your account and sign back in. Bellis has a lot of people that were not experts on the Land Page. This is a process, luck, fortunate timing involved to win a Home or Houseboat. Everyone understands it can be frustrating. Be resolved through this you will accomplish it!
  5. I'm midwest no benefit here during work. I miss all kinds of SL events until I'm inworld each night 7:00 pm SLT or later 9:00 pm in rl. I will visit the new camper regions but I'm not going to live there. Incredible looking clubhouse and land decoration pictures posted I've seen. Well Done Patch Team and Moles! The citizens of Bellis truly admire your creavity!
  6. In this unnamed region we can look forward. An inland region with canal usually doesn't have this. There is not one near me in Passwall region. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE206/115/117/31
  7. Have a great day everyone, best you can! Go meet some of the people that got River Run today and Picards Wharf yesterday. Could be some very excited new House and Houseboat owners if your inworld now. Next week we begin again!
  8. I should have shouted People Start Refreshing after the Bellis Chat. Patch Linden with his Blue text, he was ready to do something while inworld early.
  9. That has never happened doing a double release in a day.
  10. Thank you Patch Team and Moles for 5 release in 5 days. An incredible week! They are awesome! Again, they are far ahead of our speculating!
  11. Quotes Patch Linden in Bellis Chat...."We have done that before." 5 release in 5 days! He talked in his Blue text!
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