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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis

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Randall Ahren wrote:

So you've grown wings and became a beautiful butterfly? How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar. 

No, no Randall... I'm a fairy.  Fairies protect the flowers from being trampled upon.  We have much work to do when we are not shopping for jewelry.  Fairies love sparkle... as it's like being wrapped in the stars we dance upon -- naked in the moonlight. 

@  Storm, you may most certainly call me May. 

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Venus Petrov wrote:

Welcome to Vanity!  You look happy back in your home.  Thank you for the 'use' of your rocker for a minute that day.

Thank Venus.  I am happy back in my home, very much!  You are welcome for the use of the rocker! 

My landlady said she'd get me a new faucet and I think that will look very nice in the kitchen!  I told her to get an old rusty one and she laughed.  I think she understands us steampunks a little bit.  Oh, I told her I was steampunk when I first met her.  I tried to explain what steampunk meant, but she said she knew what it meant.  I often wonder how many people know what a steampunk is because the word punk sounds like a punk.  Anyhow, steampunk means antiques. 

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Thank you for your kind comments, all.

Skip does not have a problem finding business; just the reverse, he often has too much and appointments are scheduled weeks away.  He took a hiatus of several months this year because he got just too busy.  He was awarded Best Photographer in SL for 2011 by BOSL.  If you check his profile, you will find his flickr and you can see for yourself the wonderful photos he takes.  If you do not know his full name, I am happy to send it in IM if anyone is interested.

ETA: Yes, my profile has his name, too. Good investigative work, Sylvia.

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