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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis

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Thanks for the explanation, Ceka.  Sounds like a fun way to help others!  Actually, I thought the reference to pink hands had something to do with Breast CA month since all the pro athletes are wearing pink gloves and shoes.

When you are inworld sometime can you slip me the LM to where you got your bikes?  I like my 4 year old version but it never hurts to look around. 

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Wicked Galaxy wrote:

I think this one has become my fav... I love being my sissy's muse and seeing what she creates

Wicked Drakke 4 copy.jpg

**ok.. so yes I had posted this earlier in the thread.  I'm showing it again because this picture was entered in a contest for the store the boots are from and it WON!! First place!! It's going to be on display in the store!

I'm so proud of it and my Sissy.

@everyone.. love love love all the pics that keep being added to this thread, I look every day.

@all the new posters.. YAY for joining the fun... keep them coming.. (everyone) :)


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these pics are awesome.  

@Valarie That is some house no wonder u enjoy the winter scenes u can get back to a warm fire.

@Wicked Congratulatons

@Venus,  nic e shot reminds me Italy

so many great shots from others loving checking this thread.


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Venus Petrov wrote:

Kylie:  Glorious colors all around!  It has been a lonnnng time since I have been on a horse.  There is nothing like feeling that warm, strong responsiveness (ahem) between your thighs.

/me fans herself

haha, Venus, I ride everywhere...my preferred mode of travel :matte-motes-silly:

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