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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis
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Hi Uncommon, I have found that going into appearance and adjusting the "mouth corner" of the shape works great...just an ever-so-gentle uplifting of the corner of the mouth can make all the difference in the world...makes your avatar appear pleasant, happy, IMO.  Those other things are too harsh, unnatural looking for me :(

ETA:  Oooops....meant shape, not skin

Here's one where I adjusted:




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UncommonTruth wrote:

WOW! I LOVE that look! What is it and where can I find it? :smileysurprised:


thank you all for your kind words ;)

I'm always very proud of my sissy's work, I love being her muse and sharing her creations.

@uncommonTruth... here is the info for everything I'm wearing.. if you need LM's for anything IM me in world

Skin - curio - airhead

Eyes - Ibaneze - Limlight

Hair - truth - Jordan

Dress - Chocolate Atelier - tulle dress red - (group gift)

Necklace - Curious Kitties - angry sorrow red

Bracelet & armband - gfields - metal rose red

Earrings - U&R Dogs -  L'Isle joyeuse Pierced Earrings

nails - candy nails monotone


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Jaikke wrote:

you guys and girls post so many pics with great eyes,  what's the secret?  I know about directing using the camera just cant seem to get the effects and awesomeness many are getting.

1. A professional once told me that the secret of good photography is lots of bad photography. That works on two levels... every bad photo you take is practice that improves later pictures, and if you take a lot of pics, there's a chance one of them will look good.

2. Eyes. As previously mentioned, ctrl-alt-left click will point your av's eyes at wherever you click. It can disrupt your pose (if not on a poseball) or move your camera, though. You can also the camera control palette to correct any movement, or freeze-frame (in the snapshot menu) and move the camera to where you want it.

3. It's not always necessary to have your av looking straight down the camera. In fact, as long as they aren't all cross-eyed, it can look better if they are looking somewhere else. If your subject is looking left, frame them on the right of the picture and vice-versa.This is considered more classic in terms of composition... Google 'rule of thirds' and 'rabatment of the rectangle' - basically anything interesting in the picture should aligned with an imaginary grid dividing the frame into 3x3.

4. Fancy stuff... play with the Windlight settings. Background haze can help focus attention on your subject. Moving the sun around can improve the contrast in the picture, remove ugly facial shadows or put an interesting sunset over your subjects shoulder. Weird skies can accentuate interesting colour schemes. Playing with the zoom (ctrl-8 & ctrl-0, ctrl-9 to reset) can stretch & compress the background for 'nightmare' effects. Finally, there's a load of stuff you can do in image-manipulation software.

5. Facelights. If you don't use one day-to-day, consider one for photography. Make sure it doesn't wash out your features and you have 'local lights' checked in Graphics. Also, because framerate isn't so much of an issue, you can use higher graphics settings for photography than for normal SL wanderings.


ETA: The final rule - or zeroth rule, depending on how you want to look at it - is to break the rules, but to know that you are breaking them and why you are doing it. 


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Venus Petrov wrote:

That is wonderful advice, Kelli.  In addition, I suggest that you snap your photos to disc.  You will save L$.  You do not need them uploaded into SL to post them here and those you want to upload will be the select few.

Absolutely... I always save to disc, and very few actually get uploaded. Maybe only 1 photo in 10 makes it to SL, a lot of L$ saved.

@valerie: love the way the blurred foreground of flowers adds texture and depth to the picture.

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Kelli May wrote:

Here's one that started off with some straightforward glamour shots, before I got all arty and obsessed by the fall of light & shadow.


This photograph appeals to my eye in so many ways.  

A beautiful woman; the colors and shading; wonderfully creative; sad and happy; incredibly soft; a sense of elegance; brutally sexy.  

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I'm sorry, but that knowledge base is ridiculous.  I've searched using different keywording for this question and nada, always brings back results that have nothing to do with my question.

Can someone tell me real fast how to upload multiple photos at a single time...it says we can upload 10 at a time, does that mean in one batch or daily or what?  And if there is a batch uploader, how do I access it?  :(

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 99 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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