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  1. Welcome to SL. Yes, many people say the opposite of what they mean. So don't believe everything you hear or read. Don't become obsessed with SL. Get outside once in awhile. Regarding your profile, I recommend making it longer. Try to use all of the space. It gives people a reason to IM you about something interesting they read in your profile.
  2. 1. Everyone in SL gets their heart broken. 2. Do not become involved with an alt. 3. Everyone cheats.
  3. Love is a game two can win. But if you're not careful with your game play, you'll probably be played.
  4. Alts tend to be new and say things like they're making a fresh start.
  5. The first rule of SL is that everyone gets their heart broken here. No one is immune, not even the gods. The second rule of SL is never become involved with an alt.
  6. Are you ridable like a regular horse, or are you more like a dog and you just follow people around?
  7. If SL was a game, Randall Ahren would have won already.
  8. No, you're whole, complete, perfect, and always have been. Perhaps you look at the world in a way no one else has. That's not weird, it's beautiful. There's nothing wrong with you.
  9. LlewLlwyd wrote: * What is the meaning of life? That was inspired by fascist forumers who respond to the simplest questions in general discussion by posting a screen shot of the answers section instead of answering the question.
  10. I'm asking for the purpose, not the definition, but kudos for trying. What happened to the other answers?
  11. Chilli Cao wrote: What other names could it be called? Sex Life.
  12. It's a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what. -Dr. House
  13. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: If i give my word, i honor it, no matter the medium in which it is given. Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls and ask the ghosts if honor matters. Their silence is your answer. -Javik
  14. LlazarusLlong wrote: * Nobody seems to know the point of RL, and apparently you can't win at it The point of RL is the same as in SL: make money and mate as much as possible.
  15. Aphrenity wrote: I have a right to be upset because your real world profile picture should come with a warning and it doesn’t. Yeah, something like NSFL: Not Safe For Life
  16. I think I saw you at Fogbound. I remember I was dissappointed because you didn't have elf ears. You could add to your profile. Make it more inviting, show some vulnerability. Tell people what you're hoping for, what's missing in your SL. Explain how you signed up for SL on Christmas. How did you by the way?
  17. I believe the correct phrase is "shared distraction."
  18. You should go for a mush head. It's cheaper.
  19. There's nothing wrong with wanting a contest buddy and going to contests and voting for each other. I used to do that with one of my friends and it was fun. I hope you find her.
  20. Put a water spout in it so it looks like an indoor fountain. In the Meadowbrook therme, I think the Plumtree and Greyson are the best models. Why don't you abandon the Overlook and get a Plumtree so that you don't have the problem of an indoor reflecting pool?
  21. Sy Beck wrote: I rarely partake in SL any more. Not because of boredom, but because there are more exciting things to do online than SL. I return once in a while because of the wonderful people I met here when SL was an exciting place to be. SL is as exciting as it ever was. There are still the romances, the torrid affairs, the betrayals, the love triangles, the business plans that failed miserably, the zombies, the griefers, the lies, the laughter and the tears. The boredom is in you, it's not in the world. And when the boredom grows too large to contain, you die, never to login again. According to Søren Kierkegaard, boredom dates to the beginning of humanity. The gods were bored, so they created humans. That's why we're here, because of boredom.
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