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  1. Not all poetry is beautiful. It is a remembrance it is a memorial it is a tribute to the things that tried to kill you but couldn’t. Not all scars are permanent, but the ink still runs red. - Michelle K., Not All Poetry is Beautiful.
  2. How about if Second Life was turned into a cooperative owned by the residents? We just need to come up with enough money collectively to buy it from the current owners. How much is Second Life worth?
  3. The traditional way to celebrate your rez day in SL is to make love with a beautiful stranger.
  4. Lar's had a feature called strip the DJ. When tips reached a certain level the DJ would disrobe.
  5. It's a joke. Obviously, you wouldn't. It's a joke. Clearly if Bree never receives an IM in a club, it's because she's not showing enough cleavage.
  6. That same reason could also explain why no one returns my IM at a club.
  7. Beach volleyball is one of the most common games to play in a beach environment. There are many volleyball games available on the marketplace here.
  8. Fogbound Blues and Muddy's are always busy. Search events for live music. Any live music event featuring Max Kleene as the singer will have a crowd.
  9. Due to 100% negative replies, the forum meetup is cancelled.
  10. What if nobody shows up at the Hangout? If you're at Fogbound, it will be busy anyway and there will be other people to socialize with if no forum members show. You don't want to get dressed up for nothing do you?
  11. I'm sure you'll be missed. Scylla is in to you.
  12. Okay, forumites, there is a a forum meetup at Fogbound Blues on Saturday, August 3, 2019 at 9 PM SLT. The location is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue Moon Bay/211/57/26
  13. Welcome to SL. Yes, many people say the opposite of what they mean. So don't believe everything you hear or read. Don't become obsessed with SL. Get outside once in awhile. Regarding your profile, I recommend making it longer. Try to use all of the space. It gives people a reason to IM you about something interesting they read in your profile.
  14. 1. Everyone in SL gets their heart broken. 2. Do not become involved with an alt. 3. Everyone cheats.
  15. Love is a game two can win. But if you're not careful with your game play, you'll probably be played.
  16. Alts tend to be new and say things like they're making a fresh start.
  17. The first rule of SL is that everyone gets their heart broken here. No one is immune, not even the gods. The second rule of SL is never become involved with an alt.
  18. Are you ridable like a regular horse, or are you more like a dog and you just follow people around?
  19. If SL was a game, Randall Ahren would have won already.
  20. No, you're whole, complete, perfect, and always have been. Perhaps you look at the world in a way no one else has. That's not weird, it's beautiful. There's nothing wrong with you.
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