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  1. Dres, your virtual mom did good. Beautiful shots
  2. @Uncommon Truth,,,, what a sweet thing to say, smiles @Venus thank you was fun thinking of some story lol @Kyliie tahnk u nice of u
  3. Contemplating slaying some evil from the land.
  4. Embrace Imagination.....Haloween Inspired Images...My Costume so far .. First Meeting Helping a wounded friend..... A Promise of Faithfulness in friendship
  5. Unexpectantly changes his favorite color to bluish green! god u ladies have really stepped up your photos, tortoring us for halloween. great pictures all
  6. some amazing pictures beautiful ladies.
  7. Right on Storm! The girls of this forum rock. 2012 Vanity forum calendar? lol great shots all. @Wildcat I defanately think thats in the treat column of Trick or Treat. @Lanas having grown up in Texas, thats pretty darn good rednekin ur doin
  8. man Wildcat has some nice rides, maybe u can have a car show forum party? lol nice photo, the trees, Royal Palms, look real like in my backyard.... lol
  9. Thank you Venus @Loveangel nice job with the eyes, feels like the viwer is sitting in the next chair over. umm "nice stems" (line from the movie clueless) lol
  10. smiles was cool went up in the mountains and rented a home and boat on a lake. Went waterfall hunting. About 15 waterfalls on this lake of various sizes. Nice reset
  11. back from Vaca, nice pics everyone
  12. happiness to all and your amazing work,
  13. Somehow I realized you, Venus, Rival, and Rennie are right, I do think I am totally in love with someone, and I better do something about it. How come guys are always the last to know? Well speaking for myself. Engaging
  14. "Like most things, anticipation is half the enjoyment ^^" so well said Uncommon Truth, agrees
  15. wow starting my day to some awesome heart felt post. Thank you all I thought about this a lot last night, there are so many things I've admired in the girls I've known.......... - how she enjoys simple humor - her touches on presents and cards, that extra sparkle that makes it just right - how she dressses taking that extra bit of time to look just right for her man - her collection of hair in SL, lol, that one still baffles me but I love it - how she cuddles into my arms and the world fades away - how in tune she is with her man, she seems to know, she just knows - her amazing so
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