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Randall Ahren wrote:

With the sun just beginning to rise over Hyannisport, I am contemplating life's important questions. If am not for myself, who will be? If am only for myself, then what am I? And most urgently, how did my ears suddenly become pointed?



@Kylie, how did you get your hairline so perfect? Is that a fading hairbase? Also, what is FCH?

Hi Randall...yes, it's a hairbase from LAQ (love their skins)

FCH is the Forum Cartel Hangout.  It's the inworld location for parties and such.  You can look up Forum Cartel in groups if interested in joining...great bunch of people and all very helpful :)

btw, I like the pointed ears, they look very dashing on you  :matte-motes-silly:

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Trying to assemble a kind of Mexican looks here. Head: Vista Animations "Lia" bento head Body: Maitreya Skin: YS&YS (on the head and body) Hair: eXxEsS - "Asha A" Eyes: Vista head eyes, with

Skin ~ Plastik  Outfit ~ Entice Mood ~ Tori Amos    

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I was just kind of tootling around in PS tonight  bored out of my mind because everyone was asleep but me..like most of my weekends since i started working nights hehehehe

it's been awhile since i had put anything into any picture threads..so i figured..all this time..why not play around a little..and what better thread than one of Storms hehehe

so here goes hehehe *winks*


This is what happens when bored people have nothing to do but do have PS and second life LOL



This was for the TopHat thread  on the other side of the street so it was a quickie hehehe

coffeepotting gleefer time1.png


this is a bit older and where i have gotten my current forum avatar from hehehehe

Ceka Unplugged n stuff.png


have fun all =)

I love everyones pictures..You all look so beautiful..


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Absolute STUNNING photo, Wildcat! 

This photo isn't exactly "vanity" but a thank you to Ishtara for making the free butterflies for my "fairy" house.  THANK YOU, ISHY.  These butterflies are so cute and I am going to enjoy placing them in places that will just make my fairy house that much more special.  (Ishy, I found your butterflies quite by accident just doing a search for butterflies, but again THANK YOU!)

butterfly1_001 copy_edited-2.png


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The vanity will come when it's done!  It's not done yet!  But, those cute butterflies I found from Ishtara are going to put the icing on the cake of my vanity "fairy" house.  I just know it!   I'll place them some place really special, and then take the vanity photos.

@ Sylvia, those vamp photos are very smexy there!

And @ Randall, omg, I could drool. 

@  Myself, p.s.  thinks a butterfly vanity sounds really cute!  May do that! 


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WoW excellent work =)

i love the attention to detail..you can really see it in the arms and hands..even the little crease where the forearm meets the upper arm and just the shaping..

just all over goodness..very well done =)

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