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Prim Boobs & Mesh Pants

Ariadne Barzane

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Am I the only person in SL who thinks those huge prim boobs are ridiculous looking?  Even those that are done well and matched perfectly to skin tone have a weird way of hanging off the av....And from what I have seen, most people do not take the time to even put them on right or match their skin tone....Having large boobs is one thing...these are more like having helium balloons hanging from your chest....

Another odd thing that seems to be selling like crazy are the new mesh pants, leggings, etc.....Virtually all of the mesh stuff for the lower body looks really strange....Hips are super wide and the space between the inner thighs is almost squared off which makes the wearer look almost bow-legged....Even the nicer mesh pants have a strange angle to the inside seam....

It would seem that mesh is the big selling point these days, for better or worse....I can only hope that someone finds a way to make mesh stuff that does not look totally goofy on your av....

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Personally I don't care for the mesh boobs, or any of the prim boobs actually.  They all look like a bad boob job to me, but to each his own.  The color problem comes from the fact that light reflects differently on prims than on the avatar and even at different times of day, so even if you get a perfect match when you first set them up the color will change with lighting conditions resulting in a mismatch.

The mesh pants you are seeing are for the "invisible pony rider" shapes, most of which also have the fish face with very wide apart squints eyes and huge pouty lips.  Its a look popular with the younger set who want their avi to look street punky from what I've seen.  Its a fad that will hopefully pass soon, but who knows. If it makes them happy and they think it looks good, its there world and their imagination (to paraphrase) but not mine! lol

There are mesh pants out there though that don't have this look.  They key is to try before you buy.  If the sales picture is of an invisible pony rider modeling them, chances are the pants will be this way too.  Look for mesh pants being modeled by more normal avatars.  Your chances of getting what you want are better.

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Ariadne Barzane wrote:


I can only hope that someone finds a way to make mesh stuff that does not look totally goofy on your av....

There are good mesh clothes actually.  There are also not so good.  One has to search to find the gems. :matte-motes-big-grin:

(I must say that I'm always a bit surprised when I see statements like "mesh is no good". )


Ok, some samples what I personally like:

Mesh pants and mesh dress


Mesh micro skirt, mesh boots


Mesh cardigan, mesh shorts, mesh feet, mesh flip-flops


And another type of mesh shorts




I hope the above ones did not look too goofy... :smileytongue:


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The lolas tangos have a very good shape. I can see the appeal of them after years of noticing how poorly shaped the 'built in boobs' are.

They are large...

So I guess it just comes down to "am I willing to accept the poor shape to be normal sized, or am I willing to accept being monster huge to have a good realistic curve?"

- Both sides of that debate are making a sacrifice for a substantial gain somewhere else.

If you spend a lot of time unclothed in SL, the choice for better shape probably makes a lot of sense. Likewise if you wear body paint rather than clothing. Since I wear only clothing since clothes were added to SL in 2012 (mesh), and I'm not sans clothes all that ofteh - I've not had the need so much.


As for the pants. There's a very popular trend right now to have "I pooped in my pants" jeans... I've been dealing with guys wearing this look in RL since the 1980s where I'm from... and I've never been a fan of it.

But some folks really want to poop in their pants, and I guess that's just the trend for now. Combine it with "my surgeon gave me fish lips" and it gets pretty weird at times in SL...

- But I guess the 'humans' of SL were getting tired of only the furries have freaky looks, so they had to find a way to not only compete, but do something weirder than any neon green and magenta glowing furry could ever aspire to. :P


Oh and Coby: where did you buy the things in your screenshots? :D


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It was more an observational comment and less a reason to protest actively against said 'fashions'...


If that is the look they are going for, they should definitely be allowed to do so....If it is like everything else in-world, it will be one of those fashions that come and go....As far as "Your World, Your Imagination" it is more like "Your World, Your Checkbook"

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this thread is too funny. My only experience with prim breasts has been reading posts by people asking why they don't look right. Peronally, I think it would be wiser, simpler, and better looking to just move a fw sliders. but I guess after some peole have spent the money it turns into, "This WILL work, so that I didnt' get ripped off."

there are some nice mesh pants nad skirts availbable. I think the only reason that the "full diaper" look is big right now is because it's easy to achieve compared to how it used to be. for the record, I don't see anywhere near as much of this inworld as I do on the mp. So maybe it has just as much to do with the frequency of mesh designers using templates.

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Pussycat Catnap wrote:

Oh and Coby: where did you buy the things in your screenshots?

Here goes...

First picture

Mesh jeans: SLINK

Mesh dress: RICIELLI

Second picture

Mesh micro skirt: Happy Undead

Mesh boots: *COCO*

Third picture

Denim mesh shorts: [spoiled.brat]

Mesh cardigan: Dressed by Lexi

Mesh feet: SLINK

Mesh flip-flops: Slink


Fourth picture

Mesh shorts: Mon Tissu


Fifth picture

Goofy...   :smileysurprised:   Ah, that was not me then... :smileyvery-happy: 

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Hm. I like to wear  mesh boobs AND mesh pants. The boobs, you can make them as large as you wish...or small, all a matter of personal taste. The pants, I dunno..but I find most of them nicely shaped and fit my avatar quite right without making my hips or legs weird.

Here's a pic of me, wearing both the mesh boobs and my fav mesh jeans (not completely on the pic though). And no, you don't have to like it, it's just an example :).


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I've noticed recently that mesh breasts are everywhere. I think they look nice, personally, when they're matched and sized correctly. Both Lush and Lola Tango's are very nice, in my opinion, in terms of have a more realistic shape. But of course, they are going to look ridiculous and unrealistic when they are sized very, very large. Unfortunately, sizing them smaller without being able to see the system top neckline under the implants is rather difficult. Still, I find that they have a nicer shape than those on the default avatar mesh. I have mesh implants, and I use them occasionally, when I'm in the mood.

I have yet to find mesh pants or shorts that I really like, but not for the reasons you list. I just haven't been satisfied that what I've tried on is any better than system pants with prim cuffs. (One exception - I DID find a very nice pair of beachy capris that I love!) But I've found some gorgeous mesh tops and dresses and couple skirts, and I am in love with my mesh hair!

It's all really a matter of "to each their own." If you don't like mesh breasts, you don't have to use them. If you don't like mesh pants - or mesh anything - you don't have to buy it. There are lots of people who still don't like mesh, for any number of reasons. I've found that there's a place for both mesh and prim/system clothing, in my opinion, and I use both frequently and combine both frequently into looks I like.

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This mesh boobies thing, and also other mesh body attachments, might turn against ourselves.  We all would love to have better default avatar mesh.  It has been hoped for a long time.  Linden Lab has not been very enthusiastic about this matter - even though the default avatar mesh is honestly horribly made.

Now as the business for mesh body parts is growing and growing Linden Lab might well say that "you can buy all the body parts what you possibly might need.  Moreover, we are afraid to break the flourishing mesh body parts business going on.  Thus, no need for better mesh for the default avatar.  Case closed".

Aargghh... :smileysurprised:  freakout.gif

Not a very bright future.  Except for those few individuals who can produce excellent mesh.

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What came to my mind is the more socia aspect of the whole developement of mesh breasts. Such as social pressure, for example. With the growing usement of Lolas and other breastproducts, the spreading of adaptable clothes and the always working effect of "new" stuff, it could happen that there will be a social indirect forcement on some parts of the female avatar population.

Musicclubs, escortclubs and shops which start to adapt mesh breasts as a standert upgrade for female avatars (such as they require now a realistic skin). Men prefering females with mesh breasts over those with normal breasts. And a growing presure, similar to the one of female gentials now for a lot escorts and other females.

*draws a dark future out of boredom and fear* :smileysurprised:

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You make an interesting point regarding changes to the default avatar mesh by Linden Lab....At this point, they probably have a few more items on their To Do list...Although they have made changes to the default avatars before and undoubtedly will again....

Linden Lab is really not good at protecting or encouraging growing business trends in-world....The various real estate debacles that they have had over the years has had a negative affect on land ownership....As part of the perks for Premium account holders, you are given your choice of a small home on a small parcel of land within a community of Linden Lab homes....I remember how well that went over with the low prim housing builders and the groups who rented and sold small parcels of land to newcomers....They followed that up with some low prim furniture for the house which screwed up the low prim furnishings creators for a while....Since then they have given Premium members a vehicle to drive and a plane to fly...each of these had a negative impact on the inworld builders who had worked hard to create reasonably priced vehicles...

Linden Lab does not have a very good track record when it comes to nurturing inworld businesses....If they can find a way to make money out of a current trend, they will certainly do so....


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