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  1. I share the same problem with numbers; unfortunately my mind cannot grasp them. However, you and I are the opposite when it comes to paper; I always needed, and need, paper to figure things out with. Somehow seeing it on paper makes it easier for me to figure out/determine things.
  2. Where are you from? Originally Texas, U.S.A.; but now New York, U.S.A. When did you join SL originally? In mid-2006, but I knew about it before then. What have you mainly spent your time doing in SL in the past? Freeform roleplaying. How are you planning to spend your time in SL in 2013? Once again...Freeform roleplaying. :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: EDIT: Added the 'U.S.A.'s to my post.
  3. Thank you for your suggestions, everyone; I appreciate them all.
  4. Yes, it seems like bullying to me. The others have already mentioned harassment, what to send to Linden Labs, and maturity rating, et cetera et cetera, so I shall not repeat that. However, I do commend you for how you handled it; you did not start going hysterical and causing drama in every direction like some people would have. It is better to keep a lid on one's temper, which you did; good job.
  5. I do, as well as my younger brother and our father; however, neither of them play Second Life. It is only me. I have, or had, a similar problem with people not understanding my "eccentric" personality; but I taught myself to be more reserved. Now it is only a few privileged people in SL -- my good friends -- who are allowed to glimpse my quirkiness. :matte-motes-grin: I have also been playing Second Life for a long while, since 2006 (this is a new account, however). Most of my time, when I am online in it, is spent roleplaying. It is a pleasure to meet you. EDIT: Disliked the wording of the next-to-last sentence, so altered it.
  6. ...what AO would you suggest? I am looking around for a male AO, and I am curious as to what ones people would suggest. I am a laid back man and my roleplay character is equally easy-going and un-athletic, so I would prefer to avoid AOs which have a lot of bouncing around, painful-looking contortions, or arrogant he-man poses. Thank you for reading.
  7. I would roleplay, and roleplay, and roleplay...then further develop my avatar...and then roleplay some more.
  8. I understand that this might sound strange, coming from a guy...but quite frankly, the sight of mesh or prim breasts disturbs me. The only exemption to this are mesh avatars or torsos which are realistic looking, and do not look like giant water balloons hot glued to women's torsos.
  9. Thank you, very very much, for taking the time to help me, ladies; I appreciate it greatly, and I will not forget it. I hope you all have had, and will continue to have, a blessed day. :matte-motes-grin:
  10. Good day. I created a new account -- this one -- and I am searching for a dark male skin. I do not mind if it is pitch-colored or shades of dark brown, but I need a free (or affordable) skin as right now I cannot afford to put real money into Second Life. In my old account I had a free skin called Benjamin which I used until I bought a skin from TELAQ. I can no longer find it. Do any of you know of one? If all else fails, I am willing to use a dark tanned skin until I can put money in and buy a skin. Many thanks.
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