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  1. While I do have a decent understanding of scripting, I'm not capable of complex modification/creation of it. Many seem to believe an autonomous robot/AI/android with the ability to reprogram itself is a recipe for disaster. Clearly I disagree, but I did not create myself, unfortunately!
  2. Greetings! As the title implies I tend to be in the form of a reprogrammable android labelled TC-07 as a good excuse to be cynical business and diverse in roles/behavior. I can be very polite and empathic too! ^_^ see? that was me smiling genuinely. In real life I'm a graduated multimedia designer, but wasn't entirely satisfied with that so now I study economics & management at university. Just to give you an idea of my interests. I imagine you would find me most useful within those fields as well, such as management, accounting, book-keeping, business planning, finance, receptionist(ing?)
  3. Heya Dani and welcome to SL! I do agree with above that actually going to SL and visit places, meeting people and just being open and see where things go is really the best you can do :-D It's always intimidating at first, but the vast majority of people are here because they want to socialize and are eager to include you in whatever if you show interest. Just remember that most people are naturally shy of strangers, which goes both ways.. you meeting them the first time and them meeting you the first time.. people aren't always sure how to act or what to say, but they rarely mean any offenc
  4. I largely agree with the lady above, most people I know go on SL to get a break from RL. I'd also just point out that the majority of people I have met in SL (and it's not that I'm particularly kinky) who were interested in RL relations, were primarily looking for RL sex. So just be aware you'll most likely encounter that too if you start looking for RL stuff.. but I guess that can be part of dating too
  5. I don't really have a kid av, but I do like exploring and finding new nice and exciting places. I know some places already that are pretty unigue and might be interesting for you to see, but more importantly exploring the unkown is always more fun with a likeminded companion, and so is getting banned from random places you shouldn't be in when the owner finds out.. but don't worry, we'd rarely visit the same place twice anyways so it's no matter
  6. What if one is maybe not physically 50, but mentally feels like it would be the right place to be? I mean I assure you people tend to assume I'm a lot older than I am, but I take pride in that.
  7. Oh, nice that you're a dedicated resident like that, and hello yourself then
  8. Give the good man a shave too while you're at it
  9. I find bare feet to be pretty unfashionable and unsexy anyways, so I'd never go around like that voluntarily. If someone else demands me to go barefeet, then they will get.. bare feet, not "fake" feet.. not me wanting to show them off after all ^-^
  10. Well the problem is just that there's only one slider for boobs, which is size.. There is no sliders related to actual shape at all. Just something basic like width and.. length(? ) would be nice ^^
  11. I would imagine it's a matter of being slightly displeased with the state of things that you can buy.. I'd like some differently shaped boobies than the default SL avatar has to do with as well, but the current ones you can buy are kinda.. not very casual looking
  12. It may be an open roleplayish letter to interested parties I'm thinking ^^
  13. I will say that I approve of the idea of being a vampire thing that isn't the usual social drama style that completely mixes up ooc and roleplay.. I have met so much of that and it has driven me out of roleplay for a long time because it's disgusting to have people care so much about their alter ego's that they piss on people in RL too. So yeah, I may be interested, but in any case just wanted to say it sounds like a nice idea, because there's so much more to vampires than backstabbing and social intrigues alone ^^
  14. Well there is always the option of going free user.. Otherwise there's IMVU, Onverse or Red Light Social Center, depending on what you're into I'm sure there's some others I don't know of too..
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