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  1. You can ban them on the parcel level using the land tools, unless the estate owner forbids that. Then it is up to them to region or estate ban them IMO. If you can't get them region banned, then only allow your group to rez objects and don't allow Object Entry in the Options tab of the land tools. This prevents people from going to the parcel next door, rezzing things out and just sliding them onto your property.
  2. Charging $1L allows you to "buy now" and also not have to go through the freebie ads to get it, and also allows you to send it as a 'gift' to a friend if you are helping someone find something. It also discourages people that don't have money and never will and therefore can't possibly buy the actual product from getting it and maybe copybotting it. Some demo's are set to self destruct. This makes sense IMO, if sufficient time is allowed for you to examine it before it poofs.
  3. In SL, nothing. In RL when I'm on SL, just about any of the normal things I eat and drink in RL except dinner.
  4. There is an explorer HUD sold on the MP that shows you where ban lines are on a region so you can avoid them, This is not only useful for walking around but for use if you are sailing flying or driving a car. Unfortunately there is nothing I know of to warn you about security orbs. But the longer you are here the more you'll get used to things and be able to recognize private property that's not open to the public. Generally that is land with houses with the yards that surround them, although many people just use a security orb to protect the inside of their house.
  5. Look for sandboxes not owned by LL. Some are moderated, some you have to join a group to use. They are out there, the last time I looked.
  6. Unfortunately not. This has been requested since LL took over the MP, but so far no luck in getting it.
  7. It's 'Buyer Beware' when it comes to your dealings with merchants. LL will view this as a personal dispute between you and the merchant and do nothing. That said, did you contact the merchant and explain you didn't get what you paid for? If the item was copiable they shouldn't have a problem sending another. No Copy merchandise is a different story though because you can't prove you didn't get it and just give it away or sell it. If you have contacted the merchant understand that merchants have RL's too and sometimes can't log in for periods of time due to RL crises or emergencie
  8. Unfortunately some of the pictures I used for illustrations to help people are no longer available for me to upload anywhere as I had made and saved them on a computer that died a tragic death. The loss of our individual picture library means a lot of helpful work lost which I am not going to have the time to reproduce. That means a lot of questions will go unanswered by me. LL should have warned us about this so we could grab them off our libraries if we needed to. Is there anyway these could be restored somehow?
  9. If it is a temporary yard sale then it goes in events. If it's a permanent thing its a business and you are not allowed to advertise one on the forums unless there is a specific category for it.
  10. Many new people that come to SL stumble around without a clue for a while before they find their 'feet'. You on the other hand are in the minority and appear to be doing it the right way by taking the time to learn about things by reading, and asking about things in world as well as posting here on the forum. I commend you for it. You'll soon be enjoying SL so I encourage you to stay. A lot of time quick learners are 'accused' of not being new people because the person accusing them wasn't a quick learner themselves and can't grasp that some people are. Their problem not yours. As ot
  11. Before doing anything check the covenant. Some estates will not allow you to sublease your land to another resident. If the covenant isn't clear, ask the estate owner. If they don't want you to sublease and you do then you and your tenant could be evicted without refund of the money you paid. Your tenant would also be within their rights to ask for a refund, since you should have checked this out first before subleasing the land.
  12. LordHappycat wrote: My only irritable issue with mesh is why it's such an incovenience to simply make it resizable. Laziness? Incompetent? What is it, because I cannot tell you how many mesh items I've come across where it looks good but can't resize it. In a world full of possibilities, there's no excuse or defense as to why there cannot be a method to resize mesh. When I gaze at these items, I can see them being bigger and I could see them fitting more when resized. I just think it's outright laziness for a lot of vendors out there who don't do this. The 'excuse' is the best one. Mo
  13. Not all merchants elect to have IM's forwarded to email because it is optional and not all merchants elect it. Look in their profile and see what it says about contacting them and redeliivery. It will usually tell you there if they have a redelivery terminal. Also, some prefer notecards, some will give you an email address or a website to contact them through. Still other's will have customer service reps or managers that you should contact. For the fastest response comply with their preferred contact method. Be sure to send your transaction information with any contact you make. If you
  14. Each person has the right to contruct their avatar as they wish. You have a right to stay with the legacy avatar and system clothes etc., if that's what makes you happy. Other's have the right to use mesh if they want to. There are plenty of people that feel like you do and prefer legacy avatars. But the one's I've talked to have never told me they think mesh shouldn't be allowed. I've been in SL a long time and remember the days that it took a long time for legacy avatars to rez. Also, I must point out, not everyone has a problem with mesh rezzing either. To each his own, live and le
  15. To explain further The link you provide requires someone to purchase the script to review it. That's why it would be considered advertising in the forum. You can't advertise a product unless there is a category for it and there isn't one for scripts, only for land. If you don't want to post your script in the LSL Scripting forum then you can offer to send it no mod/no copy to any scripter that wants to give you feedback, or as copy only to someone if you just want someone to put it in a prim to test it out.
  16. That's why LL should IP/MAC ban them so they can't log in even on an alt.
  17. Be sure your input and output is set up correctly for your hardware in Preferences>Sound&Media>Voice>Advanced Hardware Settings, even if you don't want to use voice.
  18. Amethyst Jetaime


    This section is for asksing questions about SL itself. We do not provide support for products made by other residents because there are too many of them out there and it is impossible to be expert in all of them. If you can try resetting the scripts in the HUD. Otherwise, contact the creator, their customer service reps or join their support group, if they have one, and ask for support there.
  19. Grim Thursday wrote: Theresa Tennyson wrote: Let us for the moment consider Help Island for what it was supposed to be - a place for new avatars to get help. (Of course for some time it's become a retirement community for griefers and Don Quixote trainees, but that's neither here nor there.) The messaging you're proposing would be quite interesting - "New? Come to Help Island to get help! Um... next week." It would be a useful demonstration of the Kafkaesque quality of much of Second Life, but not great for the actual purpose of the establishment. I'll set aside the psuedoin
  20. If you have set the text to the largest setting that's all you can do in the viewer itself to change it. However there are things you can do possibly to make text easier to see: Choose a high contrast skin for your viewer If you use Windows 10 there is a magnifier tool you can use. go to Start , then Settings > Ease of Access > Magnifier, and then move the slider under Magnifier to turn it on. You can choose to enlarge everything on your screen, or a 'lens' view that only enlarges a part of the screen as you move your cursor around. See windows help for more information.
  21. That is not an AO. I absolutlely recognize some of those movements as dances that were available years ago. I have some of them myself but saw the rest in clubs at the time. There was a fad back then for dances that made you float up in the air like that and do acrobatic moves. Others I recognize as just floor and regular dances that were available a while ago. Not sure any are even available now. You could try Sine Wave who used to sell at least some them. Cant' remember where the others were sold. Even if you find those dances, good editing of the video of the series of dances she is
  22. Buying a vehicle without first trying it is always risky. I personally never do with a demo first. If one isn't available I ask the creator to meet me for a demo or if a friend has one I ask them about it. Since you don't specify what's 'bad' about it compared to other cars you own it's hard to know if the 'badness' comes from the car or the server. Some vehicles are much better at crossing sim lines than others, but most have problems with that. There are other problems too that are hard to avoid in any vehicle. If you've had the vehicle for 2 years it's a way too late to complain now IM
  23. You can only terraform most mainland + or - 4 meters. Some older mainland regions are set for + or - 100 meters. Finally some mainland regions can't be terraformed at all. These are regions that were specially developed by LL such as Bay City or Nautilus. There are a few more. If you have land in the first category and the highest land is a great deal higher than the lowest land than it may not be possible to flatten all your land completely. Still it should be possible to flatten at least some of your land under a building and a bit around it. You should also be a good neighbor and pay
  24. The games you are speaking of depend on an outside server that is programmed with the game Other's may not access the game outside of SL due to the way the security on the server is set up. Inside SL players use a HUD made of prims to communicate with the server to play the game. To replicate this type of game, you will need a server that you own or rent and to hire a scripter/programmer who can program the server with the game and write the script to put in the prim HUD that allows the game players and only the game players in SL to communicate with this server. This is custom work and no
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