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  1. Thank you for sharing your view of the prim breasts....I do agree that those which are realistic looking are not so bad....Unfortunately there are dozens more of the giant water ballons hot glued to torsos....*laughs*
  2. Female avs that work inworld will most certainly be pushed into buying such items...Music and dance clubs, escort services, strip clubs and modeling will undoubtedly mandate these for female avatars.....If it is viewed as something that will bring in more business and L$, it will become the norm....
  3. You make an interesting point regarding changes to the default avatar mesh by Linden Lab....At this point, they probably have a few more items on their To Do list...Although they have made changes to the default avatars before and undoubtedly will again.... Linden Lab is really not good at protecting or encouraging growing business trends in-world....The various real estate debacles that they have had over the years has had a negative affect on land ownership....As part of the perks for Premium account holders, you are given your choice of a small home on a small parcel of land within a community of Linden Lab homes....I remember how well that went over with the low prim housing builders and the groups who rented and sold small parcels of land to newcomers....They followed that up with some low prim furniture for the house which screwed up the low prim furnishings creators for a while....Since then they have given Premium members a vehicle to drive and a plane to fly...each of these had a negative impact on the inworld builders who had worked hard to create reasonably priced vehicles... Linden Lab does not have a very good track record when it comes to nurturing inworld businesses....If they can find a way to make money out of a current trend, they will certainly do so....
  4. Thank you for sharing where you found the mesh outfits you had shown...I will definitely take a look and see what they have!!
  5. It was more an observational comment and less a reason to protest actively against said 'fashions'... If that is the look they are going for, they should definitely be allowed to do so....If it is like everything else in-world, it will be one of those fashions that come and go....As far as "Your World, Your Imagination" it is more like "Your World, Your Checkbook"
  6. Poopy pants and fish lips...Quite the combo...Thanks so much for the laugh!!
  7. Those examples are very nicely done! Thank you for sharing them....There is hope after all!
  8. Am I the only person in SL who thinks those huge prim boobs are ridiculous looking? Even those that are done well and matched perfectly to skin tone have a weird way of hanging off the av....And from what I have seen, most people do not take the time to even put them on right or match their skin tone....Having large boobs is one thing...these are more like having helium balloons hanging from your chest.... Another odd thing that seems to be selling like crazy are the new mesh pants, leggings, etc.....Virtually all of the mesh stuff for the lower body looks really strange....Hips are super wide and the space between the inner thighs is almost squared off which makes the wearer look almost bow-legged....Even the nicer mesh pants have a strange angle to the inside seam.... It would seem that mesh is the big selling point these days, for better or worse....I can only hope that someone finds a way to make mesh stuff that does not look totally goofy on your av....
  9. I would love to see this idea implemented as a way of tracking names that have been used by someone...Would definitely help narrow down the field if there were issues with an individual...
  10. I am actually excited about the possibility of being able to change my last name to match that of my SL husband....If there is a small fee associated with such a thing, that would not be unreasonable... As for the idea of not allowing someone to change to a name that has been taken, I can agree with that up to a point....There are a ton of names in the system that show up in people search, yet they are not in use....I am not sure what the reasons would be for that, but I know it is a fact....The other side to it is that I know I would not want someone using my name to create havoc or any other negative situations... I would like to see the Display Name be just that a name used for display only....All other situations such as building, etc would bear the User Name.... I understand the concerns that others have expressed on this matter and respect their thoughts....I hope it is possible for others to do the same for someone with a view that is somewhat different from their own... *slips on her flame retardent firesuit* Just in case...
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