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  1. They want my Social Security Number just so I can exist in my virtual world? F u Linden Lab. Give me your name, address and social and I will happily mail you a check for a million dollars.
  2. Ha, they don't slap, they ban. Nice to see ya, friend
  3. Rhode Island is neither a road, nor an Island. Discuss.
  4. Hi, sweetheart, missed you, yes, totally a once in a lifetime experience, but you know what they say, you only live twice.
  5. Aha! I got it to quote again! Forgotten City is gone? Where will we establish a new story? Where's Dillon at, and the rest of the crew? I never left, I was banned, but I'm back, thanks software update
  6. Oh, cool, thanks so much, Nalates.
  7. Thanks, sweety! That's what I usually do but I was hoping there was a one or two click solution, thank you!
  8. What number should I be striving for? Thank you!
  9. Is there a way to center on you avatar so that you are looking at her directly, from the front? Like double click on her or something? Using Firestorm, thanks!
  10. Phil wrote: "Constantinurple rhymes with it. It's an old name for Istanbul." I call Istanbullsh*t.
  11. Haha! As soon as I saw the first well I had to smile the biggest smile! All my loves are here, Phil, Marigold, and M! Where's Valerie?
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