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  1. The OP is going to places that are much different than the ones I've been at. I always use short avi's, and the worst I ever got was a question about my character's age, or a question about why I'm so short. Using the meters, most of my shapes are between 5'2" and 5'9." Every single time, when I told them that I never portray anyone underage, and "The meter located at ________ says my shape is this tall" they accept it. Almost immediately, all talk of actual size ends, and we procede with whatever storyline we want to create using relative size. All that means is that if I look like the top of my head reaches only to somone's shoulders, then that's how we write. I see debates on the boards all the time, but inworld, I only encounter people who welcome that kind of diversity.
  2. Phil Deakins wrote: Just a related aside... I am very surprised how much some people dislike advertisements. I can't understand it. The only thing I can think of is that it is on principle because ads don't get in anyone's way, and the 'on principle' reason is not a valid reason at all. I'm not talking about things like spam phone calls, spam mail, and spam email, all of which require a small amount of time to deal with, so they do get in the way a little bit. I'm in the UK where one of the top TV providers is Virgin Media. (VM). VM have the sole UK rights to TiVo, which is an american PVR (personal video recorder) that is full of features that no other system in the UK can even get close to. The TiVo is designed so that ads can be put in a lot of places - in the menus, etc. Recently ads started appearing when the Pause button is pressed - both live and recorded programmes. The ads are unintrusive, especially since pausing a programme is done when choosing to stop watching the screen temporarily. But some people strongly object to the ads and I don't understand why. Like here, the objectors are a small but significant minority. I suppose I'm writing this post to state that there is no valid reason whatsoever to object to the sort of ads being complained about in several threads here, and in VM threads concerning the TiVo. The idea that 'I just don't want to be advertised to', which I've seen written, doesn't hold even a drop of water as a valid reason. I'm not saying that people shouldn't have that attitude because it's entirely up to each individual. What I do say is that those people ought not to object to the sort of ads they object to. Even if there is no way to avoid them, they ought not to object because it's an extremely selfish attitude. But there is always the alternative of simply not using places where ads appear. If there are valid rerasons, I'd like to know what they are. I can explain it in a couple of ways. Every single day, we're bombarded with people trying to sell us stuff. It gets tiring. Sometimes, people just think feel invaded. They see an advertisement somewhere and think of it as another sanctuary that fell. Another place invaded by unsolicited offers that they once came to escape from that exact thing. Really, some people just need to vent because enough is enough. Each individual advert is minor, but it's consistent and grating, like a little kid who keeps asking "are we there yet?" The second point is that the web is a bit different than tv. Advertisement on tv is pretty much targeted by time frame, nature of the tv program, etc. It's about people who watch _______ might be inclined to buy _________. The internet, however, has earned a reputation as a place to have your privacy completely demolished. Ads have become the symbol of corporations watching voyeuristically for no good reason. All the data mining that goes on, all that money spent, the feeling of being violated, just so someone can put up a stupid link that you wont click anyway. Thousands of terrabytes of info on all kinds of average people, billions of dollars, and for something as trivial as "We want to know what to sell to you?" It's pure idiocy and it makes people uneasy. I mean sure, wht you post, write, upload, etc is out there forever and you should accept that. And search histories may prove valuable to law enforcement if you commit a crime. But for corporations to watch everything I click is just as invasive as someone with binoculars watching me shower. Everywhere but the internet, if people record you, they need permission. And when these tiny bits of data add up, they can paint a picture of a person's life. It just isn't right. Now, you say you have the option to just not use the internet. Okay. you also have the option to not pay high gas prices by not driving, which to many means not going to work. And you can also avoid utility bills by living in a cave. You can avoid telemarketers by not having a phone. But those solutions are impractical. So we do put up with the pain at the pump, and we do pay our bills to have a house or apartment. And we do get those annoying calls. We complain and grumble, and sometimes just need an ear to bend about it. Someone to comiserate with. To fantasize wtih about how nice it would be if we really could do something to change it.
  3. Guilliaume wrote: valerie Inshan wrote: Let LL do their business. You are not FORCED to see these ads: *adblock link* Just a forewarning, adblock is against the ToS of many websites and it is just wrong. People who use adblock are essentially robbing their favorite websites of revenue which is needed to keep going. Of course there is a boundary between tasteful ad use and what not, but there is nothing wrong with a few banner ads or square ads to the side. At least the Marketplace isn't throwing pop ups and sound files in your face or forcing you to answer surveys with each download. Please, please please please tell me that you're not even pretending to be serious. There are so many false statements in this. 1. How many websites even HAVE a tos? And since when can they dictate how you view a website? 2. Define robbing. I define it as taking without permission. To view a website with ads blocked is not removing anything from anyone else's posession. It is not copying intellectual property. It is not depriving anyone of anything. If you see the ad and just don't click, then the effect to the website is exactly the same as if you've never seen it. 3. Nobody dictates to me that I need to see their offers. Nobody. Anything that I do not specifically request is a form of spam. There is no law that a person must put up with anything unsolicited. I absolutely resent the fact that ad agencies are allowed to put things on other people's computers. It is not those who block that unsolicited content that are wrong. That being said, it's scary what can be done in the name of advertising. How traced people are. How much data is being collected and sold about individuals just so that some corporatiion can pretend to be more successful. Banner ads are annoying, but it seems that every other way advertisers get to you on the internet is far worse.
  4. Well, seeing as how that is literally exactly what you wrote... Even if you had some secret code hidden in your poorly typed question, it seems that "Should I AR because when I told someone to go away they actually did?" is a question best not met with intellegence.
  5. It took some digging, but I found a thread for someone in just your position. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/sl-for-slower-computers/td-p/1839263 Follow the advice on there, and your sl experience should improve at leasts a little.
  6. I'm late to this thread, but I was under the impression that if LL used the phrasing "on hold" that always indicated something security related? Hacked or phished account, suspicious transactions, and things of that nature? If I'm wrong, please tell me what else it could mean. I'm actually very curious now.
  7. greek Wingtips wrote: It's now becoming epidemic on how many person are create 2nd to cause somesort of havoc or to harrass and stalk others, I just recenlty had one that was getting too close to myself and my partner, i supected her of being one of two other peron, to which she just compltely diserpeared, A good idea would be that LL's being able to get all new persons creating a new av, to declare by ticking a box if they do or dont have another av in play in SL,and promise not abuse this, to which i think would discourage person from the above griefs, as if some is reported the IP can be checked with any other AV. If not this idea then something need to be done to protect people from such ways as not to allow mulitply av's for this reson, I understand many have other reasons which is fine for havin 2nd av's but for dilberate intention sof greif then something should be done whats your thoughts Are you saying that LL should change the way they do business to protect you from an epidemic of people who walk too close to you and then comply when you ask them to go away? I just don't understand the logic. Waht's LL supposed to protect you from? "Don't MAKE me comply with your request! I'll do it man! I'm crazy like that! You tell me to go away,and I will. Be careful what you wish for." I mean, I just put the situation you described into the nastiest words I could think of... And it still doesn't seem all that bad. It's certainly not creating havoc, stalking, or harrassing. Somebody standing somewhere seems like a weak reason to ban alts.
  8. 16 wrote: more about the happy/unhappy if spend time on any forums then can easy get funnel vision. mostly bc most posts on any forums are complaints or rant rage. so have to filter that a bit before forming a general view I don't think any forum in the world does more to prove you right than this one. I'd be a liar if I didn't admit you're 100% right. At the same time, like many other people, I'm someone who really needs something "sold" to them. I really only want things that people have convinced me is going to make my life better. I read reviews like crazy before I buy. I like to watch things in action. I like to see tests, reports, all kinds of things.I like to compare values. So seeing the rants and complaints will have a huge effect on my decision. It may not be entirely fair, but in all honesty, I see myself as very typical, not as the exception. From that viewpoint, I'd say that LL's premium membership really could use a boost in public perception. But for now, I'm a very satisfied basic member that happily spends more than I should on the marketplace
  9. LL wouldn't stop you from banning someone for even something far less serious. It's your land, your covenant, your rules. LL gives you ful rights over eject, temporary ban, and permanent ban on your parcel, and that's the only thing you need from them. the rest is all in your hands.
  10. did you ask a member of the sim's staff why you're the suspect? That could very well be he first step to clearing your name. Since sim owners have 100% control over their land, and who is or isn't allowed there, the staff are the only ones who can do anythng to really help you. It's best when you approach to word things similarly to how you did on this thread. You didn't come off as being combattive or defensive. If you can keep that attitude when you're talking tothe people who banned you, that's your best strategy. I say this because most of the time, the way you asked here would get you an answer from them, or at least is more likely than "What the hell is wrong with you." or something like that. As someone else suggested, you'll have to communicate through IM or notecard. There's no guarantee that you'll get an answer, but that's your best chance. And please, don't get discouraged if while you're watching this thread some of the answers are less than helpful. A little bit of ugliness almost always finds it's way onto a thread aobut getting banned.
  11. 16. if I didn't read a number of posts by people who went into arrears, I wouldn't even know that it IS a problem. But I've seen it on the forums enough taht it apparently does happen. I often wonder when I read these forums why the happiest SL users are the ones with the basic accounts. I'm really curious about why basic members seem to have far fewer problems than premium members do. It seems as though there are some (not all of them) premium members who are jealous of the contentment that basic members have It also seems that some (again, not all) look at that $10/month premium fee as a much larger portion of LL's wallet than it really is. In fact, much of that premium is returned to the buyer, in the form of perks that some will use, but many wil not. I guess what I'm trying to say is that premium or basic should be determined by the individual, based on what they want their sl experience to be. If you like the linden gifts, and you want a tiny plot on the mainland to call your very own (and the 512 plot fits your needs), and if you feel that waiting for your weekly lindens to come make a product that much more rewarding to buy (some do feel this way) or if you need access to a sandbox, and you need customer support because you're doing something that's above the scope of whta most people do in sl, then premium might be right for you. But if you would prefer private land over mainland, and you enjoy shopping on the marketplace for those creations that are exactly what you wanted (and don't mind using your credit card to get the lindens to buy your findings) and you don't mind searching for those areas that allow you to rezz things when you want to build or edit, then basic suits you quite well, and Linen Lab isn't truly deprived of anything. Your landlord is paying rent to LL, and a percentage of marketplaces go to LL too. For what I do, basic membership just feels like the right fit. I'm still waiting for that star salesperson to convince me otherwise. Even those who get all their lindens by "working" in sl, are making contributions. Generally, a tip jar will give a portion to the performer, and a portion to the sim owner. the sim owner then pays rent to LL. Often, the performer will develop a following that brings new people to a sim that he'/she likes to perform at, meaning more tips, and greater likelyhood that the venue will stay open. The performer then purchases something for his/her avatar, and the content creator ends up paying a share to LL, and having more money in his/her pocket. Then someone else sees that item, and purchases lindens, which LL gets a fee for, to make the purchase, which LL gets a fee for.... It goes on. So LL supports itself through our activities. I'm not saying that to complain. LL has both a right and a need to. I think that what the portion of premium members who feel bitter toward basic members are failing to see is that basic members partake in many of those activities that sim owners profit from, and by extension, LL profits from also. The value of an economy is measured not by how much money is in the system, but in how that money moves. In how it changes hands. In SL, basic members pay sim owners and content creators. Sim owners content creators, and premium members pay LL. LL pays premium members. Premium members then pay rent to sim owners and content creators, and the cycle begins again, with LL making some profit not just when new lindens come in from outside, but every time lindens change hands within their system (the only exception being direct person to person payments.) I can definitely see how it's to LL's benefit to have both kinds of accounts.
  12. Jadeclaw Denfu wrote: Staralien wrote: "I keep hearing and seeing how people refuse to give a dime to LL, and yet you want to use their service for your own pleasure and gain." That would only be true, if one does not spend a single L$ anywhere in or near SL. I don't know, how much rebate my landlord gets, but I guess, from the 12 Euros I pay each month in rent, atleast 10 Euros go directly to LL. Plus stuff I buy inworld and on the marketplace. Inworld whenever possible to support those creators, that keep an inworld presence. So could you and everybody else stop the crap about basic residents being freeloaders et al. Btw, my reasons for being basic: 1.: Basic accounts live forever. 2.: I don't have a credit card. 3.: I don't trust PayPal. I wouldn't touch them with a ten feet barge pole. The line that I made bold is a big point. LL themselves provide the bigest perk to basic members only. none of what they give to premium members is as good as this. It's a big thing to give up just to get a stipend of what you pay back, which could just as easily go directly to your account. Or to have the right to own/rent mainland, when private regions are more popular. Or to get the gifts that premium members say nothing complimentary about. What it all comes down to is you can pay a landlord, or make donations to your favorite sims, which LL gets the cut of that they deem fair, and you can buy the things you see on the marketplace or inworld that you just need to have, which again LL gets a cut of, and stay with a "free" account that never expires. Or you can do the exact same thing while paying LL for premium membership, and then if your account goes into arrears, you can get locked out of SL until you pay for time that you weren't on.
  13. It's a fuzzy area. Real fuzzy. An exact reproduction would probably be a copyright infringement if it isn't too old. The key here is to make the new artwork "legally distinct." But then again, there are some things which are unprotected. There's public domain, There are old artworks. There are images which are so commonplace that nobody will say anything if you do copy them. Remember the paintings of Campbell's soup cans?I have my doubts that such an artwork would be considered "actionable." What about the practice in music of slightly changing a beat to a song, to the point that everyone knows where the beat originally came from, but it's JUST different to slip through the legal cracks. In terms of what you are doing, your best bet is to change the statue significantly to add enough originallity to it that it can pass as it's own original work.
  14. Saying that anybody owes anything to LL is like saying that someone who enjoys art owes the manufacturer of the paint and canvas. LL gave us the grid, but it's the sim owners and the staff they choose that make it an experience. And by supporting the artist (sim owners and content creators, in this case), you do, in fact support the manufacturer. Because an artist that can afford to will buy more paint and canvas.
  15. Since sl is all user created, it seems like if games were a huge success here, there would be more of them. The truth is that most sim owners find that of everyone who says it would be nice to have something, after getting all hyped up and expecting all kinds of traffic to roll through, a sadly small percentage of those people even bother to check out what's been made because they said they want it. Add to that the huge divide in the amount of lag that sl residents experience, and there's a huge problem of keeping a game fair. Someone with weak graphics may have a hard time jumping with any kind of precision. Huds are for people with faster machines. then some people have wonderful 802.11ac routers, while others are still on 802.11g. gaming in sl is very challenging. And I applaud anyone who can overcome the difficulty and actually create a game.
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