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  1. don't worry at all about grammar and spelling. Most rp'ers are so busy trying to type out their whole thought so quickly that we've all become fluent in the language of "typonese."
  2. The OP is going to places that are much different than the ones I've been at. I always use short avi's, and the worst I ever got was a question about my character's age, or a question about why I'm so short. Using the meters, most of my shapes are between 5'2" and 5'9." Every single time, when I told them that I never portray anyone underage, and "The meter located at ________ says my shape is this tall" they accept it. Almost immediately, all talk of actual size ends, and we procede with whatever storyline we want to create using relative size. All that means is that if I look like the top of
  3. Phil Deakins wrote: Just a related aside... I am very surprised how much some people dislike advertisements. I can't understand it. The only thing I can think of is that it is on principle because ads don't get in anyone's way, and the 'on principle' reason is not a valid reason at all. I'm not talking about things like spam phone calls, spam mail, and spam email, all of which require a small amount of time to deal with, so they do get in the way a little bit. I'm in the UK where one of the top TV providers is Virgin Media. (VM). VM have the sole UK rights to TiVo, which is an american P
  4. Guilliaume wrote: valerie Inshan wrote: Let LL do their business. You are not FORCED to see these ads: *adblock link* Just a forewarning, adblock is against the ToS of many websites and it is just wrong. People who use adblock are essentially robbing their favorite websites of revenue which is needed to keep going. Of course there is a boundary between tasteful ad use and what not, but there is nothing wrong with a few banner ads or square ads to the side. At least the Marketplace isn't throwing pop ups and sound files in your face or forcing you to answer surveys with each do
  5. Well, seeing as how that is literally exactly what you wrote... Even if you had some secret code hidden in your poorly typed question, it seems that "Should I AR because when I told someone to go away they actually did?" is a question best not met with intellegence.
  6. It took some digging, but I found a thread for someone in just your position. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/sl-for-slower-computers/td-p/1839263 Follow the advice on there, and your sl experience should improve at leasts a little.
  7. I'm late to this thread, but I was under the impression that if LL used the phrasing "on hold" that always indicated something security related? Hacked or phished account, suspicious transactions, and things of that nature? If I'm wrong, please tell me what else it could mean. I'm actually very curious now.
  8. greek Wingtips wrote: It's now becoming epidemic on how many person are create 2nd to cause somesort of havoc or to harrass and stalk others, I just recenlty had one that was getting too close to myself and my partner, i supected her of being one of two other peron, to which she just compltely diserpeared, A good idea would be that LL's being able to get all new persons creating a new av, to declare by ticking a box if they do or dont have another av in play in SL,and promise not abuse this, to which i think would discourage person from the above griefs, as if some is reported the IP can
  9. What you're looking for can be found on a variety of different sims, but you'll have to be patient to find it. Many of the rp'ers who take part in that style of rp are looking for long, continuig storylines, and will need to see that you're there for the long run before you'll be worked deeply into the story. In a way, that's actually fitting. After all, in the Sopranos, a person has to work hard to be "made." Think of needing this patience as a way to add to the realism To increase your odds, you may want to hang out in urban roleplay zones that allow human avatars only. Either modern or h
  10. 16 wrote: more about the happy/unhappy if spend time on any forums then can easy get funnel vision. mostly bc most posts on any forums are complaints or rant rage. so have to filter that a bit before forming a general view I don't think any forum in the world does more to prove you right than this one. I'd be a liar if I didn't admit you're 100% right. At the same time, like many other people, I'm someone who really needs something "sold" to them. I really only want things that people have convinced me is going to make my life better. I read reviews like crazy before I buy. I like to w
  11. That answer varies wildly by sim. Very wildly. You really have to customize your weapon mix for where you are. Your weapons need to fit the time and place. Especially in historical sims. Some sims use combat meters, while others are pure paragraph rp. If the one you're on uses a combat meter, then you're limited to what yis compatible. Some paragraph sims have limitations on certain weapons. Eg. Some do not allow guns at all, some ban military grade weapons. Some limit people to improvised weapons, some don't allow ranged weapons at all. Then, there are some sims which allow weapons, but op
  12. LL wouldn't stop you from banning someone for even something far less serious. It's your land, your covenant, your rules. LL gives you ful rights over eject, temporary ban, and permanent ban on your parcel, and that's the only thing you need from them. the rest is all in your hands.
  13. did you ask a member of the sim's staff why you're the suspect? That could very well be he first step to clearing your name. Since sim owners have 100% control over their land, and who is or isn't allowed there, the staff are the only ones who can do anythng to really help you. It's best when you approach to word things similarly to how you did on this thread. You didn't come off as being combattive or defensive. If you can keep that attitude when you're talking tothe people who banned you, that's your best strategy. I say this because most of the time, the way you asked here would get you an
  14. 16. if I didn't read a number of posts by people who went into arrears, I wouldn't even know that it IS a problem. But I've seen it on the forums enough taht it apparently does happen. I often wonder when I read these forums why the happiest SL users are the ones with the basic accounts. I'm really curious about why basic members seem to have far fewer problems than premium members do. It seems as though there are some (not all of them) premium members who are jealous of the contentment that basic members have It also seems that some (again, not all) look at that $10/month premium fee as a
  15. Jadeclaw Denfu wrote: Staralien wrote: "I keep hearing and seeing how people refuse to give a dime to LL, and yet you want to use their service for your own pleasure and gain." That would only be true, if one does not spend a single L$ anywhere in or near SL. I don't know, how much rebate my landlord gets, but I guess, from the 12 Euros I pay each month in rent, atleast 10 Euros go directly to LL. Plus stuff I buy inworld and on the marketplace. Inworld whenever possible to support those creators, that keep an inworld presence. So could you and everybody else stop the crap about ba
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