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  1. Please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum. I had to take a break from sl due to fighting cancer. I am finally able to come back and have updated everything. I love AD hair but to me, a lot of it seems outdated (absolutely no hate to the creator). The hair is my hair type and I cant seem to find anyone who's like them that is more updated.. can anyone point me in the right direction. For more context afro texture type hair, curly hair that is voluminous. Thank you so much!
  2. I am embarrassed to say I don't know how to do that.
  3. I have a Linden home and I wanted to put down a few small pieces of furniture but for some reason it wont let me. Do I need to put a ticket in or am I possibly doing something wron?. I checked I still have premium, its still my home. It says I don't have permission to put anything down. Am I missing something? If I have to rent a place, I am fine with that, but if I don't have to, I rather not. Thanks in advance. I am back after a 4 year hiatus from fighting cancer so things are so confusing to me. TYSM
  4. Not sure if you are still looking for friends but I am always up for friends. Sephina Frostbite. Just send me a message any time.
  5. Last question.. I hope. Do several people make bento mesh heads?
  6. Thank you!! Where do I buy the legacy head. I typed legacy head in the Market place and it came up with nothing to do with mesh heads
  7. When I last checked I couldnt change my facial features with mesh head. Is that still the same? If I buy a Bento Catya head can I tweak the facial features? Thanks!! I just want a mesh head that looks like my avi.
  8. I love the Maitreya body but its pretty curvy. I think slink does a great job with their mesh body and they even have 2 different starter shapes. Of course you can tweak them but its nice to have options. Also Slink is cheaper.
  9. I was wondering if any one could point me into the right dIrection when it comes to AOs. I need one that works with larger breast avis. Thank you so much!!
  10. Alwin Alcott wrote: i don't agree it's just the iphone generation.. its on all ages and levels... and yes... ( not meant to step on toes) at the other side of the ocean it seems to be wide spread .... Agreed
  11. If shes prone to outbursts its really not surprising she did any of this. I don't really have words of advice. I just wanted to extend my sympathy and hope it works out for you, The best thing you can do is to start over. It seems like you were the idea maker so you should be successful in no time. Or at least one can hope.
  12. I wish there was a like button. How boring would it be if everything was uniform and the same.
  13. This thread is hilarious.. Thanks for the laugh. Im curious as to why you wanna show nips on a G rated sim?
  14. I adjusted it and still see no movement. But I joined that group and hopefully they can help me. Thanks!
  15. Ina Fairport wrote: If you want I have a folder for you with selfmade physics from low to high bounce. IM me inworld. Ok, I am not a merchant,, its free and I just try to help.... Awe thanks so much!
  16. Thanks. I didn't know there was a group.
  17. For some reason it doesnt move for me.. eh Ill figure it out. Thanks so much
  18. I bought the Lara mesh body and the slink one... id like her boobies to move... any suggestion which one is best?
  19. l like the Maitreya body but I cant seem to find it... could I get help finding it. Pretty please.
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