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  1. The only demo that was an actual region was the first demo of the Trads and Houseboats. The Campers, Vics, and Log Home demos didn't have the same number of homes you'd find in an actual Belli region. If I remember correctly the Vics only had 8 homes in the demo region. So who knows. This demo does have the normally expected number of homes. So I guess we'll all have to wait and see. None of us have a crystal ball.
  2. Thank you for doing this. My typical plan of action each year is to visit all my favorite stores. They usually have seasonal music playing so I copy their stream slurls and use them at home. I use this method throughout the year actually. You've saved my not only time but probably money!
  3. If you are serious about wanting to try Lelutka now is the time while they are still on sale. I think the sale ends this weekend though so don't wait. 50% off the already reduced price .. so 1999
  4. I've had this happening intermittently all morning. I find that waiting a few minutes and selecting a different region from where I crashed before getting the login failure has helped getting back inworld.
  5. I have a genus but haven't used it in such a long time that I'm not sure, but if memory serves, I think it's a size 5. I wouldn't use a neck fix on either the body or the head. Those are really only intended for use to match up to system head or system body.
  6. I clearly seem to contradict myself here and that's because of the difference between the first Evo heads and the updated Evo heads. So scratch what I said about not trying a skin made specifically for Evo on an Origins. Honestly, you just won't know if it will work or not unless you demo it.
  7. Can you adjust the size of the head's neck? I'm not sure which brand of head you're using. On V5.2 there are more neck sizes to choose from but you can't adjust the normals. So possibly your head's neck isn't either 0 or 5. I think they are working on an update to include more neck sizes. I'm not sure about that though.
  8. The change does not apply to the neck fix which is the "sleeve" you're looking at. But this.... The Type 1 or Type 2 adjusts the direction of the normals. The 0 or 5 is neck size. The direction of the normals is what is the new part where body makers and head makers are making adjustment so the normals are facing the same direction.
  9. Sorry .. by AB I mean Amara Beauty. So every skin in that store is an AB line. Maybe what you saw was AK? That's a different brand of head.
  10. I'd start first place with the demos at your favorite skin store. The newer Evo heads more closely align with the SLUV so they are going to be easier to match up with BoM skins than the older Origins line. That's not a blanket statement though. There will always be exceptions. I typically get all the demos in a store that indicate system layers are included. I get so many that I have to set up folders before I start the demo process. Here's my system for demoing .. I setup a main folder with the name of the store as the title. I drop all the demos from the store into that folder. Inside the folder, I add two more folders and name them Love and Maybe. Then I start demoing. If a demo isn't a maybe or a love then it's deleted immediately. Once I have tried and foldered the bunch, I don't do anything for a day or so. Then I go back and try all the demos in the maybe folder. If I can't find a reason to love any of them, I delete them. Then I tackle the love folder. This time, if there's any little thing that I don't absolutely love about the skin, I delete it. Typically, I either end up with a completely empty folder, or one demo I still love, In the rare instance, I might end up with two in the love folder. On those occasions, I have a tough decision to make. Do I hold on to the folder another couple of days and try again to see if I can eliminate one, or do I just go buy both? Well, my skin folder is busting at the seams, so you can guess what happens. lol
  11. The changes from v5.2 to 5.3 specifically dealt with body to head neck matching. So v5.3 is going to be better for matching the neck in most cases.
  12. I don't know if you've updated your Skinnery skin. Up until recently you had to use a neck blender tattoo provided with the Skinnery skins to get a perfect match at the neck seam. The skins have been updated to no longer need that neck blender; however, since you're using an older Lelutka head, I'm not sure if the Origin necks had the update for the neck normals. So you may have to play around with the neck type in the Maitreya HUD to see which one matches better. Having a button for BoM doesn't mean anything other than the head is set up to be able to use system layers through the baking system. It doesn't imply anything else. I doubt you're going to find a skin specifically made for Aida that is a system layer.
  13. Let's see if I can explain this. Recently, Lelutka updated the Evo line so that the first few EVO heads made were rerigged and now respond to shape sliders the same way the newer heads respond. Nothing is broken in actuality; however, if you try to use a shape made prior to the rerigging on one of the updated heads the head is going to look strange. As a result, skins made for the old Evo heads prior to the update may also look odd on the rerigged heads. Now how does this apply to the AB skins??? Well nearly every skin in the AB line that indicates it's for the EVO line were made prior to the heads being updated. So go get demos of all those skins and try them with your head. They may fit beautifully on your origins head. But you won't know if you don't try them.
  14. I really like Skinnery too! In fact, I am using some of the skin details that come with the Skinnery body skins with my AB skin. I've bought several skin tones from Skinnery just so I could use those details with whatever skin I like at the moment. Another thing to love about BoM! It's so easy to mix and match items from different sources to create the perfect YOU!
  15. The Amara skins come as a full skin. Body and head complete. So you don't have to worry about matching anything. She has lots of skins for origins and evo lines.
  16. Ah, I get that then. I'm super picky about the details on the body. But honestly, there are lots and lots of skins out there that are available as BoM for you to try. Might I suggest you give Amara Beauty a try.
  17. I would not use a skin made specifically for Evo on an Origins head. The rigging is different enough to cause some issues. That's why I never liked Omega because I truly believe the concept of one size fits all just doesn't work in SL. Of course you should go ahead and demo just in case a skin might work on both. But I think you're best bet is to stay with skins made specifically for your brand and style of head.
  18. The default skins in the Maitreya HUD ARE Glam Affair skins. The match perfectly! You just have to be sure you're using the right tone with the head skin.
  19. I ONLY use BoM skins! I've not used an applier skin for months. I made the transition as soon as FS adopted BoM. This is in normal windlight. Lelutka Evo Erin head with Maitreya Lara mesh body. Amara Beauty skin. and here with the same exact skin in CaWl
  20. If it acts oddly with a BoM skin then it would do exactly the same thing if that skin were applied with an applier. The baking system does not change the texture or how it's applied to the mesh. I thought it would be interesting to look at the neck more closely ... so using a gyazo to copy a portion of the picture this is what I found. Clearly there is no line at the seam. Then using color blocks to compare shades I found this Now it may be difficult to discern the subtle shade differences, but that is two shades color blocked. The red line is the seam join. I did not color block all the various shades as seeing two was enough to provide evidence. You can see that the shade continues from the top of the red line to below the red line and it's the same exact shade above and below the line. Of course there will be a difference between the area of the neck which is shaded by the chin and the lower neck near the collarbone. If a skin doesn't have that subtle shading difference there it will look very unnatural. But again, this has nothing to do with Bakes on Mesh.
  21. If you don't have PS ... and want a freeware that does nearly everything PS does give Grimp a try. It's all I use and actually prefer it over PS.
  22. I had that happen while trying to save a minor change I made to my shape. Knowing that the grid has been acting weird lately, I decided to walk over the border to the next region. I opened the appearance editor and saved the shape without error. Might not work for you, but it's worth a try.
  23. I don't see a seam either, but I do see something. I'm wondering if what they are identifying is that little jagged edge that seems to be poking out ever so slightly. There's no telling what it is by the photo. It could just be the way the hair falls. It could be a slight mismatch of body to head neck size.
  24. Adjusting body fat only really applies when using a system head with a mesh body. In that case you need to be sure body fat is correctly set and in most cases one would also use the neck fix that is part of the mesh body to correct neck seam issues. Again, this would apply regardless of using BoM or applier skins. This neck issue is not a BoM issue! If a person is using a mesh head with a mesh body then yes the neck size needs to be set to the same for both the body and the head or you'll see a gap at the seam, which isn't a skin issue at all. If you have a gap at the seam because of a size difference no light setting is going to fix that. Fortunately, most of the recent mesh heads and bodies have already been set to the proper size to make the neck join match. Again, IMO any skinner that recommends setting windlight to CaWl in order for the skin to look right might need to fix that skin rather than just recommending their customers hide it with a bright windlight.
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