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  1. I made them from regular old prims set to convex hull to reduce LI. I've been thinking about meshing them. Perhaps I'll do that over the holidays.
  2. I totally agree with that as the only system he is currently using is a decorative fence and banning visitors.
  3. All system layers will work perfectly well using BoM. It doesn't matter if it's a proper skin (yellow person icon) or a tattoo and even the clothing layers. It doesn't make a difference except for possibly which order you place them into while making the outfit.
  4. I've bought mesh objects that included a notecard saying to set LOD to at least 4 but that 8 is better. When I read those kinds of notecards it just tells me the creator did a poor job of creating the mesh. Honestly, I've never bought a skin, and I have oodles of skins, that included a notecard saying I had to set the windlight to a certain setting in order for the skin to look good. If I bought a skin that included such a notecard I'd never buy another from that creator. Of course I don't ever buy a skin without doing a demo first so I'd know not to buy the skin in the first place. One of the requirements for purchasing any skin for me is that the skin looks good in default lighting. I have lots and lots of skins that have been released since BoM came out. I don't have any issues with them. Now the huge difference is getting a skin that was made years ago and using it simply because you can now with BoM technology. Those skins are rarely going to be satisfactory. It's one of those cases of just because you can doesn't mean you should. I have to wonder if Horus is using one of those old skins.
  5. I'm fairly certain any BoM skin that is causing a neck seam would also cause the exact same neck seam issue if the same textures were used to make an applier skin. BoM does not inherently create neck issues. It's just a baking service that flattens multiple textures into one texture.
  6. Recently some of the head makers and body makers began making changes specifically in response to fixing the normals problem at the neck. That's why you now have two options for the neck with the Maitreya body. The new Lelutka heads will match up perfectly to the Maitreya neck now. I'm really quoting FairreLilette .. it was just easier to grab it from Wulfie's post. This is not a downside to BOM as the lighting problem exists regardless of using BoM or an applier skin. I totally agree that having to change windlight to make the neck appear seamless is problematic. I personally use default lighting at least 70% of the time. I don't like any of those bright white light windlights unless I'm working on my wardrobe pics. Fortunately, now with my Evo head and the correct neck selection on my Mait body my neck is truly seamless in all windlights.
  7. Sure I can turn their visibility off but then I'm left to run into invisible walls, which can lead to negative consequences for those on transportation devices. So that is one feature I never use. And then there are countless others who are new to SL and don't know about the ability. I very much like the approach Belli has taken with no ability to use ban lines, because they are ugly and extremely unwelcoming. A security orb with a minimum 15 second warning gives plenty of time to remove oneself from the area. The orb I own can be set up with three different ejection options one being to give a warning without ejecting at all. Since the OP has specifically stated that they want visitors to come to their region and enjoy the beauty of the build, a security orb set up properly with efficient scripting is still preferable to ban lines, IMO.
  8. The Lara body comes with a layer just for smoothing those out when using BoM clothing. It's the BoM Add-on Parts. It has it's own HUD for using the layer as well. It's invaluable for smoothing out nipples, and filling in indentations, as well as providing toe coverage for stockings and socks.
  9. No harm done. Let's just chalk it up to miscommunication and my being a bit too sensitive.
  10. And you're usually such a nice guy. Why insult me for bringing up how ban lines are an eyesore in an otherwise lovely build? Update: Love and I sorted this out .. total misunderstanding. He is the nice guy I thought.
  11. The problem with making it group only is it destroys the ambiance of the build with ban lines clearly visible. For someone who clearly wants to maintain the beauty of the surroundings setting to group only is a poor solution. Using an orb is a much better option.
  12. If you have the rest of the land set up to welcome visitors, then I wouldn't see the fencing in this situation as a barrier but simply as decoration. Many site seeing regions have fencing set up but not as a means of blocking entry. Here is SL it's not always easy to read the signs unless it actually is a sign that says, "Private Property .. Do not enter."
  13. All the info you need can be found in that thread.
  14. If I had 10L for every time I've done the same thing I wouldn't need another gift card ever! lol
  15. Get the demo of all the body styles. Use the BoM from those demos and test them on your legacy being careful to check the "bits" for alignment as well as fingers/toes.
  16. I abandoned my log home several weeks ago thinking that the stilts would be released any minute, but with Patch's announcement that they weren't coming until after Thanksgiving, I decided to try my luck in GoH. I picked up a sweet little camper site overlooking a stream. So of course, I had to decorate it even if I'm only going to have it for a short few days. I went with a Bohemian style. I love this little camper! With so little room inside I decided to build a camp kitchen and bath area. Of course I had to have a kitchen garden as well. Behind the kitchen and attached to the stone wall of the hearth I built a wooden enclosure for my bathtub. Just across from there is my little outhouse which stands right next to the camper wall. The covered deck of the camper made a perfect little living room with a lovely view to the stream in front. And inside the camper is very spacious for a bedroom. I am eagerly waiting for the stilt release, but I'm going to enjoy this little piece of nature over the weekend.
  17. I purchased a parcel in Horizons some time ago. In that time I've had several builds, but this latest one is by far my favorite. I decided to create a home that was all about the landscaping. To that end I found a really cute but extremely tiny house then surrounded it with beautiful trees and flora. One nice aspect of using such a tiny house meant I could cram it full of little details.
  18. How has that one gotten past me??? So funny. Seriously, they have done such an awesome job naming these regions.
  19. I find that if I use the hover slider to change the hover height of my avatar, it will ALWAYS screw up how I sit. So I keep hover at neutral and use footshapers to adjust hover. I have made my own set of footshapers with varying degrees of height to accommodate various shoe heights. I only use the hover slider to adjust height when I jump on a dance pad, then I quickly return it to neutral once I jump off the dance pad.
  20. BoM all the way with minor exceptions. I never liked appliers, so it was a very easy and welcomed change. The only time I use appliers is for HD makeup, which is still rare. I find BoM makeup to be my preferred choice, because I don't have to deal with alpha glitching with my hair. I also take advantage of the tattoo layer included with my Maitreya Lara body. I like wearing asymmetrical tattoos on my arms and hands, and while technically it's possible to do that with BoM layers, it's just so much easier to use an applier to achieve the look I want. Though lately I'm becoming less tolerant of the alpha glitching with those tats, so I may bite the bullet and tackle getting the required items to use BoM layers for my asymmetrical tats. As for bloating inventory, it's not much of an issue for me. I've always been one to folder my clothing into a hierarchical system. I do use the CTS wardrobe, but lately I've gone back to just foldering as it's faster to get things sorted so I can find things. Eventually, I'll get all those entered into my CTS ... eventually! So to sum up, I love BoM!! I think it's the best thing LL has done for avatars in a very long time. I wouldn't miss appliers at all if suddenly every last one of them disappeared from the grid. Now don't set me on fire. I know many will continue to hold on tight to their appliers and not let go. But you asked for my opinion, and you got it.
  21. Perhaps divide off sections on the shelving with a banner above the section with the name of the body. That would be less work in labeling for those who want to add to the collection.
  22. Physics would most definitely affect lag. You are so right on that. When I link deco items I make sure those items are set to phantom. Actually, when decorating I try to set as many items as possible to phantom unless there really is a need for physics. So that's a big reason why I link like items. For instance, I would link all my rugs which would all be phantom. Then I would link all deco items sitting on counters, again all set to phantom. I try not to link anything that actually needs to have physics with anything else. If you test this, please share here. I am most curious in your findings.
  23. Me too! As a creator I am constantly linking objects to create a whole. My add-ons simply would not exist without linksets. I would really like to see some concrete evidence to prove this one way or the other. The one advantage to this would be that people would simply use less objects because they would run out of LI faster. That certainly would reduce lag. I do link deco objects in my homes, but I don't link a huge number of items all into one linkset. Rather, I make many little linksets with like items linked to reduce LI.
  24. Going to try this again since I didn't really read your question well the first time. So to see the actual resolution of a texture do this. First the item must be mod so you can actually access this info. From the build menu, select the textures tab, then select a face of the object you are inspecting. In my example I have selected the face that has the trunk texture. Click on the texture and it will open another menu. You can see the size of the texture is 512x1024.
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