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  1. I decided I wasn't happy with the view from Debi's Stilt. There were just too many OW stilts blocking the view. So I abandoned and tried again. It took me two tries over two days to get this little gem. This sets on a little narrow island. Across the tiny pond my neighbors house sits facing mine. It's really a lovely spot with trees, grasses, and flowers mixed in. The landscaping is so lovely I hardly added anything to my own yard other than some beach grass. My little add on deck fits perfectly in the curve of the beach that flows around the back of my home. And now instead of three rows of OW homes as my view, I look across a channel to a little island with lovely landscaping and homes. I've hardly begun furnishing this home. Real life has been difficult since Christmas, but I'm hoping things settle down enough so that I can spend some time playing in my new home soon.
  2. Skirts in SL are too short to even have the wind blow them up. The "goods" most of the time are already showing. lol
  3. If you want to close all the blinds in the house, or open them, you can do so from the house control panel inside. To close per room just touch any window in that room.
  4. Whelp, I've gone and done it. Debi hadn't gotten her Stilt yet, and with it being a limited release I wasn't going to even try to get hers until after the first. But with stilts still showing up constantly on the land store, I decided why wait. I decided to go for OL again since those are the most plentiful, but oh my did I luck out! I did extend my driveway over Linden land but I don't think they will mind. I'm fortunate that this OL home extends in the back over water. I've just begun imagining what I want to do with this house. I love the full porch on the front, so went with the Lauderdale, but it's a larger home than the Santiago. I've divided up two rooms so far. But here's a sneak peek at one of my favorite rooms to add to any home. The tiny little clothes rack in the Santiago bathroom just wasn't cutting it for me. I've installed a wall with the double doors provided in the kit to divide my really large bathroom from my HUGE walk-in closet. I've really enjoyed playing with Linden Homes over the holiday break. What a welcome relief from all the madness going on in that other world!!
  5. It happened to me as well. Since it was a texture not rezzing properly I took it as possibly a cache issue and decided to clear cache to see if it would fix it. It was back to normal after clearing cache.
  6. I think the stilts are the best of cottage meets modern. I love the feeling of standing in my kitchen looking out to the view through those huge modern glass windows. But I can still have that old cottage look. The view from the throne. I didn't think I'd want a two story home because they looked so huge when I previewed them, but honestly, the Santiago is the perfect size home with just enough rooms. I love how big my bathroom is but yet I still have a very nice size bedroom with all the living space on the main floor. I decided I needed to expand my deck so my hot tub would fit plus I really wanted a way to the sand from the back of the home. So ..... My home is open if anyone would like to visit. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bayport/147/156/21
  7. I didn't find one either, so I made one to make do until one is made available. I have set it at the landing at my shop. It's free and no group needed. Just come grab it and use it until the content pack gets updated. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Barcola/39/114/25
  8. The steep angle of your foot's arch indicates that your foot is in the high position; however, the shoe's heels are actually quite short and more suited to a mid shoe. I appears it's the way the shoe is made that is making the ankle look so odd. If you cam inside the shoe, I bet you'll find a gap between where your heel ends and where the actual heel of the shoe begins. Also, I'm not suggesting you try a different heel position, because I'm pretty sure the foot would not fit inside the shoe properly. Between the rather high ankle strap and the shorter than usual heel height the appearance the ankle is very stretched.
  9. I surprised myself. I thought for sure I wouldn't be happy with a home that didn't sit at least partially over water, but then I absolutely didn't want a house that was fully over water either. Yes, I know, I'm picky. But I think I may have found the perfect stilt for me. This one has wonderful views from every vantage point and sets on the corner of a three parcel block with road on three sides. And a rez zone right in front of my house.
  10. Please don't abandon. That might put a halt to anymore releases if it breaks again.
  11. They have requested that no one abandon their homes to keep the system from breaking again at least in the short term.
  12. While you're there picking up the free skin at Skinnery, be sure to also pick up the BoM makeup gift for Lelutka. I'm using it in the pic above on Debi. This is not an all over eye shadow complete look, but the parts so you can mix and match to suit your style. They are mod as well so you can tint them to get the color combinations you want.
  13. If you are using the eyes that come with the head, you can adjust the eyes in the HUD. The iris can be moved up, down, and from side to side. The size of the iris can also be adjusted. This works for both BoM and appliers.
  14. The one animation I found that has very little movement is 'casual'. The mouth barely opens occasionally as though taking a breath. There is no smile or other movement. It's very subtle.
  15. Since you aren't using a mesh body you need to check your body fat in edit appearance. You can see in this pic that I set my body fat normally to 30. But if I have it set at 30 using a system body the neck will never line up with the neck on the head. But if I move the slider all the way to zero then the body's neck will be the same size of the head's neck. Unfortunately, that will make you look very skinny. You can adjust body thickness to add back some of the bulk to your body but it will also affect the whole body so you may have to make adjustments to shoulders and hips so that everything is in the ratio you like.
  16. I was super excited to hear about the gift head. Fortunately, with the added regions I got in rather quickly. The amazing thing is this head is everything I want in a head. Finally got the heart shaped face with the perfect cupid's bow lip line I've always wanted. And the skin and added detail tattoos I had been wearing with my Erin head works perfectly with this new head.
  17. It was me. In my part of the world, we have several tiny towns on the outskirts of larger metropolitan areas that have been converted into shopping areas containing specialty handcrafted items. Many of those stores are converted turn of the 20th century homes. Those homes typically have a residence or office on the top floor with the bottom floor containing the store in two story homes. Those homes still have rooms on the first floor. So this idea could be used even without opening the full bottom floor. I think having rooms and not just one large open room can actually work better for a gallery. This is in Texas. No particular theme here, just a reuse of a once residential area turned commercial use. Now another inspiration for creating a shopping area came from a town in California where I grew up. Probably my favorite vacation destination growing up as a child was Solvang.
  18. Land dealers have used this from the beginning of group owned land. It's not as though this has been a hush hush thing with only a very few people realizing they could do this. It's just part of using group owned land. The main purpose for doing this is not to cheat on tier. It enables the transfer of land from one group into another group without having tier raised for a momentary transfer. In fact, I learned about this when I filed a ticket about increasing my tier accidentally when trying to change the group on my land many years ago. It was actually a Linden CSR that told me about it being okay to have a negative briefly.
  19. Patch said it in the post I linked. But he also said there are more backend things to complete. I don't think there's been any update on the status of those backend items.
  20. This little trick is a must for GOH! I've used it for years and years. It comes in handy for sure.
  21. I do the same but with both Blush and Debi. It's not such an ordeal to just grab a house with each of my accounts since I'm not caring about the parcel location. But then I'm not trying to hold onto a location, so having them parcel hop to obtain the kit isn't a problem for me.
  22. I was visiting earlier when it dawned on me that one, possibly more, of the homes is ideal to separate the entry with the stairs off from the rest of the lower floor. On the side of that house is a lovely entrance that could then be used to access that lower floor, which I could turn into some kind of shop. It seems the perfect thing to do to add to the feeling of a tourist attraction. I could make the lower floor into an art gallery, a flower shop, a little cafe .. who knows .. the possibilities are endless! I would then turn the top floor into a small apartment to "live in". I can't wait to see the open floor plans. It might even make doing this even easier. I'm excited now for the release.
  23. While this is true, there are enough differences, especially between head brands and models, that you're typically going to have some areas that don't quite match up correctly. As long as you realize this while you are demoing the skins you won't be disappointed that some skins simply will not work well on certain brands and yet be flawless on other brands. As was suggested you can shop at Izzie's for many inexpensive fixes for these situations. Be sure to demo skins using those fixes to be certain you can find a correction before buying a skin though.
  24. The Vic demo region had a large pond in the center of the region. Bartlesmoor does not. I remember that pond specifically because of the Willow and the ducks. You could hear those ducks in the demo walking in from the entrance. I loved those ducks!
  25. To each their own. I like the old standards for Christmas. I don't have much trouble finding a station like that playing in one of the stores I shop in.
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