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  1. Another good reason to look for flats at Reign and Fri.day is that most of their shoes are mod, so you can manually tweak the color to match your outfit.
  2. I've had to add more eye puffiness to my shape to get the eyes to not bulge out as shown in your pic as well. So give that a try if the previous suggestions aren't fixing the issue for you.
  3. Charities are still businesses. They have a special classification for being non-profit but they are still a business. I've always seen a tip jar as a means to obtaining income. Thus IMO disqualifies its use in any Linden Home, whether it is located in the old LH continents or in Bellisseria.
  4. The bento bones for the hands are splayed when relaxed (not animated). So any bento hands, if not animated by a Bento AO, will be splayed. As far as I know, the Jake hands would splay even with a Bento AO previously. I believe that has been fixed by the comments I've seen. I don't own a Jake body though so don't have personal experience.
  5. The redelivery button on the HUD started with V5. So anyone using a using a version prior to V5 needs to visit the store to get the latest update.
  6. If you own a 1024 in Mainland, not a Linden Home, I'd check to see if any land is for sale in your current region. Also look around your region to see if there is any abandoned land available. If you see land for sale you can purchase it and then join it to your current land to increase your LI count. If you see abandoned land, you can send in a ticket requesting to buy a 1024 parcel. I've done this myself numerous times over the years most successfully. And finally, if you don't see any land for sale or abandoned, it might be worth your while to talk to neighbors to see if any of them might want to sell a 1024 parcel.
  7. Yes, file a ticket. Back in 2008 I mistakenly did the same thing when transferring ownership from one of my groups to another of my groups. I explained what happened and after checking things the support person did fix the issue but warned me that this courtesy would only be offered once, so if I did it again I would suffer the consequence.
  8. This isn't just a guy thing or a Jake thing. As a moderator in the Maitreya Lara Friends group I've had numerous occasions where I've gone to help someone with an issue and it was caused by wearing multiple copies of the body at the same time. Fortunately it's an easy fix and once the person is made aware they probably, well hopefully, won't forget the lesson.
  9. I'm not positive, but I seem to remember something about a viewer update that changed the way jelly dolls are rendered. Perhaps it has something to do with that change?
  10. If a person is using BoM on their avatar then an extra 1024 texture isn't going to cause lag as it gets baked into one texture with the skin and any additional clothing layers. Another reason why BoM is so much better than appliers. Debi's elf ears are a significant part of her appearance. I honestly think her ARC is less with the added lelo ears than when she used third party creator's ears. Plus I don't have to buy ears with earrings attached but can pick and choose which earrings to use with my ears. I'm super happy with her ears. And btw, I simply use the included skin texture provided with the lelo head so didn't have to buy any additional skin for the "grey" ears. It was a very simple matter to tint the tattoo slightly to match my skin perfectly.
  11. I, well Debi mostly because Blush isn't in world hardly at all, get compliments quite often. But the main reason I'm responding to this is that I'm one of those who will send an IM complimenting a person on their avie. Anytime someone stands out as having a super well put together avatar I will send the person an IM. My intent is never to strike up a convo, though I do enjoy a good conversation. I just figure if someone has put that much effort into their appearance, they will appreciate a compliment without a come on attached.
  12. While some may prefer to not add fat, I have to say that I keep at least 20 on the fat slider for my avatars since we got fitmesh. It is extremely rare that I have any fit issues with my clothing. I prefer to keep fat at that slider point because IMO it really does make the shape of the boobs much softer looking. But I also use a deformer to keep my tummy flat as I don't like the puffy stomach that comes with that fat slider.
  13. The one possibly good aspect of the conveyer method is that it will end up supplying resellers with product. People will still "play" the conveyer vendor just like they once played the gacha vendor. They won't care that they are having to pay to get to the next possible rare because they've been doing that all along. It won't matter that they can see it's absolutely NOT something they want because they will simply sell it either at a resale shop or on the MP. The HUGE downside is that when those rares come up on the vendor there will be others around, possibly bots, to snipe the rare. And heaven help those who have any lag at all because even though they might actually hit the vendor first if there's lag the vendor won't know they hit first. As a merchant, who never quite felt comfortable selling through a gacha vendor so they sit unopened in my inventory, this conveyer method seems even more icky to me than the original gacha. This conveyer method might pass legal scrutiny, but does it really make sense for a creator to use this method? I sure wouldn't want to be on the other end of all those PMs from customers who lost a rare after paying for several unwanted items just to be out sniped by a bot or someone with a better connection than mine.
  14. I can just see it ... one person steps aside hoping someone else will pay until what they want comes up .. and then what happens when they both want that item? They fight over it? I dunno as a creator I don't want my customers put in a position to have to fight with each other over my products.
  15. If there is no way to advance the menu choices other than paying to do so then the customer is paying for a chance at something they want showing up next ... aren't they?
  16. Only way this works is if it has a button to advance the choices without paying to advance through the conveyer. Of course then it's just a regular multi item vendor and not a gacha at all.
  17. I'm a creator and have been in SL for many many years. I've seen many situations like this. Honestly, it's still venting time for many creators who maybe panic before really giving it some considerable thought about how to work out this new twist. What does concern me is merchants who might buy into some of these less than legal ideas to get around the ban, and then having creators spending valuable time and energy trying to finagle around it rather than just hitting it head on and moving into a new constructive path. Unfortunately for those who made business out of reselling gachas the writing is on the wall. I really don't see an alternative for them. Creators can find ways to sell their products. But resellers won't have product now. Maybe time to learn blender.
  18. Breaking the spirit of the law while straining at the boundaries is still legally unsound.
  19. It's the can be that crosses the line. A person spending money to buy something on the conveyer to advance the conveyer hoping that the rare will come up is gambling.
  20. Are you saying that no one has to pay any money to participate in the conveyer? If no, then good to go but the moment anyone spends money participating then it crosses the line because money has been spent and there are odds in obtaining the rare.
  21. The point of lucky chairs is to increase traffic not to make a profit. The conveyer belt method is designed to produce income with a chance of getting a rare. Sounds like you are comparing apples and oranges but not seeing the difference between the two.
  22. Firestorm. Here's a pic. I emptied it early this morning before reading this post. Again, I can't verify it's the actual cause but it makes sense to me, and I will be careful to check this the next time this occurs.
  23. This has happened to me on numerous occasions through the years. It always seemed quite sporadic though, but now that you mention the issue of clearing your transaction history (in the viewer not on the website) I think that is probably why it happened. I typically clear that transaction history daily but sometimes I get lax and forget to do that. Since I haven't actually verified if that was the cause I can't say for sure but it certainly fits my experience.
  24. One of my tests for any skin I demo is does it look good in midday lighting. If it doesn't, I don't buy it. I use midday setting a lot of the time and it's my preference for checking how things look. I'd be very upset if midday lighting was not available.
  25. The textures included in the pack for the interior walls are the base textures without the baked shadows that are in the actual houseboat builds. I used the base textures and made new textures adding the ambient occlusion manually. I wasn't able to get an absolutely perfect match, but I was able to match it close enough to feel comfortable with the results.
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