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  1. That's right, but while you and others are correctly talking also about the cultural aspect, someone else just put it as a skin color issue, "where to find the white", which also sounds logical, except if you feed a correct logic with insufficient or wrong info, you still get wrong results. I don't believe Alwin does that in bad faith, but note that this is one of those points of confusion that the alt-right uses to exploit and take advantage of, so it's better to be clear about it. Dutch people have in common a language and a culture. It's pretty normal to wish to meet someone coming from your same place and/or people who talk your same language, and thus to have a Dutch (or French or Italian, etc) community. Or a Sudanese, Nigerian, etc. community. Or communities that share the same interest or have to deal with similar issues, like the LGBT+ community. But what if people asked where to find a blond or brunette community? Or... a pale-skin people community? Would they talk about suntan lotions for white people? 😆 There isn't much else in common (wait, and white supremacy communities? Nope, those are neo-nazi communities, not a generic community for people with a pale skin). Thus we end up with suntan lotion, fun, but indeed silly. This is where Alwin would have a point, except... Now you could do the same thing with dark-skin people, and thinking it would make little sense as well, right? After all, their identity comes from several different countries and languages: they would rather ask were to find Ethiopian, Senegalese (or in the US, maybe Afro-American) places, right? Maybe, and note that Raysa did exactly that, explicitly said "African American", not just black. African-American still share an heritage, that's already a point, but even not counting cultures, ethnicity, and ancestry (we are in SL, people come from all over the world), it's not the only one: in predominantly white countries, people with a black skin, whatever they ethnicity, culture and ancestry, they are subject to the same discrimination (not by everyone, of course). Thus it isn't the same thing: asking where you could find places for white folks isn't the same as asking for places for black folks in this case. If you want to make it somewhat comparable, to understand how does it feel, you should at least have a predominantly black country with a small and discriminated white minority (let alone a memory of colonialism, slavery etc.). In SL, too, African-American is a minority. Nothing strange if you want to meet people that live similar experiences and can understand you better.
  2. My country, Italy, is under national-lock down since a while now. Yesterday we had about 800 deaths in a single day, today they report 651. Still a bunch, but after 2 weeks of lock-downs, that sounds like good news, if confirmed, but time will tell. It's neither to panic over it, nor to laugh and think it's just another flu (it is not, hospital beds get filled up way quicker). It's a serious thing and everyone should act responsibly caring for others too. If I was thinking only about myself, I'm not an elderly person, so I shouldn't be too much afraid of it, although I don't want to get sick, badly sick or to end up in ICU: even when it doesn't kill you, viral bronchitis or pneumonia sux. Also it's true that those deaths are mostly elderly people with underlying health conditions - lots of them were in their 80s - but in the past days there were also people in their 40s who died, with no underlying health conditions, like a carabiniere (a military police man), a GP doctor, a supermarket cashier woman... However, I'm afraid. I don't want that my parent catch the virus. They get vaccinated for seasonal flu, but there is no vaccine yet for covid-19 and there won't be one for quite a while. I don't want catch it and to spread it over and contribute to elderly deaths. I don't want that hospitals get even more overwhelmed: the amount of beds in intensive care aren't infinite, then they have to choose who to save and that's terrible. Meanwhile another thing that concerns me seriously is jobs and the economy, of course. That's going to suffer, let alone tourism and all the jobs that revolve around it indirectly... it doesn't look good at all. Yet I prefer that than 200k+ funerals. So I stay at home etc. Second Life helps. Now in real life you can't even walk alone on the beach in winter, as beaches have been locked down as well. In SL I can enter in mouselook / 1st person view and, even if it's virtual, I can immerse myself there and it feels nice, in beaches or other natural places. Events too. I'm not a clubber, but I love amusement and I always loved the events made by "Townies" and others for Christmas, Valentine, Carnevale/Mardi Gras, St. Patrick, Easter... I couldn't go the the last ones in RL this year, so SL helps to feel better.
  3. It would be a win-win if Linden Lab could preserve and promote the finest examples of what's possible in SL. HL is incredible. Not only for the art and the awe inspiring complex and grandiose city, but even on a tech stand point and how it's built: just the ingenious room on the ground level, with its amazing reflections inspired Loki Eliot the past year, when he made his amazing Mirror, and it's a place that I use to point out to show what SL can be (as long as you have advanced lighting enabled). Hagar Liquides can be found under the Sci-Fi category of the Destiantion Guide, but the place could go under Cyber too and other categories. However, not everyone knows about the guide, and not everyone knows about those wondrous places. Moreover, HL is not yet another nice place, it's really an example to point at when you would like to show what it's possible in SL. I know there are the Editor's picks, but those are temporary. I wish Linden Lab could make a "best of SL" category too. Or a 7 wonders committee that could work on promoting the best of SL in this and other ways too. Make big signs inworld featuring these wonders of SL, make tours, whatever. These things should be shown and promoted, as well as shown to who enters in Second Life for the very first time. Let everyone know better about what SL is and what could be done and made here.
  4. You can start from Buddha Center. At the entrance there is a meeting schedule. They have guided meditations and lectures too. There is something every day. Note: it's not a roleplay, neither the next ones. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Buddhism/143/133/22 Around Zen Retreat there is an open zendo and various temples (Todai-Ji especially), they used to have regular sits there too, but no longer, however it's a nice and peaceful place, and you can pick a random notecard at the open zendo for an inspiration. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rieul/201/222/74 Here is an old golden Buddha. This as well as the next ones don't have much traffic, but the place around it (Sunshine Therapy Garden) may be interesting too: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hauwai/5/218/97 Another place I like is a temple in Mt Everest (maybe it's just for the scenery, but nice). The mount is pretty fun to see and to have an hike. So you can see someone around, but not for the temple. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mt Everest/209/76/139 The temple in Mallard is one of the oldest in SL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mallard/73/15/36 You may also like Drolma Lhakhang: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wakeley/27/71/145 You can give a look at Little Yoshiwara too, maybe there is some more people there and other activities, but I don't know the place well: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Milarepa/130/141/44
  5. To be fair, they gave a free bento hands update a month ago or so, if you had the old "deluxe" body. However, it's likely it's no longer available now: you had to use their shop HUD for a redelivery to get the bento hands, but the old shop HUD no longer works, since it has been replaced by the experience keys. Besides the bosom and the shape, TMP has fitmesh feet that you can resize, unlike almost everyone else. So if they started to sold the updated old body at a low and competitive price, maybe it would have been interesting to someone. But if you have the old deluxe body and you have to spend further 2500 for this update, it's more likely you will spend the same amount to definitively switch to Maitreya. As for the new body, oddly called "Legacy", it has some refinement (yup, even "below"), but as it is, it's not even compatible with the old TMP body clothing. I don't know what the deformer would do, though. Also while the HUD has been improved, the text is quite small and almost unreadable on laptop screens and in some place it's even white on a silver background, which doesn't help. The styles part requires the Media on a prim now (which has pros and cons...) it looks like it's still server side. They surely worked quite a bit on all this, but they can't ignore the competition, especially when they don't have a great reputation already, and at those prices I'm not sure what sales they would expect.
  6. The OP was talking about people that are offended by being even laughed at, after "something "horrible" happened to them inworld" (the OP's example). It's not exactly about disagreeing, and they aren't offended by an emoji, they are offended by what is communicated with it: scorn and laughter at their distressful experiences. Honestly that's pretty understandable. If you attach a laughing sticker on a 9/11 memorial isn't that people are immature and offended by "a freaking damn sticker", but by having their horrible experience ridiculed and labeled with a laugh. Sure, this is just the forum of a virtual world and these are just messages. Yet people inworld can still have bad experiences, suffer and "cry their heart out" writing about them. Isn't that surprising if they aren't happy if you stick a laughing face on those. On the other hand, maybe someone overreacts and there can be misunderstandings too, e.g. someone thinking it was a funny anecdote. Understanding should go in both the ways. But if someone else is insensitive, lacks empathy and puts a laughs on other people's sufferings on purpose, this just shows what kind of person that one is, in front of everyone. I don't think that a moderator has to intervene though, unless perhaps if it's part of a constant harassment or similar circumstances. And I agree that it could be far worse than an emoji reaction. And now folks you can vent out adding your laughing emoji here 😁.
  7. One thing I can think about (I don't know if you have checked it already, but it may be useful to someone else too), is to make sure the place where you are dressing up still allows you to run your scripts. Firestorm should show a little icon next to the SLURL. In that case your HUD won't react at all though, it won't even change tab. If that's the case, you may try the HUD elsewhere. If that helps, here is a free dressing room where scripts are enabled: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Feducci/17/218/49 If instead the HUD reacts and you can change tab, you may check if you have deleted the body scripts by mistake - the HUD has a button that deletes all the scripts inside the body- If that's the case, even the new redelivered HUD won't still work with your body; you have to replace it too and wear the redelivered body instead. If you deleted the scripts of the body, you have to replace the body in every saved outfit too (Maitreya Lara is no mod, so you cannot put them back inside). But don't fret. Firestorm has a very helpful function that allows you to replace all the links at once: https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_linkreplace You can find the link to replace in your inventory, inside the "Outfits" folder (or, given that you are Italian, nella cartella "il mio vestiario").
  8. If it's the same source I read, it wasn't meaning that you would find heads at 25 L$ each. The source was meaning the group fee is 150 L$ and Akeruka gave a bento head as a group gift for 6 times so far. These are free gifts for members and they are like one female head and shortly after a male one, every about 6 months. It's only one head per time and it's free only for few days. So if you joined the group a long time ago for 150 L$, now it was like, after 6 group gifts, you paid 150 / 6 = 25 L$ each. If you join the group right now, there is no head as group gift. Maybe there will be again. So if you look for a group gift, you should wait until they give another one, as Fionalein said. ?
  9. When outside it's gray and it's raining, I have my blue skies here in Second Life. And kilometers and kilometers to sail, hanging out with someone aboard or among other boats, even planes and more. I can also visualize myself on a little beach and just relax. I found out that SL has positive effects in many different ways for different people. Wandering and exploring, I still meet new people from all over the world. Not everyone is nice and friendly in SL, of course (someone instead is a good soul deep down, we are all humans with our issues, and I still wish them well) and there are less people around, compared to several years ago, however I still meet interesting, nice and friendly new people, and there is always something fun, creative to share with friends, beautiful moments and experiences, places to visit. Even if SL is old and ridden by bugs, and I look at other virtual worlds with interests, I still come back here, for a flight, a long boat trip among an huge and feature rich landscape, the freedom, the variety, and especially the nice and positive people I know.
  10. I second this, that would be so nice. Then you could save it in your outfits folder, unlike appliers, and you will add it only when needed, as any other clothing. It could be even more than just this, with an higher degree of freedom: makers would be free to add all the frills and ruffles they want to their socks. The mesh sock shouldn't be too difficult to do: actually some mesh stocking and pantyhose are around since a while already, you can find them on the marketplace too. Some are compatible enough that you can wear some or most of the Slink shoes. Ideally, however, they should have the exact same shape as Slink or Maitreya sock layers - or any other brand - and adding that to the dev kits would be a plus. Then something like this and BOM compatible as you say, sounds like a winner to me.
  11. I didn't know about Tiny Empires, it sounds like a likely hypothesis, as the bot parking. As for the inventory fixing, the avatars there are grouped by look too, with just few different accessory. And besides the similar name and the similar look, they have also the similar rez date. Thank you all for the answers so far.
  12. Maybe the spamming. Or copybotting the boats being rezzed and the people moving above? I'd rule out the traffic generation, as it is just an empty sea parcel. I saw lonely avatars like these too, amid the sea.
  13. Maybe some do, Freya. I know there are people changing clothes udersea. But those I'm seeing are different. As you can see from the picture, in this case they have even similar names and they are grouped by look. I doubt a low power pc can handle all those avatars rezzed togheter at the same time.
  14. When I explore, I keep seeing avatars with empty profiles and starting outfits at the bottom of the sea, here and there. They stay there alone or grouped. When grouped, I noticed similar rez dates. They stay there and do nothing. Does someone know what is the purpose of these alts? For example, here is a screenshot, next to Degrand Rez Zone: http://postimg.org/image/5hksjbsyj/full/
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