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  1. This is a long shot but worth the effort to check. If it's not in your inventory after relogging and you can't find it inside your home. Carefully inspect all the area under the land. Many a time I've found the item I was trying to rez actually appeared several meters below where I initially rezzed the object. If you are a FS user, the area search can help you greatly as well. Back in the early days of mesh, loosing no-copy items was common. They'd poof and they'd never show back up, but in the past three or so years I've found that it's extremely rare for a no-copy item to poof and not show up in my inventory at some point. I've had the situation where a region restart was required before the item showed back up. So if you can't find it now, don't give up hope. If the item rezzed and somehow ended up in no man's land somewhere in the region it could get returned to you after a region restart.
  2. Another work around is to purchase the tattoo in white, being sure the tattoo is modifiable. Then tint the tattoo to the shade you like which can give you the same effect as reducing opacity.
  3. I have used it on my alts and it works. I don't use any Izzie skins for any of my avatars. The trick is to tint them to get them to match whatever skin you are using.
  4. This is a long shot but one worth checking out. On occasion something goes wrong with the skeleton and in my case one boob hangs oddly for no apparent reason. A reset skeleton always fixes the issue though. So, give that a try to see if something has gone wonky with your skeleton.
  5. White on the feet is most likely one of two different things. First, if it's an old system skin it's likely the toe nails are painted onto the skin. That's a simple fix with a tattoo to blend that away. You can get them free on the marketplace or use the ones found at Izzies. Secondly, it's possible you're using a shoe shaper that has a white texture instead of a transparent texture. So check to see if you have a shoe shaper on and remove it. If the white goes away then it's the shaper; if not, then it's the skin. If it's a shaper and is modifiable then it's an easy fix of replacing the white texture with a transparent one. It's also likely that you have a shoe shaper in your inventory from another pair of shoes that does not use that annoying white default texture. Hope this helps.
  6. If you're wearing the 'Maitreya Mesh Body - BoM Add-On Parts V5.3' remove it and see if that fixes the problem. If it does but you still want to use that layer for say smoothing out the crotch area or using with stockings for the toes, then be sure to set the HUD so the breast/nipple buttons are not highlighted. This will happen if you are using the add-on layer while using mesh clothing that utilizes an alpha channel in the texturing of the clothing.
  7. Set the environment slider and the intensity slider all the way to the left. If you want a little bit of shine then move the intensity and glossiness slider to the right slightly until you like the level of shine. I personally don't like any shine myself and keep those three sliders all the way to the left.
  8. Some might think if they can't afford to tip then they shouldn't go at all. This might be true but in most cases your attendance is also of benefit to the venue owner and the performer. So if you're attending an event where the place is packed and you can't afford to tip then yes, you are taking a space of someone who indeed does have the money to tip but can't get in, but if the event has few attending you're actually helping the event to look more successful by increasing the numbers of those in attendance. I always tip and tip generously when attending live music events. My bestie in SL runs a live music production company so I'm very familiar with the work involved in producing these events. I also know how much work goes into promoting the events and getting people to attend. So there is value in just having bodies there. If they can tip, and hopefully then can then great, but the simple numbers of attendees is also important.
  9. I spent a lot of time in Sansar during 2017-2018. During that time I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out in a group with Ebbe during many of the Atlas Hopping events coordinated and filmed by Draxtor. What impressed me so much about Ebbe was just how much he was one of us. You never would have guessed he was the CEO of Linden Lab while we were just hanging out. He had an insatiable excitement for exploring the many experiences residents had created while getting to know all of us. But there was the other side of Ebbe where he donned that CEO cap. He had a firm grasp on the technical side of things and was able to talk with us in such a way that we really felt our suggestions and opinions mattered. This was the side of Ebbe I saw in Sansar on a few occasions, and the one I most often saw in Second Life. I'm so happy I got to know the more casual side of Ebbe as a fellow explorer in Sansar. It's taken me days to come to grips with his passing. He was just too young! My thoughts and prayers are with his family and all those at the Lab.
  10. Perhaps I sounded catty, but it wasn't my intention. I watched the video the first time it popped up and liked what I saw. Having it pop up again when I click on my saved bookmark doesn't bother me. It's seriously a single click to get to another part of the site. With all that has transpired in the past year, I find when I'm getting triggered by something on the computer then it's time to take a walk. So it might have sounded catty, but it's actually what I do myself to try and maintain a healthy mental outlook.
  11. Doesn't bother me in the least. It's a simple click to another page. If this is so disturbing to you, perhaps you've spent too much time at the computer and need to take a walk.
  12. I don't buy skins that target looking older, but rather use tattoo layers to add details that age my avatar. I have bought lots of skin detail tats from Izzies. Doing it this way makes it so much easier to get an avatar that doesn't look like anyone else.
  13. Agree. The combination of too lax efforts on the federal government and the refusal of citizens to take the threat seriously is why the US has fared much worse than say your country. Australia got control of the situation so much faster than the US.
  14. It was irresponsible of the administration to not assume that the virus had spread outside of China when travel restrictions to/from China were initiated. There were already reported cases outside of China at that time of that closure. Then compound that disaster with the ineptitude of the state government in New York. The combination of those two mistakes took the lives of many citizens. That disaster at least prompted other state governments to take action. Unfortunately, too many state governments caved to pressure put on them by the administration, who was more concerned with propping up the economy (due to reelection concerns) than the health of its citizens, and consequently reopened too soon. Again, resulting in flare ups and more deaths. Unfortunately, I don't think the lesson of this disaster has been learned. Instead of looking at the mistakes and making plans on how to avoid this happening again, both sides are simply pointing fingers at the other side and casting blame. It's very discouraging.
  15. You need to look no further than all the deaths in New York City to see that the travel ban from Europe came way WAY too late.
  16. If discussion actually leads to listening and understanding each other's concerns and viewpoints without judgement, then the thread serves a vital purpose. If those participating are simply here to further their own agenda without actively listening to others, then I too see no purpose for the thread.
  17. I've actually questioned the live market origin theory from the beginning. I didn't have any kind of evidence. But it made more logical sense to me than the one being touted by the media. I held my suspicion mostly to myself, other than discussing it with a couple of my close family members. I'm still not certain where it originated. What I am certain of is that no one has really provided ANY concrete evidence to prove the origin. I'm still waiting on that!
  18. Hmmmm .. that's not how I remember it. Many of the far right kept saying masks were pointless and refused to wear them because masks can't filter the tiny airborne particles. Honestly, this country has become so divided that people don't listen to each other anymore. They determine if a person is worth listening to based on the person's political affiliation first, and secondly if it supports their own political belief system. Factual evidence is way down the list of their criteria. Or that's become my experience based on my own family and friends. It's extremely depressing and isolating.
  19. I'm totally not one of those who believes in conspiracies. I also question every source for veracity. I find enough credible sources to make me question the origin of the virus. No one has proven where the virus began. I think we all need to keep an open mind and support further investigation.
  20. I make something similar to yours except I substitute dates for the butter and sugar. The dates have the sticky consistency to hold all that stuff together and are super sweet but won't spike your blood sugar the way sugar does. I also add pecans for extra protein and yumminess.
  21. I didn't respond because in my book there's no such thing as a good gesture.
  22. Rez an invisible box around yourself. He should not be able to get to you as the physics of the invisible box will block his approach.
  23. I find it deeply disturbing that I find myself in somewhat agreement with Rand Paul, but for months I've suspected a lab leak. A thorough investigation of this needs to be conducted. It's common knowledge that gain of function research is going on and has been funded by US concerns in the past. It was banned during the Obama administration but the ban was lifted under the Trump administration. The Wuhan Virology Institute has been conducting gain of function research for some time. A coincidence? I don't think so. I've never suspected that the virus was intentionally released, but I certainly have no trouble believing that an accident occurred and was covered up by China. Determining with certainty the origins of this virus is of the utmost importance.
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