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  1. Why is it that when "he who shall not be named" releases his Sunday afternoon spammed lunch that I can't help thinking of the guy in South Park's most excellent episode "Make Love Not Warcraft.?" :smileyvery-happy:
  2. Actually, that's not a bad comment to make because it IS important for a learner of English to be aware of which variety they want to learn! Although there is a huge amount of commonality in the Englishes of the world, a learner should try to focus on just one of them before getting bogged down by pointless and endless discussion about the merits of "nappies" and "diapers," or whether "amongst" and "whilst" should be "among" and "while." Keep an eye open for the 2011 "SLanguages Conference," an annual event that brings together lots of folks involved in language teaching in SL. You can take a look at the content of previous conferences at http://www.slanguages.net
  3. I think you have to do something very, very wicked to be punished by moderatorhood. I also believe that actually "wanting" to be one automatically disqualifies an applicant. As does being sane. I would rather sleep with a cactus on a bed of nails while having my teeth pulled sans anaesthetic than be a moderator. And I'm pretty sure the actual moderators here would agree :smileywink:
  4. I'm another of those "nothing" people insofar as part of the "game" for me always has been to make enough in SL to fund it. So I earn Lindens to pay for my house, tier fees, clothes, entertainment, etc. and any extra goes toward my RL vices of books and music.
  5. I can remember my halcyon days as a student when we'd sit around in Bill and Andy's flat reading copies of "Heavy Metal," "The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers," and drink beer while smoking pot. Having little responsibilities, we'd end up talking about "what if Middle Earth really did exist?" and "maybe we're just brains in jars held captive by aliens and how would we know?" This, of course, was pre-PC days and the computers I used then required punch card input and it took three days before your job was run. I'm guessing that nowadays, the topic is more along the lines of "What if we all end up 'Matrix-like' living in a virtual world?" or even "What if we're already in the Matrix - how would we know?" Meanwhile, entertaining as the whole "future of virtual reality" may be, last week my back yard guttering came down and I have to fix it before the rain starts soaking the basement; my health insurance company stiffed me with a bill (again) that is supposed to be covered; the wheel bearings on the car are squealing so I need to take it in and pay some horrendous fees; Pia got kicked off "Idol" earlier than I wanted; and I'm having some hassle getting someone to pay up for some consulting work I did for him. Needless to say, the "future of virtual worlds" ain't high on my agenda as it's tough enough handling the real one, which is, after all, the only one we've got! I mean, RL's been such a bugger lately that this is my first glance through the forums since God was a lad, so speculating on some hypothetical utopia/dystopia has the same effect on me as Gilbert Godfrey at a Japan Earthquake Relief function. Or maybe I just need to go hit the bottle... :smileywink:
  6. I guess I shoud have posted my thanks here instead of starting a separate thread about specific spam. Still, live and learn, folks, live and learn. Kudos when kudos are due!
  7. I love the idea of a gay cowboy C+W bar in SL. And I'm straighter than Straighty McStraight at the annual "Straightest Straights" contest in Straightsville! It's one of those things at which SL can excel - namely providing social opportunities that are hard to find in RL. Yee haww!
  8. Yup, and they are gone! Congrats to the mods for being so swift But it's still a shame they have to waste their time on such pointless behavior. Sad really. :smileysad:
  9. I noticed a glut/rash/outbreak of spammed messages from Wasted on the other forums. Does Wasted not have any better way to spend a Sunday other than doing that? Seriously, wouldn't a trip to a therapist be a better use of time? I suppose there is some humor in that there's a certain creativity in using letters and numbers signing up as "VVa5t3d," and starting the posts as being "for the children" (the classic opening for any "argument" for censorship!) but other than that, it is a sad reflection of Wasted's mental state. If only we could help - for the sake of the children who read this stuff!
  10. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: In adult-rated areas (and in M-rated regions too I suppose), the only limits are insults, harrassment, unwanted sexual advances, disclosure of RL information about other residents, and intolerance based on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Blimey, if all that is limited, what is there left to argue about?! Lucky for me I am an evangelical misanthrope, which means I hate everyone and therefore cannot be accused of being obnoxious based on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. If I happen to offend a Caucasian transgendered Jew who happens to be gay, it's not discrimination because I am hateful to all people. And furries. And domestic appliances. I suppose that makes me an equal opportunity boor! /me checks to see exactly where in his cheek that his tongue is we...
  11. To be honest, until Phil mentioned it, it didn't even cross my mind that there was even the option to use the flaws in the way the badge is configured as a way to sneakily hode you identity. In RL, my software engineers tell me that the reason you have a Marketing Department is to sell bugs as "features." In this case, the inability to see names on certain graphics is a "bug," but rather than spend time fixing it, you get the marketing folks to say "And now you have the unique option to hide your identity from prying eyes with the new 'text blending' feature!'" OK, so this won't wont' every time ("WIndows ® improved 'blue screen of death' automatically kicks in if your system in danger of being infected, thus making your data more secure!") but as ever, it is all in the marketing. And my name is Sigmund Leominster.
  12. If anyone can actually find my house (hint: it's 333 ft in the air - only half as evil as the Beast) they are welcome to make use of the facilities. There's a radio, a cuddle chair, two pose balls, and four art galleries stacked above and below my room. My galleries were open to all and searching for "The Leominster Galleries" is simple. However, I've given up on the use of barriers and ban lines in order to add to the excitement that someone may stumble across me in a compromising situation! I've joined the "Charlie Sheen" School for Charm and Etiquette so being drunk and naked in my own house doesn't worry me at all.
  13. Prosecution for copyright infringement must come from the copyright owner. If the owner is unaware of a copyright violation, they clearly can't prosecute. However, the notion that you can use other people's brand names on the basis that "if they don't know, I'm OK" is erroneous. You are violating Coke® Cola's copyrights if you produce a Coke T-shirt or a singing Coke can, whether they prosecute or not. The problem is that policing copyrights is hugely difficult and the reason that some people appear to "get away with it" is related to nothing more than the fact that finding them is almost impossible. The guy who sells a "Rolex®" just off TImes Square is unlikely to be sued by Rolex. This doesn't mean he's acting legally (he ain't) but that Rolex can't afford to have folks walking the streets of the world looking for fakes and use of the Rolex mark. Thus, in practice, copyright owners end up doing what they can - which is to sue those folks they catch and hope it dissuades others from doing the same. That, of course, sucks if YOU are the one who was caught but that's just the luck of the draw, Linden Lab do NOT (and should not) police trademark violation in SL. They have to respond if a copyright owner instructs them that an infringement has occurred but other than that, they are not responsible for the behavior of residents. A moment's thought will suggest why this is the case - because making a 3rd party responsible makes us ALL responsible e.g.. you rent a place on a sim to someone who has an "Armani®" T-shirt and YOU are supposed to make sure they don't wear it! Or your kid downloads an MP3 and YOU have to call RIAA and turn them in. If you get caught infringing and a "cease and desist" hits your virtual desk, my advice is to cease and desist before it gets too expensive! You ARE in the wrong and you WILL have to pay if you don't stop.
  14. ...and just in case there aren't enough special days to go around, apparently tomorrow is "Hug a Lesbian Day" - or so my daughter tells me. Unless she's just fishing for a hug...
  15. ... then marinade for, oh, say about 15 hours before beating it with a stick...
  16. Like Nina, mine is just marketing. I'm not really a "signature" person but I do love to see what other people choose. I didn't choose "Sigmund" as as SL name at random :smileywink:
  17. Storm Clarence wrote: /me loves Belgium ale for that reason. Outstanding head. Who is Belgium Ale and would you mind if I were to IM her? (/me couldn't resist that entendre!)
  18. ZenCho Balhaus wrote: If a girl asks ..Does My Bum Look big in this????? Never say Yes But I thought all women loved honesty? If it looks like she's second-cousin to Quasimodo back there, wouldn't it be a kindness to bring it to her attention? Why, last time my good friend said "Does my butt look big?" I distinctly remember being candid and... Oh wait, good point ZenCho!
  19. Suella Ember wrote: “Is it that time of the month?” I mean seriously ... you might be right, which should make you realise it's definitely not a good thing to say! :smileymad: Aww, Suella, you're only saying that because it's that time of month.... (/me tries real hard to dislodge the foot he finds jammed in his mouth...)
  20. Storm Clarence wrote: Welcomes all opinions on whether this should be moved to AVATAR - after all we are talking about avatars . I have a sneaking suspicion - nay, a modest conviction - that ANY thread will become OFF TOPIC after, say, 20 posts. What starts off as "Where can I get in some really cool shoes?" in AVATAR turns into "That thieving bitch uses Red Zone and I say we should ban ALL furries" - which should qualify for "move to OFF TOPIC." Similarly, the thread "Where can I have a fun night out" moves very quickly to "...and you can also dismember and eat other avatars.." by post 7 - and BAM!... away it goes to OFF TOPIC. Old posts never die; they just move to OFF TOPIC. My conviction is based on the simple and quickly demonstrable observation that the essence of all human communication is the speed with which topics change. Honestly, who goes to the pub and spend 3 hours talking about the beer? Sorry, now what was the original post...???
  21. SuezanneC Baskerville wrote: Brandenburg Concertos. Only two?
  22. OK, so not necessarily the best shoe shot - but then again who takes close-ups of shoes? This is me wearing Redgrave and the shoes are the "White Casuals," which I also have in black. My favorite other pair at the moment are the "Rockstar Boots" from Cattiva e Cattivo; and if I get chance to take a snap when I'm next in world, I'll post the pic. This is my first upload to the new forums so sorry if it gets buggered up!
  23. Sigmund Leominster wrote: Apart from "Snowcrash," which is certainly worth the read, are there any other good novels out there with virtual worlds as a central theme. Tad Williams' "Otherland" quarter is wonderfully satisfying - if a tad long. So, dear friends, any suggestions??? Thanks y'all for the suggestions! And thanks to the devils at Amazon for making it frighteningly easy to download "Neuromancer" (and yes, I admit it, I have not read it!) and "Rainbow's End." Guess I'll be spending less time in-world next week and spending more with my Kindle and coffee :smileywink:
  24. Prokofy Neva wrote: This belongs in off-topic as a special event of only one small community in SL and not of concern to the wider population. Depending on where you get choose to get your information, the "wider population" could be a million folks, or more likely me, you, half the people posting in this thread, a dog called Bob, and the uncountable alts for Plastic Duck. And I suspect Bob has a few of alts...
  25. Rhonda Huntress wrote: ... he said he did but it was different because his club was private property so that was allowed. Ah, so that's OK then :smileyhappy: It sounds a little like "I object to anyone spying on me, but I need to be able to check on who's coming to my club." Welcome to the goldfish bowl, eh?
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