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  1. Rhonda Huntress wrote:I do think it is cool we had our little happy shack recognized in the destination guide but if it is going to set us up for harassment from owners of clubs trying to make money, I wonder if it is more of a curse than a reward. Hey, I heard something about this thing called "Red Zone" that you can use to keep undesirables like like that out of the club! Let me see if I can find you the link on Marketplace... :smileywink:
  2. Apart from "Snowcrash," which is certainly worth the read, are there any other good novels out there with virtual worlds as a central theme. Tad Williams' "Otherland" quarter is wonderfully satisfying - if a tad long. So, dear friends, any suggestions???
  3. No no, I'm pretty sure tugging of forelocks is OK provided the forelocks are unscripted. Tugging of scripted things is probably proscribed by the Lab but prescribed by the Hedonists :smileyhappy:
  4. Well diddle me with a large kipper and call me Poopy Bot! I've never even heard of the FC Hangout let alone know that it is popular. Just goes to show that if you don't have your finger on the pulse, you pretty much are dead!
  5. Hmm, I've always seen these "rank" things as little more that either (a) "not dead yet" or (b) "Hi, my name's Sigmund and I'm a serial poster." A good post is a good post, a bad one is a bad one, and I can't think there's anyone who seriously measures their self-worth based on their ranking on a bulletin board! Mind you, in word, I am "Sir Sigmund of Leominster," an honor bestowed upon me by the Noble House of Leominster, an exclusive order that is only open to... well... anyone called Leominster. I don't expect folks to bow - but a quick tug of a forelock and a nod along with "God bless ye, sir" wouldn't go amiss.
  6. This is cool! The GD has become the OT, which is just one letter short of OTT - precisely the sort of manic posting that will go on here. Yay!!!
  7. I tweet occasionally - so that's more a "chirp" or a "cheep." @siggs
  8. "Make friends?" Dear Lord, if I wanted to "make friends" I'd be somewhere other than the Forums :smileyvery-happy: On the other hand, feel free to send me an in-world Friendship request because as far as I can recall, NO-ONE on these Forums has EVER done that - hence my skepticism about "making friends!":smileytongue:
  9. It hardly seems that much time has gone by - and in the grand scheme of things the absence of the Forums took place in a heartbeat. Still, I had time to finish a book, write a couple of articles, attend an SL fashion show, and get in a couple of extra trips to the comfy chair in my local Starbucks. Now the Forums are back up, I may find myself wasting a few hours on them!
  10. The esthetics of the new forums doesn't worry me too much. Like most new things, it's just a case of getting used to them. The two suggestions I have boil down to a strategic and a technical one. (a) There's a need for some kind of "General Discussion" forum that allows for people to interact concerning things that don't fit into the pre-assigned categories. Chopping the world up into the 5 categories of Second Life, Content Creation, Technology, Commerce, and International is rather artificial and somewhat naive. Life, First or Second, is not compartmentalised and many topics of conversation just don't fit! So, I'm with the folks promoting the need for the "General Discussion" - which, frankly, is where interesting interactions can go on. (b) Some sort of threading structure would make reading and following posts easier. I've changed to the "view latest post" option but am still having a hard time knowing who has said what in reply to whom! A conversation without the turn-taking marked by threading becomes a sequence of random comments, which might work for poetry but not for prose. Otherwise it's nice to see the Forums back. I'll be commenting on next week's "MBC News." Why, I may even do another piece for the "Alphaville Herald"
  11. Is it just me or are other folks randomly seeing "???" above the heads of residents - and in their chat! Yesterday and today I seem to start off as me but switch to "???" - me and a bunch of other folks in my friend list apparently! I mean, if we going to have to get used to the display/user name dichotomy, I'd at least like to SEE them and not "???"!
  12. That's one of the most interesting comments I've heard on this thread if you look purely at the business opportunity lost by LL.If a commodity is in short supply, you can sell it at a premium. In this case, a personal name (vanity name) is, by definition, in short supply. And if folks really, really want new dispaly names, then why not charge for it? This would stop the "weekly griefers" who keep swithcing just because they can and offer folks who want a name for a specific branding purpose to have, and keep, a mark. So the question is, who at LL did NOT spot this opportunity to make money? It would have been fairly easy to administer and if kept at a reasobale cost, not too instrusive for regular residents and business owners, Hey, I'd have no problem paying $10 US a year to ensure "Sigmund Leominster" is me, and me alone. And I am pretty sure many business folks would love to have some brand exclusivity - and more inportant, wouldn't begrudge paying LL for the privilege. Ah well, no use crying over spilt milk - or lost income.
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