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  1. How much land you can own with paid membership without extra fees? I bought land 512 m2 when I got this that was the max you can have without extra fees. Now if I am not mistaken its changed to 1024 m2 without extra fees other than the paid membership. Is this correct? I border on Linden land and wonder if they would sell me another 512 next to it so I do not have to sell or abandon my home and find a lot of 1024? Its nice linden did this if I got this right. I build and like having a private place to make stuff. I do not sell on my property since do not want it public access.
  2. Yes I have seen that. I take it as yes I have to go thru every item for sale in unassoicated and delet it? Very crude.
  3. I did not take them out of the boxes. How Do I redo that and take them out of the boxes? So How do I update and change items since I can not get to them? I have 71 unassoicated items. Do I have to edit each one and delete it? The rest of my inventory says direct delivery. But two items had to do that manualy.
  4. Was not aware of what the report. General contractors will ask for my tax id because they have to report nearly everything. But even if they do not have to report it the IRS expects you to report all income.
  5. I have been a licensed contractor for 30 years. I know what the IRS sees as income. But most people do not report income from small un-reported sources since there is no way they could find it even if they did an audit. As long as it stays in Lindens the IRS is not concerned that is just play money as far as they are concerned, thought I believe there was some congress hearings on that because of the second life economy is larger than many countries! If if becomes US dollars then it is income. My question was if there was a simpler way to just to get linden to USD. I know about the mont
  6. Plagiarism is used for copying someone else writing. What Linden has to deal with is copyrights and patents and registered trademarks. Most would be considered copyrights a patent is a device usually. But in SL a object that does the same thing can be a violation of a RL patent. Intelectual property is the new buzz word do to the Electronic connection ie internet computer files, art writing etc. You were not clear on what and who. A room design not plagiarism. But Linden is the one that decides, unless the company or creator is involved. Most companies have not found SL or are concer
  7. What is the best way to get a list of all the Linden I sold to Usd so I can report it as income? I can get the pay pal transfers but all lindens that became US dollars is then technically income. Thanks
  8. If you are like me and pick up EVERY free thing you can find it makes you inventory a mess. To much in inventory can cause lag. Here is some tips. As a computer technician this is how I organize my computers. First in objects folder create folders with these names. to A B to E F to H I to M N to Q R to T U to Z Then sort objects by name and highlight the times (shift to select more than one) and put them in the correct folders. Depending on what you have you can make fewer folders. Do the same for Clothing and any other folders that are a mess. Make a folder called Avatars Make one called B
  9. Anyone know any GP SIMs that have free vendor space available? I just have a 2 prim vendor. I do Ok on the Marketplace but would like on in SL. I have a classified add saying I am in the Marketplace only.
  10. Also, Items are usually boxed. You can lose the box easy enought in your inventory, and it might not be named as you might expect. Look in objects and sort by date.
  11. I bought an item and did not get it. I hung around in front of the vendor for 30 minutes and still did not get it. I sent a Im to the builder and after about 4 weeks got the item totally frogot I never got it! Be patient. This is not RL even if some take it to seriously. SL can be laggy. You magic box might be buisy or the sim laggy or shutting down. If you TP before you get it you will not get it, I did that once. I have never put a negative comment on a vendor, even if I did not like it. Some do not log on SL much so it takes time for them to get back. Also IM's get lost. S
  12. Just wondering to see how my sales compares to other vendors.
  13. Over the years of selling on Ebay and craigs list I came to the conclusion it is about key words. You have to guess on what someone will be looking for that is similar to your products. In eBay and searching the internet misspellings, abbreviations and all in caps all in small letters and capitalize sometimes does make a difference in your keywords. I feel my site is fairly successful because I keep the prices down and try to get the right keywords without spamming. If you repeat the keyworld or use keywords that have nothing to do with you product that is Spamming. I do not intentiona
  14. Thanks that is what I will do. I put in a bug report. They restarted the sim but it is not any better. 
  15. Because one of them complained. They do not have licenses either. The squeaky wheel gets the attention.
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