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  1. I still chuckle at the people who feel their way is the only way. I seem to recall something that said, "your world, your imagination". If people want giant homes who are these people to say they can't? Give it up already, SL will never be standardized by a few people's limited imaginations.
  2. Qie Niangao wrote: Surfaces that are intended to blend transparencies will have this "alpha sorting" problem, but if there are any partially-transparent surfaces that are, per pixel, all-opaque or all transparent, those can be made immune from the sorting problem by setting them to use "Alpha Masking" instead of "Alpha Blending" and then tweaking the threshold for what alpha level is to be rendered opaque. Be aware, however, that this minimal use of "Materials" causes Mesh accounting of Land Impact, so it's probably safest to first flip the object's physics to Convex Hull (or None). Excellent Qie
  3. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Suspiria Finucane wrote: All things in moderation I've heard Including moderation. ;-).
  4. Sure, anything you do for 8 years gets boring at times. I've taken several breaks from SL with some being 6 months long. When I return I am revitalized and it is no longer boring. All things in moderation I've heard
  5. After 8 years of SL, some of my interests are different but the base concept of why I log in is the same. Even RL has changed over the last 10 years. For me, creation is my main focus in SL with socializing next. Both of those aspects haven't changed much in my 8 years. All that really changes are the people and the trends. One of the things I love about SL is I make it what I wish it to be not what others think it should be. Do that and SL will never really change
  6. Qie Niangao wrote: The thing I was pondering about the whole arrangement was that the Lab chose to do this on FIrestorm's sim, presumably by invitation from Jessica. I'm not sure how to interpret that choice of venue. The event comes on the heels of Ebbe's initial statements about SL2 which was at a TPV dev meeting. It's obvious to me why the venue's were chosen. The TPV community is full of gloom and doomers, not everyone of course. What better place to make a "controversial" announcement than there. The objective was to gauge the reactions of the most combative residents and make the concordant damage control. The reason I see as why there is nothing "official" as far as an announcement is to take care of the house first.
  7. Maryanne Solo wrote: \0_ !!!! Hi Susy! BigHeapTrollothon got smacked down bad?? lol :smileyvery-happy: Back tho of course.:smileytongue: Regurgitators are wilting hahahaha.:matte-motes-tongue: Interesting what a CEO can do
  8. Qie Niangao wrote: Qie Niangao wrote: I think the communications on this have been very carefully managed. I also think it's quaintly charming, how folks imagine that the CEO just blurted something out accidentally, as if there weren't a detailed plan worked out in advance. For example, as I type this, Oz is currently talking at the Firestorm meeting about SL1 going forward. Later today there will be an announcement (complete with Torley video) about Experience Tools -- something we've been trying to get details about for a year, and I think there's no coincidence that the communications about it have been delayed until after the new platform was announced. Oz also mentioned releases just around the corner for: group chat improvments, better embedded web support -- e.g., Media On A Prim -- replacing WebKit with Chrome Embedded Framework, and continued improvement of texture loading speeds (HTTP pipelining). Some are known quantities, but they're ready to talk a lot more about them. (For these, cause and effect of the timing is debatable, I know. But the obvious delay in the Experience Tools stuff, in particular, sure seems to have been intended to make this exciting news follow the new platform announcement.) I agree completely that it was planned. I mentioned in another post about the current VR hype cycle and the timing was actually a little late but caught the cycle. LL isn't banking on the new platform yet, so keeping interest up in the old platform is paramount for the time being. Once the marketing shift occurs, people will see a change.
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