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  1. The demise the Herald is most likely to be fueled in large part by nothing more sinister than real life being more important that a Second one. Folks get busy with jobs to do, families to feed, friends to hang out with, and fun projects that take up time. Ultimately SL is a huge time suck and unless you are incredibly vested in it, your time in-world simply becomes less and less. In the past two years I bet I've stuck my head in-world maybe 10 times in total, simply curious to see who and what is happening. I see most of my friends have gone - or at least hang out in SL as often as I do. Many
  2. For those who want a more non-directive, non-personal approach, I have a Rogerian AI bot and a replica of Freud's couch in-world, which you are more than welcome to talk to. My bot doesn't judge you, doesn't pretend to have answers, and often gives some quirky and bizarre responses. Howver, there are times when flashes of brilliance shine through and you can sneak a tiny peek into your subconscious. Just IM me and I'll send you a LM to my Therapy Platform in th Sky. :smileywink:
  3. Yup, I'm with yah on that, Kelli. I posted a comment on the SL Wiki so let's see if anything happens
  4. Although Lexie Linden posted an excellent list of "what it's for" right at the beginning of this thread, it is, in fact, a textual Rorschach, where people reveal much about themselves simple by NOT adhering to a topic. Change the word "forum" for "Second Life" and you encounter the sane question that most noobs ask almost as soon as they step inside... "but what is it for? What do I do?" Those of us who are more interested in the humans behind the avatars than the mechanics of prim building or the physics of the virtual world can get an awful lot of entertainment from simply reading the post
  5. Ah, would that we could all take comfort in the belief that we are all above average, and that we are all "special." Sadly, the likelihood is that the average IQ of SL users is 100 and half of us fall below that and half above. There's ample research out there, and has been for many years, that supports the notion that we all believe we are above average intelligence but of course, statistically, that can't be true! Quick test: Hands up if you think you are smarter than 2/3rds of the people you meet in SL (or in the forum). Hands down. Now, hands up if you think you are dumber than 2/3rds of
  6. Now steady on there, dear girl! By all means bash away at the royal family, constant rain, warm beer etc., but casting aspersions as to the integrity and deliciousness of Cadbury chocolate is beyond the pale! Cadbury's "Dairy Milk" has been a defining food group for millions and millions of Brits and even though Cadbury PLC is now owned by the Kraft company (they of the "cheese slice"), the chocolate is an intergral part of the national psyche and as British as bacon and eggs, red buses, the Houses of Parliament, whippets, hand-pumped real ale, and the Empire! Now, what was the original quest
  7. Yes, it is bad to have just one outfit. Shame on you :smileywink: You should go out immediately with a good friend and buy at least 20 new outfits in the next week. Then, organize your folders by designer, and remember to leave the LM in the folder so you can go back at regular intervals to check on their latest offerings. Prim ties are good because you can swap 'em about. Oh, and make sure you have at least three shades of shoes. Good news though - no need to hunt for cologne until someone invents the smell-o-messenger system :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:
  8. Gosh Dresden, don't let the "fitting in" thing worry you in the slightest! First, there ain't no such thing as "fitting in" when you're talking about a virtual world with virtual avatars. Almost by definition, the endless flexibility of the primmy universe makes it impossible to establish any sense of "normality," ergo everything is pretty much abnormal by default. If that's the case, then there's nothing concrete enough to fit into. We puppeteers who pull the avatarial strings are always reinventing ourselves. Why do you think there are so many threads that talk about deception, uncertainty,
  9. Well whoot my avatar and coddle my eggs! I've been "on the road" in RL for a few weeks and the official "Hippiestock II" invite goes out! Seeing as I missed the first I'm going to do what I can to make this one Thanks for the heads up for "January" because I am already scheduling that far ahead. Still, if I can make it just for an hour... :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:
  10. The meaning of a symbol exists not in the symbol itself but in the minds of the individuals who assign a meaning to it. That meaning is also not just a collection of definitions but it also includes an emotional element. When someone is "offended" by a symbol, it is because it elicits an emotional response based on how that person has learned to respond to it. Because people have vastly different life experiences, there is, in truth, no way to control the affective component of a symbol, but what we can usually be sure of is that anything can cause offence if it is encountered experientially i
  11. No change in my behavior; I don't know whether I've met a teen or not, but I don't really care. Three rules will help folks get past any concerns about the hypothesized teen infiltration: 1. Don't make friends. Friends are accidents waiting to happen so best to avoid them. Polite conversation and sharing a pose ball is as far as friendship shoud go. 2. Develop a healthy sense of misanthropy. If you hate everyone, you can't be convicted in the court of public opinion of being prejudiced because you are, by default, an equal-opportunity hater. 3. Trust no-one. No-one. Even be a little suspici
  12. Maybe I am just a little too mellow at the moment but I can't help being struck by the notion that there could be a story here. Imagine someone meeting the avatar of their dreams and writing down the name, only to find they got a letter wrong and them spent their whole Second Life wandering aimlessly from sim to sim - and never finding them! As I said, maybe I am too mellow and on the edge of maudling...
  13. I don't prune my list but I'm sure I get pruned! I'm not one for making friends very much,and many are colleagues from the SL Press, so that may not qualify them as "friends" anyway I have only TWO friends who are able to see where I am when I am online. This means, of course, that they could TP in on me at any time!! Giving someone that sort of access to oneself is either the mark of trust or the mark of an idiot. I'll let those two determine which they think I am. Are there any people you trust enough to let them see where you are all the time?
  14. It is, indeed, the weekend, and having just got back from my local tavern, I'm not really in a fit state to engage in any debate more complex than "Where are all my friends," so this thread is exactly at the level at which I can participate. That's a long sentence for someone who's mildy rat-arsed to write, but it has taken me nearly 10 minutes to keep fixing the mistakes So /me hands Hippie an ice-cold Modelo Especiale with an extra juicy slice of the freshest lime squeezed through the neck and raises his own bottle to all the folks contributing to this 86-page thread! Cheers!!!
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