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  1. Ah, would that we could all take comfort in the belief that we are all above average, and that we are all "special." Sadly, the likelihood is that the average IQ of SL users is 100 and half of us fall below that and half above. There's ample research out there, and has been for many years, that supports the notion that we all believe we are above average intelligence but of course, statistically, that can't be true! Quick test: Hands up if you think you are smarter than 2/3rds of the people you meet in SL (or in the forum). Hands down. Now, hands up if you think you are dumber than 2/3rds of
  2. It is, indeed, the weekend, and having just got back from my local tavern, I'm not really in a fit state to engage in any debate more complex than "Where are all my friends," so this thread is exactly at the level at which I can participate. That's a long sentence for someone who's mildy rat-arsed to write, but it has taken me nearly 10 minutes to keep fixing the mistakes So /me hands Hippie an ice-cold Modelo Especiale with an extra juicy slice of the freshest lime squeezed through the neck and raises his own bottle to all the folks contributing to this 86-page thread! Cheers!!!
  3. I like to browse the stores inworld because there's always the chance of a wonderful serendiptitious purchase. If I need something NOW then the search facilities of the Marketplace work well for me. But all in all, I enjoy the TPing and wandering through the metaverse, chatting with folks when I can. :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:
  4. I'm another of those "nothing" people insofar as part of the "game" for me always has been to make enough in SL to fund it. So I earn Lindens to pay for my house, tier fees, clothes, entertainment, etc. and any extra goes toward my RL vices of books and music.
  5. No no, I'm pretty sure tugging of forelocks is OK provided the forelocks are unscripted. Tugging of scripted things is probably proscribed by the Lab but prescribed by the Hedonists :smileyhappy:
  6. Hmm, I've always seen these "rank" things as little more that either (a) "not dead yet" or (b) "Hi, my name's Sigmund and I'm a serial poster." A good post is a good post, a bad one is a bad one, and I can't think there's anyone who seriously measures their self-worth based on their ranking on a bulletin board! Mind you, in word, I am "Sir Sigmund of Leominster," an honor bestowed upon me by the Noble House of Leominster, an exclusive order that is only open to... well... anyone called Leominster. I don't expect folks to bow - but a quick tug of a forelock and a nod along with "God bless ye,
  7. Is it just me or are other folks randomly seeing "???" above the heads of residents - and in their chat! Yesterday and today I seem to start off as me but switch to "???" - me and a bunch of other folks in my friend list apparently! I mean, if we going to have to get used to the display/user name dichotomy, I'd at least like to SEE them and not "???"!
  8. That's one of the most interesting comments I've heard on this thread if you look purely at the business opportunity lost by LL.If a commodity is in short supply, you can sell it at a premium. In this case, a personal name (vanity name) is, by definition, in short supply. And if folks really, really want new dispaly names, then why not charge for it? This would stop the "weekly griefers" who keep swithcing just because they can and offer folks who want a name for a specific branding purpose to have, and keep, a mark. So the question is, who at LL did NOT spot this opportunity to make money? I
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