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  1. You didn't mention what viewer and version you're using... without at least that much, it's hard to offer advice. The first step is going to be to figure out what's different in how you're accessing SL, since as far as we can tell after the Interesting changes were deployed (some time ago), things got better not worse.
  2. I believe that statement is just incorrect. Getting the wiki fixed....
  3. You have that exactly right, Qie. We're working out the details of exactly how a user gets additional keys, but the goal is to keep it simple.
  4. For all practical purposes, anything you use a given key for is part of the same experience; that's what defines an experience. You could use it for things that are not otherwise related to each other, but internally they are all relying on the same key, so if the key is turned off, they all turn off.
  5. This is one that the Moles had asked for when building the Cornfield, and one of my personal favorites...
  6. I disabled "http textures" and "http inventory" and sculpts and textures rezzed for me. My character and meshes dont show yet. Interesting. That points to your filter as being the problem. Character and mesh data can only be fetched with http. You didn't say what sort of filter it is, but whatever it is is way too aggresive.
  7. Perrie Juran wrote: Just get a friend who owns an Estate Region to do a restart for you. You could even plan an Earthquake party! Besides, I want to know if it makes everyone's boobs jiggle. Now that would have been something... alas, no, it doesn't. We just shake the camera...
  8. By default, the viewer checks for an update when it is launched (even before you log in), and then once an hour after that. If you have not logged in yet, it downloads any update as fast as it can... once you're logged in, it throttles that download so as not to affect your viewer performance. If you disconnect before the download is complete, it will try to resume where it left off. The combination can mean that you can get the update any time during your session (especially if you have a slower net connection). You should be able to decline to install an update if you're already logged in... if you do, it will do the update automatically on your next viewer launch.
  9. "latest Linden viewer" isn't enough information... at present we have 5 "latest" viewers. Which do you have?
  10. With full appreciation for how frustrating crashes can be, a post like yours doesn't give anyone enough information to even begin to help you. Start with exactly what viewer were you using (copy all the information in the 'Help>About Second Life' floater and paste it into your description... there's even a handy button in that floater for doing the copy) what were you doing when you crashed? what exactly happened (did the the window freeze, did it just close, was there a message displayed, if so the exact text of that message)? it sometimes helps to look in your SecondLife.log file for lines with ERROR on them As much as we'd like to be able to magically solve your problem, you need to do your part too.
  11. Nalates Urriah wrote: A version like 3.7.2 should have all the changes places into 3.7.1 and prior versions. I get a bit fuzzy on what is in which build version... build numbers are like: 286707. I have seen versions like 3.6.1-288080 where the build number is greater than the build number in a 3.7.2 version. The 3.6.1 does not have all the fixes in the 3.7.2. But, because it is a higher build number there is something newer than what is in 3.7.2. But, we will not see whatever it is until that build is upgraded with the changes in 3.7.2. Here's a quick tutorial on the viewer version numbers... A version number is four integers separated by dots ( Numbers at each level are incremented when something new happens; the more important the something, the further to the left the incremented number (so "Fitted Mesh" changed the second level number from 6 to 7). Most versions increment the third level (2 in this example). If the first three numbers in a version are greater than those numbers in a given default release viewer, then that version (which may be a project viewer or release candidate) has everything in the release viewer. When we decide that a given version is going to be the default viewer, all the changes in it are added to all the projects we're working on, so all the fixes and features in (which was the default release until this past Monday) are in any viewer whose number is 3.7.2.anything. If two viewers have the same first three numbers, they probably have distinct sets of changes compared to that common base. The fourth level is special - it's the 'build number'. It's a monotonically increasing number generated by our build system, so basically it tells you which viewer was built first. It's useful only within a specific project and doesn't tell you much between projects.
  12. Gadget Portal wrote: LL doesn't read the forums. You just wasted your time. Not true. For bugs, Jira is certainly the best thing to do, but there's no reason to discourage people from making suggestions here.
  13. Second Life 3.6.2 (279258) Jul 30 2013 That's a 6 month old viewer... try updating it.
  14. The name of the viewer executable was inadvertently changed in 3.6.12 from 'SecondLife.exe' to 'SecondLifeViewer.exe'; the folder and shortcut names did not change, just the actual executable. Unfortunately, the old executable was not removed as part of the upgrade. I suspect that you are launching the viewer through a shortcut that you copied or created somewhere that is not updated by the upgrade, so you're still running the old executable each time instead of the one you upgraded. Check your shortcut and correct the name, or just delete it and copy from the default shortcut on the desktop. That will use the new name, and you'll escape that cycle. We plan to stick to the changed name, but a future update will clean up the old executable (it's perfectly safe to just delete it yourself now). Sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. The Belkin routers are generally underpowered for running a firewall when there is a lot going on (and an SL Viewer is a lot). I suspect that what's happening is that while the firewall is deciding what to do with one set of requests, a whole bunch of others are getting dropped. The symptoms match.
  16. It sounds to me as though you probably have more than one problem. The HTTP Proxy workaround suggests that the school firewall is blocking outbound ports that the viewer needs. It may be helpful to have the district IT people watch the firewall logs while you're running a viewer to see if they can see what is being blocked.
  17. Note that this can happen if you're running a beta or project viewer that is upgraded to a release candidate (or any other time that one channel is upgraded to another). This process installs a new viewer without uninstalling the one you're running (because the channel value is part of the application name). Unfortunately, we have not figured out a way to replace the shortcuts, so if you run the old shortcut, it will just repeat the upgrade because you're in a discontinued viewer. It's possible that there are other ways for this to happen.. if you find one, please file a Jira an attach the log file.
  18. If you're going to ask for help with a viewer problem, it's really essential that you explicitly say exactly what viewer and what version (the full four part version number) that you're running. Note in particular that descriptions such as "the latest" or "the upgrade I got on Tuesday" are essentially useless. One of the active viewer projects is specifically focused on improving crash reporting... it would have been especially interesting to know whether you were running that version or not (and the version number would make that clear).
  19. Without seeing detailed trace information, it's not possible to say with certainty, but it probably is not a bandwidth issue (that would most likely manifest as degraded quality, not lost connections). It is possible that the provider your friend is using is running everything through a NAT and/or other intrusive packet processing that is not correctly mapping the two sessions.
  20. "Current Viewer" does not identify a viewer version specifically enough for us to be able to investigate this. When identifying a viewer, use the full 4-part version number from the Help > About Second Life box (or better yet, copy that entire box)
  21. We now have a wiki page on how Material Data is interpreted and used. Note that nothing there is final until it's all working...
  22. We've put up a wiki page that outlines the capabilities we're designing to support in the UI changes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Project_Snowstorm/Normal_Specular_User_Stories Watch this thread for more updates soon on how the images will be interpreted.
  23. arabellajones wrote: We do not yet have pathfinding support in any official viewer. Not true - it is fully supported in the current Beta viewer.
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