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  1. Thank you for answering me. As I wrote before, i'm with Mac.I don't see this file in the logs folder. I've checked lot of time, but there is not. Attached is what i have into the Log folder.
  2. Hello. I've just downloaded the latest SL Version 5.1.0(511732) and i can't launch it anymore. I am with mac. It says impossible to open. What happen? It worked fine, then i had to download and install the last update. First I've got an error message, telling me to download again from the website, then, after doing that, i can't open it. Hope someone could help me, Thank you
  3. I guess so. Because cookies were always enabled. This little issue is pretty new. Btw, it's a little thing, but i wanted to know what it was. Thank you for your help
  4. Thank you for answering me. As i wrote, i'm with SL official viewer, and in almost 7 years i've never had to login to see other's profile while i'm online inworld. Sure i can see them on Mysecondlife, but i'm talking about loooking at profile directly inworld. Thank you
  5. Hello. Why, when i'm inworld, i have to log in everytime i want to see a profile? I use SL Viewer, and lately i see a little lock icon near the thumbnail pic of the profile i want to see. To open it i have to log in. Ok, but why do i have to log in everytime i wanna see a profile? Thank you :)
  6. I did the upgrade and now with firestorm i've lost music and videos. With SL viewer only work music, and i hear only audio with videos. I have a late 2012 Imac
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