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  1. Sharie Criss

    Modern Sim Lag Times

    https://www.google.com/search?q=linden+labs+layoffs There are other rather simple searches you can do too. While LL is a private company and most of the data is not public, you can find enough searching various data sources and news outlets to get a pretty clear picture of what's happening internally. Performance benchmarks were from my own mono torture test script that takes about 10 -20 minutes to run. The experienced / connected people in SL who have been here a long time can see the changes - feel the changes. No, there's not a lot of hard data especially when LL is so tight lipped about the infrastructure, but when you spend a lot of time day in and day out over many many years, it's painfully obvious that systems are no longer performing well. Why am I writing this and responding? Because I care and it bothers me that this is happening. I want LL to succeed really, but I would not be making the same choices they are. For example, I would look at server balancing strategies that put consistently busy regions on servers that only have very lightly loaded regions. or giving the option of doubling RAM / CPU for busy venues. I would investigate the possibility of putting empty regions into a "light sleep" mode where they only use a fraction of regular resources until someone enters the region. SL is a social platform. You can't size your systems for empty regions. You have to accommodate the fact that maybe, just maybe, people in a social platform may - gee, I don't know - be together in the same place. There's lot of room for performance improvements but nothing will get better unless you are willing to admit that a problem exists and are willing to actually address existing problems. Or you can be a defeatist - "SL is dead. Move on."
  2. Sharie Criss

    Modern Sim Lag Times

    I realize it's a difficult concept to grasp, but when I'm paying for a region, and LL does "something" which causes the region I'm paying for to now perform horribly basically destroying the usability of my venue, I think I have a right to be upset that they are taking the operating revenue from SL and using it for something else. These aren't profits. SL doesn't have any.
  3. Okay, I'm just surprised anyone would recommend going through a personal conversion project in light of the enormous effort it takes. I've done several, and found that it's just not worth the time as I can't "resell" the effort. It's worth it to just spend another few thousand lindens to just buy something that was made right to begin with. Creators on the other hand will find it worth the time and effort as it increases the marketability of their older products. I've seen quite a few refresh old products with the same animations, but updated mesh primwork and new scripts. Some (few) offer the update for free but most charge for it (which is fair - it's a lot of effort!)
  4. The difference now is that sim performance is horrible all the time rather that only when people TP in and out. The TPing issue simply makes things worse, now instead of the sim dipping to a time dilation of 0.5 with script run at 30%, the script run times now are NEVER better than 50% and dip to 1%. That's what's different. Before you could at least do things most of the time, now - it's just horrible and laggy all the time. And it's not just "my" region, it's every region. Perhaps you were unaware of this.
  5. While some people disagree, the anecdotal evidence makes it painfully clear that LL is "saving money" on SL so they can spend it on Sansar by cutting their operating expenses - such as technical support, and data center costs. I very very strongly suspect based on the significant reduction in server performance that they have increased the number of regions they place on a physical server. Based on LL's behavior, I REALLY doubt that any of these performance problems will ever be addressed. Some people point to continued development as "proof" LL is not doing what I claim, but if I were LL and wanted to keep my cash cow alive, I'd be attempting to retain gullible customers with the same type of lures. The reality though is that this development is painfully slow, and very very few existing bugs (some many years old) ever get fixed. Animesh? Bakes-on-mesh? Where are they? Will they go the way of Experience Keys where the concept of Grid-wide keys was dropped? You know - the version that would make Experience Keys actually - useful - outside of a very limited environment and use case.
  6. Do you have ANY idea just how much work that is? It's not for the faint of heart. While there is a converter script, it does not work with all poseball based systems and only does about 1/2 the job when it does. For a bed with hundreds of animations it can take many many hours to do this conversion. Days. If anything, I'd go back to the creator and ask THEM to convert. Many people won't even BUY poseball-based furniture anymore (poseballs have been obsolete for over 5 years....) Recommendation while shopping - if you come across something you like, but it uses poseballs, IM the creator. Tell them "your product looks great but I see that it still uses the antiquated poseball system. Have you considered releasing an updated version that doesn't? Due to a variety of issues, I no longer buy items that still use poseballs."
  7. Question: What is Linden Lab's plan for increasing region performance? We have seen a DRASTIC reduction of performance in the past 12 months resulting in a massive increase in server side lag which appears to be caused by a reduction of CPU / Memory / or something on the server side (maybe putting more regions on a physical server.) The net result is that all the new SL features for scripted content (Experiences, etc) are for naught if the region is performing so slowly that scripts can't run. Existing venues are now almost unusable. In a similar vein, there is a long standing bug which pretty much freezes a region for 15-20 seconds when avatars TP in and out which is DEADLY to busy regions. The bottom line with region performance is that the current situation makes popular destinations nearly impossible to enjoy. Popular destinations are what MAKE SL as it's all about being a social platform. You can't be a social platform if you can't handle the server load caused by a lot of people getting together!!!
  8. Sharie Criss

    Modern Sim Lag Times

    Please exp Please explain the cause of the dramatic overnight increase in lag where Mono benchmark performance dropped by 50%. Please explain the draining of development resources from SL that got transferred to Sansar (this was publicly announced.) Please explain the severe reduction of support to the point where we can't even get a crashed region restarted during non-business hours (which is really fun when it happens on a Friday night.) I could go on and on here. You can't rewrite history, these are facts. The bottom line is that Linden Labs has reduced their expenditures on SL dramatically. The new development being done is done at a snails pace in an attempt to not cause a mass exodus ("We aren't abandoning SL, really!!!! Trust us!") This is how business works. Linden Labs is seeing SL as an eventual dead end and and wants to be in VR badly - so much so that they are willing to sacrifice SL in the process, but is doing it in a way that makes it not so obvious until you look under the covers. Seriously, you don't expect them to flat out say "SL is dead and we are moving on" do you? Their income would dry up to nothing and they would be out of business. But sure, keep kidding yourself thinking that the VR fairy dumped truckloads of cash on Linden Labs to do Sansar. Sansar is an ENORMOUSLY expensive undertaking. I'm not faulting LL for wanting to continue to live by investing in a new platform that they see is their future, but this comes at a cost. That cost is our ability to enjoy SL because of the sacrifices made. Spending the kind of cash that I do on SL (which has been a LOT over the years, it's my core hobby) it does bother me that LL is refusing to address the white elephant in the room that is increased lag. When Linden Labs does not have another source of income, it's naive in the extreme to refuse to believe that the money to fund Sansar is not at the expense of SL infrastructure, support, and development. I have a bridge I'd like to sell if you are interested.... Regarding Blizzard, since you wanted to bring something totally not relevant into the discussion, Blizzard was making a TON of money on Warcraft and had enough left over to do Overwatch. This is NOT the same case with LL - LL had to make a choice - SL or Sansar because they did NOT have a heaping big pile of profit lying around. They were barely making ends meet and laid off 30% of their staff to cut costs. The remaining staff had to be split - the Sansar Future and the small team to just keep SL alive long enough to get them there.
  9. Sharie Criss

    Modern Sim Lag Times

    Since nobody is going to be able to say where the money came from to fund Sansar, let me provide some additional information. https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/secondlife/funding_rounds/funding_rounds_list Linden Labs has not had an outside influx of cash since 2006. The money for Sansar can only have come from one place - regular income. What is Linden Lab's source of income? Second Life. They don't have another source. Figure it out people. 1+1=2.
  10. Sharie Criss

    Modern Sim Lag Times

    Then provide facts on Sansar's funding. Where is the money coming from?
  11. Sharie Criss

    Modern Sim Lag Times

    Genius, money is a resource. They are stealing money from SL to fund Sansar. Where do you think the money is coming from to fund Sansar? The VR fairy?
  12. Sharie Criss

    Modern Sim Lag Times

    I said resources. Do you know what resources are? Did you know that money is a resource? If LL cut their expenses on SL, that gives them money to run Sansar which has NO INCOME. Shutting down hundreds / thousands of servers would give LL a lot of cash to use to run Sansar. Prove me wrong. Or just continue to insult because you can't......
  13. Sharie Criss

    Modern Sim Lag Times

    The biggest cause of this newer level of horrid performance is that LL reduced performance for regions by shoving more regions on a server so they could give resources to Sansar. This happened about a year ago. You didn't realize that your hard earned money you are spending on SL was getting siphoned off to pay for Sansar, did you?
  14. Sharie Criss

    how to get rid of the lag

    All the solutions offered only address client side lag. The other problem we have is that LL reduced the resources available to regions - cut them in HALF (probably doubling the number of regions per physical server) about a year ago. It was an overnight immediate drop in performance which could be measured using a Mono scripting torture test in a virtually empty region. LL refuses to admit (or acknowledge) they made a change despite all the performance testing which says otherwise. I strongly suspect that resources were taken from SL to give to Sansar, which really sucks because it appears that we are paying for SL AND LL's pet Sansar project. LL is bringing some new features to SL such as Bakes on Mesh and AniMesh, but to be very frank here, unless the servers have the horsepower to handle it (and they don't) it's just going to make everything worse. Already LL has completely abandoned the concept of grid-wide Experience Keys which would have made that whole system MUCH more useful. It's sad, because it's pushing people away.
  15. Sharie Criss

    Lack of support

    Oh really? The fact that overnight the performance of my regions dropped like a stone is not LL's fault? Then who's fault is it? I'm not even talking "full of avatars" performance, but when the sim is empty after a restart. Over the years, I've worked hard to get rid of scripted items that perform badly, ensure that the majority of scripted items that I have control over operate efficiently, etc. My script count has dropped almost in half from where it was at the peak. During the time when my script count was significantly higher, I had script run times of 100% with a fair amount of spare time. My build has not significantly changed outside of converting a lot of old prim and sculpt items to mesh (which increased LI due to how things are calculated), yet now I NEVER have any spare time and my scripts struggle to run at more than 50%. FYI, I DID pay extra for the double prim region yet I'm only using about 15000 land impact now because there is no way it would handle me adding anything more at this point. In other words, I am unable to use the resources I am paying for. My other region which has been pretty much static for years ALSO saw a huge performance drop "overnight." Can you prove that LL did not do something that caused this performance drop? All the evidence I have as well as a LOT of anecdotal evidence from other region owners indicates that SOMETHING changed. What we don't know is WHAT changed. Code? Number of regions per physical server? Hard to say. The sim freezes that occur when avatars TP in and out are ABSOLUTELY LL's fault. Some code is running that causes this behavior. There are MANY bug reports about it (most just get closed as duplicates, and there has been ZERO action on the primary bugs in years. ) Feel free to browse the JIRA. So yes, I'm upset. I'm paying a LOT and things are worse than ever. I think I have a RIGHT to be upset IF what all the evidence appears to indicate is true. The fact that YOUR region isn't having any trouble is moot. Maybe it's mostly empty, has no traffic, hardly has any scripted items, - whatever. Must be nice.