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  1. It is a problem to be sure. Rental issues are pretty easy to solve if you use a good rental system that supports bots to handle the group invites (Casper does, others may as well.) If you (anyone) rent land or manage some venue that has groups, it's good customer service to have some sort of bot invite system exactly because you can't be online all the time. The group limit means that there are some groups that you will constantly have to join and leave. If you are a creator and have stores at rental locations all over the grid, you know the pain. Casper's bot integration makes this prett
  2. It appears that the llHTTPRequest / http_response() functionality is broken at the moment - I did not see any Grid Status announcement or forum thread on this problem. It appears to be impacting pretty much every vendor and operation of products and services that use web API's all over the grid (I haven't found anything using web API's working this morning.) As we don't know when LL will acknowledge given the weekend, I would encourage people to refrain from rezzing nocopy items and making purchases until we get the all clear. Better safe than sorry.
  3. If asset load time hadn't CLEARLY increased dramatically, Everywhere, including my own non-changing skybox, I could go with that explanation, but the issues are beyond that. Asset load times have always been an issue, but what we are taking about (mostly) is that it's worse now than it used to be when everything else is the same. If it was simply efficiencies in the server / viewer as you described, I would expect behavior to be different. Cached textures, once the UUID's are identified, should be immediately loaded from cache. They are not - they start gray, then slowly load and clarify as th
  4. Assets are still loading very slowly. The issue has nothing to do with bandwidth, it's still slow on 1G symmetric fiber. Playing around with the bandwidth slider in the viewer including dropping it quite low is not effective (it's one of the support hints.) The annoying part is that the viewer cache system is just FUBARed completely, Zoom far away, let it load, hit Esc to reset view to close, wait wait wait while everything that had been rezzed (including your own avi) is now gray again and has to load all over as if you just TPed into the region. Even ancient old system library textures are a
  5. 99.999% of all group chat: Person1: hi Person2: hello Person3: Hey Person4: tp me
  6. I wish I had an answer, I reported this bug YEARS ago, but it's not something that's easy to re-create. I've tried and have not been able to recreate it either. The absolute biggest problem is that these creators make all this stuff no-mod for no good reason basically screwing over their users - no-mod means no resetting scripts, not being able to set scripts running when they all go non-responsive... The ONLY option is to replace the broken items either unpacking your purchase again, getting a re-delivery, contacting the creator for replacement if no-copy. For copy items, after you unpac
  7. So far, Teleports are not faster or more reliable going between uplifted (AWS) regions. It actually seems to be worse right now. Hopefully they will sort that out along with pretty horrible performance from the content servers delivering assets / textures. Akamai is great for web content delivery, but it seems to be not so great dealing with game assets. It doesn't help that the viewer's caching is just completely broken, where zooming far away, letting that load, and then resetting the camera to close and finding everything gray again having to wait for the textures to get reloaded.... That's
  8. Well, apparently today TP's are failing much MUCH more often. In fact, it's about a 10% success rate for me. If that. To or from a busy sim fails 100% of the time. To or from completely empty sims such as Linden ocean fails 50% of the time. LL: It's time to stop blaming the user and fix your broken code.
  9. Based on what I am seeing with regions that have been uplifted, there is no measurable performance benefit for sims with lots of avatar activity / scripts. I had high hopes that going to a modern infrastructure would result in better performance (much like you would expect going from an old i5 CPU laptop with integrated graphics to a modern i7 desktop with a nvidia 2080TI.) Maybe the networking will be better allowing TPs to fail less often once the uplifting is complete, but if region performance is a significant factor in TP reliability it's not looking good.
  10. I had high hopes for at least some of the region performance issues to be addressed by uplifting regions to Amazon's servers and away from the old legacy servers. Unfortunately there appears to be absolutely NO difference at all from what I can see. With Moore's law, how can you possibly move to this new environment and not see an improvement? So in the grand scheme of things, where is resolving region performance issues? Are we doing the Ostrich move here and pretending it's not a problem that a social platform doesn't actually handle people having social events? We can't get more than a
  11. How long you wait for that progress bar is a huge factor here. I only wait for about 25% before hitting cancel. If it's not CLEARLY working within about 5 seconds I hit cancel and try the empty sim.
  12. It is quite frustrating when it happens. It's much much more frequent if you are heavily scripted. This makes sense due to all the tasks that need to occur to move all those running scripts from one region to another (this is only ONE of the many factors, but it seems to be a big one.) On the down side, "heavily scripted" now seems to be anything over 100. With modern mesh, etc. it can sometimes be hard to get your script count down due to all the HUDs required for mesh and other things, all these nomod clothes that have several scripts each for texturing even for the clothes that you buy
  13. You have a sim that doesn't just crash on it's own pretty much daily? That's pretty awesome. Between sim crashes, region crossing failures, TP failures with disconnects, horrible performance, it's amazing we can do anything at all anymore in SL. But we have Animesh! And BOM! LL, please focus on stability and performance. Features are useless when you can't login. Like right now.
  14. If you only get region crashes once a week, you are doing good! Mine crashes pretty much every day. I'm not going to bother filing a support ticket because it's a complete waste of time. LL simply doesn't care about quality. What few developers they have are working on new features because NO developers loves fixing bugs. New features are interesting and cool. Fixing stability issues is boring.
  15. I've completely given up on LL resolving the absolutely abysmal region performance issues. It means that the venue you've created and are paying LL lots and lots of $$$ for will be pretty much unusable 50%-90% of the time now. Of course, my costs haven't gone down any. The problem has been getting worse for years, although there was a sweet spot about 5 years ago where things actually worked reasonably well from a sim performance standpoint.... The Mono Avatar TP in sim freeze bug had been fixed (it's back now of course) and while there were still lots of issues, Performance really wasn't one
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