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  1. You have a sim that doesn't just crash on it's own pretty much daily? That's pretty awesome. Between sim crashes, region crossing failures, TP failures with disconnects, horrible performance, it's amazing we can do anything at all anymore in SL. But we have Animesh! And BOM! LL, please focus on stability and performance. Features are useless when you can't login. Like right now.
  2. If you only get region crashes once a week, you are doing good! Mine crashes pretty much every day. I'm not going to bother filing a support ticket because it's a complete waste of time. LL simply doesn't care about quality. What few developers they have are working on new features because NO developers loves fixing bugs. New features are interesting and cool. Fixing stability issues is boring.
  3. I've completely given up on LL resolving the absolutely abysmal region performance issues. It means that the venue you've created and are paying LL lots and lots of $$$ for will be pretty much unusable 50%-90% of the time now. Of course, my costs haven't gone down any. The problem has been getting worse for years, although there was a sweet spot about 5 years ago where things actually worked reasonably well from a sim performance standpoint.... The Mono Avatar TP in sim freeze bug had been fixed (it's back now of course) and while there were still lots of issues, Performance really wasn't one
  4. I haven't seen this issue mentioned in this thread yet, but I'm seeing increased rate of region crashes since the rollout. Is anyone else noticing the same?
  5. If it's not the script vm itself running at every frame (theoretically) there still may not be a dirty bit for the whole script (all registered events) as a quick check, it may just be that the event check loop runs in the main loop rather than inside the vm... IDK.... With the impact of this issue, why is it not THE top priority project for the dev team? What else are they doing that someone thinks is more important than this? Solving your number one performance problem will go a long way towards increasing your user-base. Give users a good experience for a change. That sort of scr
  6. This is a fascinating topic, with ramifications for SL that if solvable, go a long LONG way towards addressing over a decade of server side lag issues. It's a given that I don't have inside working knowledge of the existing system so it's theoretical, but I suspect that there is a fair amount of time spent for each script where it does loop check through all it's registered event queues (listens, touch, http, timer, etc. etc.) If this is done in the script vm context, of course this is a context switch with all that overhead. The fix would probably have to be something like a dirty bit -
  7. Yes yes yes, THIS - is exactly the issue, and it's both TP in and TP out, although less so on TP out as the process is basically: suspend scripts, transfer script state to new region, remove scripts from current region. Some venues with script monitors that eject avis with script counts higher than whatever threshold are actually doing themselves more harm than good. By the time the script monitor even knows the Avi is there with excessive scripts, it's too late, and the impact of the avi's scripts has already settled down to "Minimal" - that mostly sleeping state. Again, this is all well
  8. Oh - it wasn't about clock speed, it's number of clock cycles required to perform certain instructions. An example, most modern CPUs have cryptographic instructions that operate on a block of data. If the old CPU design took 50 clock cycles to execute the instruction, chip designers may implement additional parallel pipelines in hardware for that instruction that would allow the operation to execute in only 25 clock cycles. That's the type of improvement that's tapered off. The graphs don't tell you about overall per core performance changes over time (that's benchmark data, not clock speed) a
  9. Well, yes and no. The work unit of a single core of a modern CPU at the same speed rating is *significantly* higher than it used to be - this is where the innovations in processor design come into play. When clock frequencies get much higher, all sorts of bad things happen (power usage / heat / etc.) it's why there is such a push for more cores at the same clock speed - it's cheaper to design more of the same core on a die than to increase efficiencies (work unit per clock cycle.) In fact, most of the performance improvements chip designers can come up with have already been done. Looking at
  10. It's the same illness that griefers have, they get enjoyment out of attempting to make other people miserable.
  11. About 18 months ago, something changed overnight. Regions (not just mine, it was all over SL) that used to operate in the 90's for script run time dropped to the 40's and 50's. That's what happened. Lag spiked everywhere, avatars TPing in and out had a magnified impact on region performance. I filed quite a few tickets at the time for my own regions with absolutely ZERO resolution. LL wasn't talking about it then, and they aren't talking about it now. Over the years, I had occasionally run some of the benchmarks available at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mono#Testing and from memory noticed
  12. I said I RAN them. I did not keep them. Details matter folks.
  13. Wow - okay, clearly you are a simple troll here, with a combative attitude and putting words in my mouth that I did not say and mis-characterizing what I said in a very negative light for no reason. It's a baseless attack on me. When you stoop to personal attacks like this, it shows your lack of maturity. Since you completely and deliberately ignored the FACT that pre-change statistics would be needed shows that you have zero interest in solving the problem or that you lack the capacity to understand the process. Based on your personal attacks, I have to go with the latter. I suggest bow
  14. It seems that you are a bit confused. Developers and systems staff are two completely different teams. It's not the developers that as we suspect are putting more regions on a server, they have NOTHING to do with that. Most likely it's not even the systems staff, but rather the bean counters, attempting to figure out how to save costs on SL to continue development efforts on Sansar. We don't know what LL has done since they don't ever talk about this level of detail, and all we have is guessing, which is not very productive. But - let's just say - hypothetically - that the bean counters decid
  15. Yes you can. I guess that's the difference between you and me. When I am paying for a service and the service goes to crap, I'm going to say something and expect at least SOME response. LL has chosen to not even acknowledge the issue that MOST of us are seeing. To me, that speaks volumes. People generally clam up when they have something to hide. It's human nature. Me: There is a pothole in the road. It needs to be fixed. You: Can you prove that there wasn't always a pothole in the road? Me: No, sorry, I don't keep photographic evidence of ever section of every road. I just know
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