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  1. Ah, that is really awesome. I wish all of us could meet up and unite, so we can start a roleplay for everyone that has animal tails and ears.
  2. Meeces? Not sure what they are, but sound interesting. :3 What about people who want to roleplay a squirrel hybrid?
  3. Yeah, I know the correct term is technically kitsune. I have gone by it before. I use neko sometimes interchangeably, because it is the most recognized word and it's just easier to avoid any confusion. I don't really roleplay any of the lore, to be honest. I just like having the look of a modern day girl with ears and tail. Anywhere that is not too strict on appearance and would not want me to compromise my look is fine, basically. A lot of times, kitsunes can look like furries, wild animals, or are thought as fox demons. That is what the search brought up years ago when I looked it up af
  4. Has this happened to anyone else? I have had this issue on my account for ages, even now that I just returned. It is sort of annoying, but I just wonder why the game refuses to ackowledge the fact I am an experienced player. I have been playing almost 5 years now. This pop up comes on my screen and tells me to choose my gender, that I can change it later, and to press F1 for any help. Umm.. I am not new? I have a way more advanced character than they provide. I tried clicking out of it, but it would not let me. So I just chose female and it overwrote my current look with some h
  5. Please recommend a sim that is active and will allow me to keep my fox tail and ears. Aside from that, my character is basically human and has a pretty typical form. My main criteria is that it is literate, preferably para and that it's modern day. All else is up for discretion.
  6. Congrats, Zhaoying. I am glad you found a new look you love. You can post pictures here to share it. I just wish I was having an easy time finding one for myself.
  7. Ah, I see. Do you have a link to this poll? I would like to take a look, so I can see who the other competitors are. I actually liked LeLutka too, so still considering that or Logo. I just want something that has enough, if any variety to choose from.
  8. Okay, I am only considering the bento heads right now. Before heads became customizeable, I honestly hated the idea of them. The reason I am giving them a chance now is only because they respond to the facial sliders, something my friend told me would probably never happen. I like designing my own shape. I don't want my face to look the same as others. I am willing to pay more, because it is worth it. I aslo wasn't sure if I really cared for Catwa's look, to be honest. If I wanted to save money, I would probably go for the normie bento head I found on market or just wait a few years to se
  9. Okay, checked out Esode. Kind of disappointed, because their omega section was not that varied, had very few options. All of them were too tan for my taste and I would prefer skins that are only make-up optional. Unless I am missing something, please inform me. Not sure if this would help anyone, but this is my current avatar without any mesh body parts. This is the kind of look I am going for and the shade of skin tone I would like to find.
  10. So, do you know which of their skins in their line provide omega appliers or would any of them do?
  11. Okay. So ItGirl and Esodes both sound like good options to try. I will visit stores, pick up a few demos, and post some screenshots for you guys to give me additional feedback. I want your opinion on what might look best on me. I can show before and after photos of me with and without head for a comparison.
  12. This is a brand that appears to be very beautiful, but I ask how easy it is to find another skin for the mesh body that matches it? Still confused by that bit.
  13. I see. 500 lindens is reasonable. I was expecting all the new mesh applier skins to go into the thousands range. I will check out the ItGirl brand to see if they have anything I like. Though, I am still open to any other recommendations someone might want to share. I had heard somewhere that the Logo heads are similar to the old system heads in shape, so apparently that means they are compatible with a lot of omega appliers.
  14. Hi, I recently returned and want my look updated to fit the current standard in game. I found a head that I love called Quinn by Logo and I think it looks really nice with my shape. I also found a Slink body I like, but the problem is the preset Slink skins are too dark for my look. I am looking to keep my look close to what it was before, so looking for something very pale. Well, what I ask is can anyone can recommend a store creator that makes skin appliers for both those products? Omega appliers are fine as well. Also, I have decided I will need to update the look of my lingerie as well
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