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  1. I really like Kowloon. It has kind of a Blade Runner (original movie) type atmosphere. Lots to see, and it looks great at night! Chinese Island and Little Yoshiwara are pretty cool too.
  2. I love the Kowloon sim, and while I’m not currently interested in renting anywhere, I’m curious if it has any apartments for rent, and what they look like.
  3. Would be awesome to have some Hopi in SL! Especially if they could make some accurate sims and items. I’ve visited the Hopi reservation IRL, would be great for people who don’t live near the southwest to at least get to see one of their Pueblos in SL. And aside from one Navajo dress, all the “Native American” clothing I’ve seen in the marketplace has been pretty stereotypes.
  4. Thanks! You guys know if any of them have tipis? One of my alts is supposed to be Comanche.
  5. Or at least Native American themed areas of other sims, like Wild West ones?
  6. The second one you linked is definitely a similar vibe, thanks for sharing!
  7. The name sounds right. Thanks for the recommendations!
  8. A few years ago, I vaguely remember visiting a futuristic Japanese-themed sim. I feel like it had "Tokyo" in the name, and some kind of arcade. Tried to find it again today, with no luck. Anyone have an idea what sim I'm thinking of? If so, does it even still exist? Thanks!
  9. I downloaded the most recent Second Life Viewer Update, but it would start to launch and then quit because "Python quit unexpectedly." I downloaded the latest version of Python and it still wouldn't work. What should I do? I am running Mac OSX version 10.7.5.
  10. So I've decided I want my two married Alts to have a kid. I created a daughter for them. How do I get them to adopt her? Is it anything like the wedding, where I just sent out a request through one of their profiles? And do I have to have a house or something?
  11. My main is a werewolf, and my alts are an African-American woman and a Native American man.
  12. For some reason I thought I had to have both alts online at the same time to marry them. So I created an alias viewer and got them both in the same location. Then I found out that partnering is done through the SL website. But I got some pictures of the new couple!
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