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  1. I downloaded the most recent Second Life Viewer Update, but it would start to launch and then quit because "Python quit unexpectedly." I downloaded the latest version of Python and it still wouldn't work. What should I do? I am running Mac OSX version 10.7.5.
  2. So I've decided I want my two married Alts to have a kid. I created a daughter for them. How do I get them to adopt her? Is it anything like the wedding, where I just sent out a request through one of their profiles? And do I have to have a house or something?
  3. My main is a werewolf, and my alts are an African-American woman and a Native American man.
  4. For some reason I thought I had to have both alts online at the same time to marry them. So I created an alias viewer and got them both in the same location. Then I found out that partnering is done through the SL website. But I got some pictures of the new couple!
  5. Thanks! So would I have to download another viewer?
  6. Is it possible for two alts from the same person to marry each other?
  7. Thanks everyone! I am reassured now.
  8. My avatar is a werewolf because I think they look cool. However, is it likely that someone will assume I use that avatar for some kinky reason?
  9. Does Kowloon ever get a lot of visitors? If so, around what time (Pacific Standard) do they come?
  10. Is there any way I can keep my avatar in place when I log out? I created an alt and would like to see them together. I have noticed some avatars that seem to be in suspended animation.
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