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  1. yes i can lot in on my main Starry Little with NP i also can log in with FS np but i have been using sl viewer since day one , idk how to use FS lol so yes only on keviinsnow i even try , using 3 different internet , my dls , my parent concast and hotspot , all got no problem on my main starry Little but kept disconnecting me on Keviinsnow , i would have to keep trying 10 , 20 time before i am able to stay on , how do i file a jira bug report ? do i post on another fourm ?
  2. I even try turning off my firewall , it work with other viewers , NP , just SL viewer after the update never had this problem before , I check my firewall , I turn it off , same ! , I had to keep trying maybe 5 if I'm lucky , 10 , 20 times before I was able to stay on
  3. after the new update , everytime I log in it log me out , saying Darn , you have been logged out of second life this region may be experiencing trouble . please check your conection to the internet BUT I have NP with my internet , also able to log in with other viewer just not in SL viewer , its pissing me off
  4. I Cant Get In MP also kept getting the stupid error in sl The Transaction wiht the marketplace failed with the following error Reason "Bad Gateway"
  5. Yeah Everyone on my friend's list show offline , i check
  6. all i know is MP is not working , cant buy , kept saying keep back later , i try buying like 4 or 5 differt items
  7. welcome to sl , yesterday was mp today log in , what else gonna happen tomorrow
  8. same here i though it was my computer but on my tablet it work fine
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