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  1. But what do people do when they visit your home? When I visit peoples open houses in "parade of homes" in Bellisseria Im always curious what they have in their fridge. Something yummie or, god forbid, is it empty? What does a fridge tell you about its owner? Do you recognize your own fridge in these pics? Think about that while I increase my collection. Your fridge next? https://flic.kr/s/aHsmWjRvi3
  2. I dare to show myself again, not so cross-eyed anymore thanks to @Marianne Little ! 🙃
  3. We should copy and paste all your fab tutorials and make it a SL book! Its gold. Iv read your explanations of other stuff and you always makes even me understand. You are a star! 🌟
  4. Now i feel like a noob, so I have to wear Lel mesh eyes too? I thought i could only wear system eyes? my god i feel stupid now. I will never be away from SL like this again 😱😳
  5. Yes i tried to push the arrow all directions but no change. In this pic I think I have the same as you have and i look rubbish 😳 Its more a halloween look 😆
  6. Thank you!! Yes ppl are so awesome and helpful here so im sure it will be solved 💗🤗
  7. I tried again with applier and system eyes and the applier eyes works fine with your guide! 🤗 But, I dont get system eyes to work. ofc i can use applier eyes but I would like to be able to go all BOM... i tried clicking the arrows up and down but eyes remained the same, too high up. Strange as we have the same HUD and stuff. Im sure im doing something wrong here - Applier in pic 1 and bom in pic 2
  8. Wow Thanks!! Now i understand… i didnt thought I could use my system eyes as they looked so weird. Will try again after work. You are fab ❤️
  9. Update; i did reset eyes in hud but I still think she is slightly cross eyed 🤪 I might imagine things, or not? Especially her right eye in the pic?
  10. Yes its this issue! Sorry for language problems here lol 🤭 Thanks a lot Marianne and all of you for your help! You rock! 💗🌷
  11. Hi I believe my character has started squinting after i got LelX update. Im sure im not imagine it? See pic. Its more obvious when you see her moving her head in world but i think u can see it? I dunno what do do about it? Maybee its her personality? 🤭 I can live with it but i still would like to know what has happened 🤓
  12. I think so too. A lot of ppl may just log in to their home, change clothes then TP out. They may not spend a lot of time in their home But its still important to them. Most of us dont want to be homeless. Either virtually or irl. Nice with a safe spot even if you dont spend much time there 🏡 I hope at least some old LH areas will remain ❤️
  13. So thats why iv missed that, I always have it turned off to not disturb neighbours (i mostly only have bird sound on, maybee i can turn that off then). Ill see what iv missed after work i think there is water sound from the river too. 🐦 I use beacon to find sounds (LL viewer).
  14. Okay Thanks! so Mole area counts as parcel, i get that. Never had a parcel where i have heard any birds or anything on tho. Depends on area i guess 🙏 The last thunderstorm I muted was evenly spread over ground so it took a while 🤯
  15. I have wondered a lot about why the box we can check in about land regarding ”sound ”restricted to this parcel”. Why isnt that box checked by default? Iv have had problems several times with neighbours that have thunderstorms, music and other stuff all over the place. Im sure most of them is not even aware of that click box. At least in LH areas where a lot new players might start?
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