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  1. JazzKatPanda

    Return from a 2 year hiatus!

    I use a lot of furry meshes/ outfits/ models (DON'T KILL ME. I just think the models are cool) but can't seem to find hair that fits nicely without having to actually edit the main avatar's head size and in doing that it dislocates the mesh head bones such as the jaw and makes the eyes bulge a little. But thats rigged mesh i believe. Un-rigged mesh is resizable right?
  2. JazzKatPanda

    Return from a 2 year hiatus!

    Ohhh, how interesting. The last time i played lon Second Life I owned a crappy laptop. There were rumours of a 'Second life 2' but didn't know what to think, as developers likely spent so much time and money on this that a different one would be...Negative? I'm all for updated graphics and mechanics though. I remember how my character would look like she'd just been hit by a bus after changing to different skins and avatars.
  3. JazzKatPanda

    Return from a 2 year hiatus!

    Bento update? o:
  4. JazzKatPanda

    Return from a 2 year hiatus!

    Hiya! I'm new, posting here for the first time as I never really got involved with Second Life communities and such. Just thought I'd post this as a friendly greeting. Maybe post a comment and say hi to me and we can talk or something! I could probably do with a re-introduction to the game and communities to see what has and hasn't changes since my leave. Anyone's welcome! I don't bite.